Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 7, 2016

Octet Trump

Economissed 2017 cover (click for full view)

From the Rothschild factory, the Crowley Jesuit occultist  cover for 2017


  1. Empire
  2. Foreign Policy
  3. Surveillance
  4. Isolationism
  5. War
  6. Economy
  7. Regime Change
  8. Exopolitics

Decoding The Economist 2017 Cover – DEUS NEXUS -By David Nova

The Economist belongs to the Economist Group. It is 50% owned by the English branch of the Rothschild family and by the Agnelli family through its holding company Exor. The remaining 50% is held by private investors including the editors and staff. The Rothschilds and the Agnellis are represented on the board of directors.

The Economist takes an editorial stance of classical and economic liberalismwhich is supportive of free trade, globalisation, free immigration and cultural liberalism.

The Economist‘s mission statement … to take part in ‘a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress.’ ….continued

Read David Nova.s take on the cards

My take and additions


Tower: Seems clear that it is the divide of America as we watched the election and aftermath that continues. I assume it will continue for four years. The divide will only worsen as it did with Barry Soetoro Davis, the junior. You have the Sanders side and the Trump side. This reminds us of the current global war on Christianity and those on the other side of the coin. (cryptic) The tower is split into three sections which also depicts the twin peaks and 7 WTC building. Trump is SE7EN and please note the lightening bolt. Also notice “V” for Vendetta?  It has more than it’s Hollywood Psyop meaning. You need to know Vendetta in the Sicilian Mafia context. Mr. White might be a little nervous as the Vendetta for crime by the Quantum overlords from the crusades to present day has garnered quite a bit of attention.


Judgment: Much more sinister is this picture than described by the author in my opinion. This is the Jesuit World Control clearly depicted in the Orb that earth is under control and surveilled and managed by them. The judgment is on humans by the demagoguery of elite scum who render it under the tool, in this case Trump. The three antenna a standard mind, body, soul and full spectrum dominance indicated. This is the electromagnetic, visual, audio network [EVAN] It is light, Sound and inaudible and invisible wave spectrum. My only question is whether the control will emanate from the arctic or antarctic. I choose antarctic. The Orb is  upside down and that’s true in all politics and matters of the people.

The Phoenix scepter is  okay and we know Illuminati 101 says before you can create it you have to destroy it. Tools (politicians) have been doing it for decades. I do expect vortex ma thematic principles that it accelerates with the time factor.


World: The most telling card for me and in lieu of a long explanation you can hit keyword search on this site for Project Bluebeam. This card to me clearly represents the “Great Deception” and Exopolitical agenda of 21 century. This is the largest hoax by the committee, to bring about One World Order, ad orientem, focusing on the Sun Worship of the Luciferian god which will rise from the east.  The fake prophet will be Asian. The anti-Christ, extra-terrestrial? Jesus of Nibiru.

The items depicted are clear except for the video monitor or LCD screen. It appears too repetitious to be another work of art depiction. Below the Rembrandt  (my sense of the portrait) is the book. The upper is the Bible. The lower portrait may be a monitor, art in the IoT of things, but look at the Comedy (Hope) and Tragedy (Fear). I like the @Fake News con currently set to destroy all form of truth. This is clearly depicted with the Platonist version in which Comedy is a form of fiction that, although untrue, seems like it could be true while Tragedy is a form of fiction that is not true, nor does it seem like it could be true. All connected in the Global Grid Matrix represented by State, Finance and Culture. Please note the Bible and Renaissance are not attached to the grid but are replaced by the State Book education (audible) , the Media (visual) and the deception of all historical beliefs as channeled through the All Seeing Home of Horus and his affiliated SET.  Well done Rothschild, well done.

The Grand Delusion: A Comedy and Tragedy

Here is one of my headers from years past regarding Bluebeam. I like the Comedy & Tragedy of The Grand Delusion.


