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Planes, Trains and Auto-combustibles


2012? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Soft Target Terror: A World Trade Organization

NPR U.S.Why Do Terrorists So Often Go For Planes?
Why Planes, Trains and now Arson Wildfires

If you read this psyop briefing, they make my case for the massive burning we will see this year. I have dubbed it the red ring of the olympiad and the year of the torch. Forest fires in Montana? Certainly the spooks have been stalking that state on a regular basis as reported by citizenry.

“For example, the latest issue of Inspire, the jihadi magazine produced by the Yemen-based group al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, includes an eight-page feature that encourages readers to start wildfires in Australia and the United States.”


The National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho, says at this time last year, 45,278 fires had burned 7.9 million acres, and in 2011, there were 55,619 fires devastating 7.2 million acres.

In July 2012, William Scott, a former National Security Agency official and Aviation Week editor, told the American Center for Democracy that terrorists are using fire as a tactical weapon of war.

“Perhaps the most simple form of economic warfare is wild land arson,” Scott said in his “Fire Wars” presentation. “That’s just setting fires in U.S. forests [and] grasslands.”

INSPIRE MAGAZINE 2012 – ISSUE #9 –  #fireIntifada

(from the boys at Langley)

We mention such examples only to show the magnitude of the destructive impact that fires or firebombs make, to then ask the question: Is it possible for us to cause a similar destructive impact using a similar weapon? The answer is: Yes, it is possible. Even in a shorter time and with much bigger destructive impact. How is that possible?

Here is the answer to that question. We are mentioning here three points in details and they are as follows:
1- Ask for the assistance of Allah – glorified is He above all- and depend on Him.
2- Choose the right time and suitable circumstances.
3- Use the ember bomb.

( Ask for the assistance of Allah )
It is the most important step of all in the operation of jihad as Allah is the one who facilitates the suitable circumstances and times. He – glorified is He above all- is the one who orders the fire to burn and to spread and also to stop. Depending on Allah is the foundation and then invoking Him in prayer before, during and
after the operation.

Q: What is the best time and circumstances to ignite destructive fires?
The most important environmental and atmospherical conditions that add to the fires’ devastation and
speed of spreading – making it difficult to handle – are often general conditions in most forests and specific
conditions in others.

– General conditions:

1. Dryness: when the percentage of dryness increases in a forest, the percentage of combustible woods also increase significantly. Dryness in most cases increase with the increment of heat temperature and the deficiency of rains. There exists a percentage of dryness and humidity where the forest becomes prepared for
conflagration. This percentage differ from one forest to another according to the time of the season which differ from one place to another. In Australia for instance, spring time is the most suitable for conflagration in the north while the worst fires in the south erupt in the dry summertime. In Queensland and New South Wales, the hazards of fires come to a climax in the summer season.

2. Winds: it is considered to be the second element in importance as it multiplies the speed of spreading for fires to four times as much. That makes the mission of firefighters practically impossible. Winds also cast burning embers to far distances that might cause another fire somewhere else. Those are the most important of general conditions that cause fires and help its spreading. Therefore, a mujahid should choose the appropriate season which has two elements in it, dryness and winds.

– Specific conditions of certain forests:

1. Pinewood : it has two characteristics that set it apart from other forests. It produces substances that are combustible when heat temperature rises which means the increment and the acceleration of spreading for the fire. These types of forests are found in large number in Australia as well as America.

2. Crown fires [advance through the tops of trees]: there are some types of forests that have its trees close together and its branches concentrated and touching each other. This type starts the spinning fires as fire becomes concentrated on the top of one tree, moving to the top of the other tree. This type of fires are extremely hot as temperature reach to more than 1000 degree celsius, swallowing whole trees in seconds.

