Posted by: boomerangcomesback | December 12, 2016

We Don’t Believe a Thing They’re Saying!

Americans live in a country of Lies.  A cloudy atmosphere of Fake News, sown by TPTB.

In fact, the entire populace floats upon a Sea-of-Lies, Distortions, Omissions, and every other color of Untruth, Half-Truth, and germ of Truth mixed with deceit.

Isn’t this Obvious?

Of course there’s fucking fraud all around us.  And do you know an Obvious fact?  It ain’t coming from US, the American People!  It takes just 1/2 second to look around us, and see WHOM is doing WHAT to WHOM…

You know what all of these criminally deceitful cretins require?  A CLOSER LOOK!

The “Credibility” of ALL Mainstreet Media entities is in the shitter for good, as far as the American People are concerned.  Once a liar — Always a liar!  We also know The People to add to this loooong list of Liars.  What we have here is a political and financial “elite” mafia that goes so far as to make laws to legalize Propaganda against the American People, to protect their own criminal lying asses.  Won’t work!

“On 12/29/12, President Obama signed HR 4310, the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. Section 1078 (thomas.loc. gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c112:H.R.4310:) of the bill authorizes the use of propaganda inside the US, which had previously been banned since 1948 when the Smith-Mundt Act was passed”.   Read more at

See —

WE’LL also add all of the alphabet “Agencies” to the huge list of Lying Bastards.  FBI, CIA, ADL, DHS, HLS, BATF, ACLU, etc, etc.

Here’s a Classic for you:  Propaganda pushed by a known disinformation site (Sorcha Faal), presenting CIA factions warring against FBI factions, with the central theme of Propaganda pushed by one, but not the other side.  All, while pointing in every direction but themselves!  LOL!

Now, these lying entities and soulless operatives are pointing in every direction but themselves, accusing everybody else (But Themselves) of deceit, lying, propaganda, foreign psyop manipulations, ad nauseum.

See —

The Washington Post, NYT, WSJ, Huffpo, blah, blah, and blah, all sewers of propaganda, along with the Clinton Group (and behind them the Bush Group, and behind them ? ___________), plus the Obama Regime, and on and on, are all attempting to change reality to their own liking.  Too bad!  Its too late.  You’re all seen for what you are.

Well, the Reality We-the-People are seeing needs to be changed like a soiled pair of underwear, because We cannot slog on any further with the weight of massive propaganda shitting down on us from every politicized entity.  As soon as some heinous criminal system is spotlighted (Clintongate, Benghazi, Pizzagate, to name a few of the hundreds if not thousands of crimes committed by these groups), WE NOTICE the LIE MACHINE goes into high output.  Its as predictable as a psychopath’s actions to cast blame anywhere but on themselves!

There’s no need to beat this dead horse much more, because the swarm of flies, stench, and Obviousness of it all is RIGHT THERE in front of us lying its ass off at every opportunity.

All that remains is true accountability to the American People and Justice, and it is obviously Not going to come from The Swamp.



  1. “Obama: If People ‘Can’t Trust’ Government, ‘We’re Going to Have Some Problems Here'” – June 7 2013

    On July 2nd it came to fruition. We know “Green Light” was planned for the coming election. Now they want a deflection called Russian Hackers to spin their planned Trump win. Only the soggy brained ignorant masses think that this was not a planned Trump Win by the committee and that the global prop MSM was key in playing it up as a “black swan” and devastation. It was easier to steer the blame to media than to the real liars in DCGate.

    I thought AL Gores PR team in 2000 were obvious as a planned fail but this one by Hillary and MSM was stunning. With everything we know for those who will look, it is undeniable that the whole election was a rigging and friggin to the people. The Market scam now is an overt agenda for a collapse to come in his first year. Likely his first hundred days if a staged event is not in the works for his failure to assume office. That too would do the job for a false fiat flag event.

    Can you feel it? you don;t even have to see it. If your spider senses are peaking you are knowing it is going to tumble. Jubilee is OVER!

  2. John McCain Accidentally Admits He Met With ISIS Members

    McCain Calls Alleged Russian Hacking Of The Election A Form Of ‘Warfare’

    Read more:

    “We don’t want to point a finger, and I don’t want this to turn into the Benghazi investigation,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer, who joined McCain on CBS. “This is serious stuff.”


    He’s an expert. So we can say that Benghazi was a crISIS DC operation and Boston Marathoners are engaged in psychological warfare, propaganda and election tampering. Oh well you are globalists and we live in a global economy. Therefore foreign influence should be fine. Considering millions of foreigners vote in the US election your concerns just fail to mean anything.

  3. Trump tweet hits Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter jet costs

    Careful Donald. Make sure they know you are just acting. This kind of shit can get you dead quick. Don’t screw with the Military Industrial Complex.

  4. Robert Baer: Too much cocaine.

    Fmr CIA Officer Shockingly Calls for New Election Amid Latest Russian Interference Claims

    Hey Bob. Stick with finding Hitler and Elvis.

    • When lies are like syrup, get the hose.

      Americans Should Not believe anything that is put forth by TPTB. There is every historic reason, of which we have been witness, to turn OFF the Galactically Stupid PTB “Jerry Springer” show. Every time one of them opens their pie hole, its a lie-fest.

      Shit! They’ve been at it 24/7 forever now. Screw em. Investigate em. Negate em. File em Away so they cannot fuck with our reality ever again.

  5. Read this:

    Then, consider that (if true) the Korean People ousted this elite satanic creature from her perch high in the political hierarchy. This begs the question, naturally, why the American elite Pizza-Eaters are not driven from their perches?

    Also, since this satanic pedophilia cult is entertwined amongst the elite ruling bloodline families in America and around the world, and They are now being spotlighted and exposed, will it be long before the long knives, ropes, etc. come out to greet them? Do the Korean People have more balls than the American People?

    So, do people worldwide want satanic, predatory, pedophile, psychopaths to continue right in front of us, telling us what They are going to do, while molesting the earth, its people, our families, and our futures? I see a vote of a more real kind coming to the fore.

    Watch this short audio/vid from the Common Sense Show:

    See what I mean?


    Not sure how to reblog another page. But, this one is a good read.

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