Hermit: Isolationism, plain and simple. The WTO World Trade Association is the WOT War on terror. Designed by the architects of World Domination, this aspect is the most compelling of the agenda projects. The Patent and Monopoly Driven of Buy Sell Trade is the key to heart of the force that will be used to force compliance with International Universal laws.  They depict the rise of populism as Hermit, the idea of America First is Isolationism, just as climate denying is racist.  No logic, no reason just the repetition of ridiculous memes pounded into the psyche of every idiot too lazy to work or do the research.

Twitterheads who cannot comprehend anything over 115 characters. They would even prefer more a picture make up their minds. The whole mind control MK program is based on bird brain biology. The global social media experiment is the vehicle for delivery.  Why is Russia banning global media? Why has China had so much isolationism?  It worked for China for years. Their population of a billion plus is manageable.  Or so we are told.  Are they better off for it? It’s debatable but the world wide web has reduced the peoples ability to communicate face to face, establish community identity, neighborly relationships and other interpersonal social skills. The millennials especially seem unable to communicate beyond thumbs.  My guess is that the rise of populism is not all it’s cracked up to be if the populace is under mind control. It’s a dual edged sword.

(cryptic) Note the crack in the earth running from Arctic down through Canada and USA. What does it mean? Let’s keep that one in mind for later. These may be events in the physical realm (black swan) or the personal which could be a rift between Trudeau and Trump as polar opposites prima facie, though I believe they all work together and each play their part in the theater of the house of cards.


Death: Number 5. Well placed in the vortex of the Octet. Five is the War, the Pentagram, Pentagon and the vortex of the time to kill.  Beyond the fifth card position the image depictions are pretty cut and dry. (no pun intended) We have the Apocalypse and 4th horseman pale rider shown. This means the others have already arrived as indicated by the Disease, Pestilence and War noted by atomic cloud, locusts flying and dead fish and water dry wormwood..  Not sure why we jump to the pale green horseman (death) when we have not had the real trumpets of the plagues. Yes we could say they are here already but none that are really global in reach.

I have spent much time on Water Wars because of it’s critical importance for mind control-drug delivery, disease, food production and very survival. The image depicts what I see as the future. Could it be rapid and here withing the first act of Trump?  It is possible the TRIAD is coined in dialectic terms and in vortex terms will happen and we would have a three prong event. That triggers a financial collapse and black swan, Astral event, huge false flag and biological terror  event. Hmm?


Magician: Another favorite for me. The technocracy of IoT, Virtual reality, Technology as an illusion in 3-D  Human transformation or transhumanism if you prefer. Cleverly concealed the VR headset and the 3D printer mask the Medical scepter of life minus snake but the snake is represented in the Magician halo which is the symbol for infinity. This is a reference to life extension permanent life perpetual existence  maybe in robotics cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence and cloning which is represented by the cloned homes manufactured from the 3D printer. Very nicely done. A+


Wheel of Fortune: This has a dual meaning in my opinion. It’s the perfect reference of the Vortex Ma thematic wheel. 6 pointed 1,2,4,5,7,8, While the controller 9 operate 3.6. This is the Hegelian depiction of the Octet.  THe meaning is clear. This is Merkel, G(R)  Marine Le Pen (FR) and Geert Wilders (NL) all of which will fight for elections in 2017. It shows the establishment, the moderate and the populist respectively.  THe tRIAD is covered in these selections from each election. The two voting machines may be a representation of election fraud. Real votes/Fake votes.

Please note the Se7en (lightening hitting Merkel at the wheel of misfortune.  This may mean Trump populism will Gexit Merkel. Not a death mind you and assassination but at least a defeat. Merkel’s late shift to anti-refugee in the recent BurkaGate is a clear example of Hillary Clinton who will say anything before an election. Merkel would call Christians vermin to be exterminated if it would garner her votes.  Unfortunately I think she will win by hook or crook.All she needs is a good Reichstag flag raising.   The program I think is clear. UK and Russia have side with Trump. The rest of the entire world has got to oppose him and do it with a vendetta. The UK may fail and Brexit  failure would deliver them back. Prophesy indicates it’s number is 27. Either UK goes back or Turkey gets in.