3. Steep slope fires [climbing fires]: combustible slopes are considered more rapid in terms of fire spreading than other environments. The ascension of fire from bottom
to top is faster than from a level horizontal point because it is known that the head of the fire is the highest in temperature so when the combustible trees are in a high sloping angle, the head of the blaze becomes in a place of direct contact
with other trees so it lights them up and fire runs up the slope in a short time.That guarantees a faster spread of burning. A climbing fire is five times faster than the usual one

• Preparation of the ember bomb:

A- Put the foam inside the gasoline [ leave it to dissolve ] in an open
container [ half cut plastic water bottle] similar to that in the picture.
This is in order to allow Oxygen to enter intensively during the burning.

B- Preparation of the ignition lamp:
1-Heat the head of the lamp until it becomes black.
2. Place the lamp immediately in water while still hot.
3. Strike the tip of the lamp and it would break.
4- Pour some of the inflammable substance [The substance found in heads of matches and Sugar] into the lamp.

C- Wrap up the ignition lamp with a Nylon bag. Before that, add more of the
inflammable substance inside the Nylon bag in order to increase the flame’s

Note: Do not let the Nylon touches the bomb’s mixture so that burning
is not put out when the mixture [ liquid ] penetrate into the ignition lamp.
Avoid that by making at least 2cm and not more than 5cm between the
ignition lamp and the mixture.

When electricity is supplied to the lamp, it ignites and the mixture start

D- The mixture continues to burn a period no less than 10 minutes.
• Needed materials:
– Quick Inflammable material [gasoline], 1/3 litre.
– A material with slow and long-lasting inflammation [foam] 50g.

•Ignition method:

First: using electricity:
When electricity passes from the battery through the wires to the lamp, the filament inside the Lamp glows and ignites the inflammable substance which itself inflames the bomb. However, always disconnect this electrical circuit through cutting the “+” wire and putting a key [clock or else] to control when and how the electrical circuit is connected.

• We will introduce several types of keys [partitions], each one is connected in a specific way:

1- Setting the clock:
We use the ‘’+’’ wire as a key partition. Connect one of its ends to one of the clock
arms. The other end attach to the nail that is in the clock face. So when the arm of
the clock moves it will touch the nail, the electrical circuit connects and the lamp
lights up. This technique is very clear and simple. If this summary is not clear to
some, they can refer to our first issue. There will be more details on the subject.

2- Using a washing machine timmer:

1. Screw a nail into the timer.

2. One end of the ‘’+’’ wire is connected to the nail and the other is connected the metal
rod protruding from the knob.
– When the spinning metal rod touches the nail, the electrical circuit is connected.
– These ends of the wire should be connected to the positive (+) side of the electrical
circuit. Period of time varies from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes or more, depending on
the timer’s type. For more details, refer to our eighth issue.

3- Using the IV fluids bottle:
The needed material are: 1. A bottle of water 2.Foam 3. IV fluids bottle with dripping connection
Tools to make an electrical circuit : a- 9v battery b- wires c- ignition lamp.

– Method:
1- Wrap up the coverless end of the ‘’+’’ wire around the foam.
2- Wrap the other coverless end on the top of the bottle of water which is cut from in half.
3- Insert the foam to the bottom of the bottle and then connect both ends to the battery.
4- Hang the IV fluids bottle and open its dripping connection to fill the bottle so that the foam is lifted.
5- When the wire’s end wrapped around to the foam touches the other end on the top of the bottle, the electrical circuit connects and the lamp ignites.
Second: Simple timing:

a- Using Acid:
1. Take out the substance found inside a capsule, replace it with concentrated sulfuric acid and then close the capsule.
2. Grind matchsticks into powder, put it in a piece of Nylon and then put the capsule inside it.
3. Gather all and tie them using a tape.
4. Wait a period of time between 15 to 25 minutes until the acid pierces through the capsule.
5. When the acid touches the inflammable substance [Matches], it ignites.

b- Using a cigarette:

When the cigarette is lighted, it isn’t often stubbed easily. Especially if
there exists much air around it, it consequently take a period of time until it
reaches to the end of the cigarette.