Star: This is more difficult to decode but it is clearly full of Vortex and Numerology. The eight point stars are obvious as the Octet of cards itself. The vortex represents 8 for Trump as a 7. The 8 star point to infinite and repeating the cycle.  The faces on the 14 stars are young people but I do not believe they are celebrities, but I could be wrong. I think it may represent a sandy hook type event that may happen involving 14 children or young adults involved in some  “staged” event. The top center star appears to be specifically undetermined so it may be one perpetrator and 13 players. I just cannot really figure out if this has something to do with Comet Pizza Ping Pong as the comet is center cut on the card and the people portrayed look very young except for the lower blonde which looks like Lady GaGa. This may be the occult card sacrifice and the only one that is assured death for someone(s) The top center undefined card could be a celebrity unidentified. It could also be a cult of assassins determined to kill Trump.

I say this because the two offset cards are Judgment and Star. This may be a clue as to cause and effect of the vortex illuminist program. The vortex says 147 – 258 so does this tell us which is comedy and which is tragedy or which is real or staged?  I don’t know. I do pretend to be a psychic but the numbers say 258 may be the staged assassination and 147 real events. Comedy or Tragedy?

This card will need further a look, thought and a watch on the googleplex for better understanding. As always I love to hear other interpretations and comments.






  1. What time is it?
    It’s Howdy-Doody time

  2. It appears Jake Tapper & Family love Comet Pizza

    CNN anchor Jake Tapper has a connection to Comet Pizza and Buck’s Fishing and Camping

    Real News intel say the shooter staging was to shut down the business to do a “deep clean” of the facility and make sure there were tell tale evidence. It makes sense as a real concern by pedophiles or advancing the psyop that real investigation and truthers are all whack jobs

    Edgar Maddison Welsh is an actor

  3. Mark your calendar for the Saturn illuminati sacrifice which runs from December 14 – 25
    These 11 days may be bloody

    Final supermoon of the year to shine bright on December 14

  4. Great article. I have a lot of reading to do between here and the link of David’s attached work. I’ll be back shortly, but thanks for the great reading material.

    • You bet Ms. D, looking for your take on anything missed or alternate meanings.

  5. I found this summary to be a good one. Who knows what they think. I’ve read so many narratives now that all seem possible, yet, could be so far from what they mean. I also think that we may be thinking WAY more into it than they mean..
    1. Tower. War between communism & christianity
    2. Judgement. Trump is only on top of USA as long as his judgment goes along with their plans.
    3. The world. Religion & science are no longer important to the matrix
    4. The Hermit. It doesn’t matter what we want, the controller will rule us all.
    5. Death. Life as we know has ended. GMO’s, no clean air, water or food to sustain our lives….
    6. The Magician. Keep watching the little black box, we’ll tell you what is happening (the elite)
    7. Wheel of fortune. Whoever rules, wins
    LOL, but it was a great day worth of reading looking at all the input of the alt media out there trying to figure the elite message. Good times. Enjoy it while they are still tolerable.

    • Interesting take from real Tarot readers. I think all are predictive programming, The only one that baffles me is death as it I see it jumping the gun unless they are really going to go crazy. This may be the case.

      I have to see this card as prediction of some bluebeam event that may incude a “COMET” or flying Pizza disclosure. If Trumps new EPA climate denier runs the program to back out of Paris and the Trade Agreements cannot get done we will see a weather seismic event.

      Let’s face it. They have had 15 years since 911 to plan the global event. We have enough Chemtrail, HAARP and CERN info to tell us it’s in the cards and so is the Agenda for the 21st Century.

      Climate Carbon and Trade are on the highest and hottest burner now. That is my belief and now that they perpetrated this Sandy Hook psyop in the COMET Pizza Hoax, we can see that the only rejectionists to the Orwellian and Illuminati agenda are devout Christians and Muslims and they are going after both in a big way.

      Now the rest are itching for a universal arrival. Once the Black Pope baptizes this stranger we can get on with the rest of revelation. Let’s get that damned Temple up. The Lord of the Flies needs a place where he can lounge and wear a gown.

      (whats your gut tell you?)

  6. Hahaha, my GUT tells me that we are all fucked.

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