* The technique:

1. Cut off the cigarette’s end.

2. Put inside the other end of the cigarette a milled match. When
the burning tobacco touches the match, it ignites.
Note: if you want to increase the approximate fixed time, attach another cigarette and so on.

c- Using lens:

1. Lens function through gathering the sun’s rays in a point called the focal point where temperature rises considerably. The lens should be in a specific height, depending on the lens’s type. Sun’s rays should be vertically on the lens’s surface.

2. After a short period of time, sun’s rays causes the burning of the subjected materials. In the picture, sun’s rays burns a cardboard.

3. Add standing legs to the lens and adjust the height according to the lens’s focal point.

* Method of using: You can put the lens in a place at nighttime and when the sun’s rays become vertical in daytime, it starts the ignition. You can put it over the combustible grasses such as the grassy forests. You can also put inflammable substance beneath the lens’s focal point, the inflammable substance consequently ignites the ember bomb.

* Practical method for the operation

First: Choosing the targeted country:

This is done according to the basis of weather this country or that is at war with Islam and Muslims. The greatest war that has been waged on Muslims since the passed decades up to now is the so called war on terror. Leading the list of the countries that are waging this war is America, Britain and Israel. Then comes the NATO’s countries and whoever enter into their alliance. The targeted areas must be in the land of Kuffr but away from Muslims populated areas so that damage is only restricted to the people of Kuffr. Therefore, the lands of Muslims are not targeted at all even if their hireling ruling regimes are participating and are in alliance against the Muslims.

Second: Choosing the suitable season for conflagrations:
In such season, there exists a high percentage of dryness and strong winds. Having knowledge of that could be through the following ways:
1- Watching the weather expectation news broadcast.
2- Keeping update of the daily newspapers. There are also
scientific magazines that study the climate of each country.
3- Internet includes a great deal of information that are related
to climate.

Third: The method of execution:
a- Choose the best place to position your bomb. The ideal place for that consists of the following:
1- High abundance of trees that cause heat temperature to increase, speeding up
the spreading of fire.
2- Areas that are close to buildings in an effort to cause casualties.
3- Ember bombs should be placed in the first third of the targeted forest and also placed on
the opposite direction of the winds so that winds move fire quickly to the rest of the forest.

• Important note: it is better to prepare more than 30 bomb to distribute according to separated points.

b- Choosing the appropriate time: take into consideration the time when showing up is not attracting attention, like positioning the bombs at night. It is even better if that is followed by retreating to another city. The bomb should be timed in a way that burning occur after guaranteeing a safe withdrawal.
c- When trees are abundant and close from each other and the wind is strong, it is better to position the bomb on the top of the tree and make sure it is fixed properly in place so that spinning fires are formed.

A diagram showing the combustible areas in the U.S.

A closer look at the economic losses:

The burning of hundreds of hectares of wood that is used in wooden commercial products causes significant losses to the factories and companies of wooden products and everything that is linked to this trade. Especially when the cause of fire is deliberate and organized frequently. That means the continuity of loss. It also means more losses for insurance companies. Extra elements in causing other losses are means for different techniques and equipment for fire extinguishing. The economic damage does not stop there because fire eats the dry before the green. It does not differentiate between this and that. It swallows up everything in front of it. Things like homes, cars, farms and private properties. A practical example of that took place in the summer of 2009 in California, where estimated losses exceeded $ 2 billion dollar. All due to severe fires.

Is that it? No, it goes beyond the economic damage to the loss of life. In the latest devastating fires that occurred in the forests of Chile, fires burnt the bodies of seven firefighters and put an end to their lives. All of that apart from the most important damaging result that is the spreading of terror among the targeted community. That is the most important demand of military operations. Our Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلمmentioned to us that the weapon of fright is among the strongestweapons which the Muslim ummah of Muhammad is distinguished with. He صلى الله عليه وسلم said: ” Allah made me victorious by frightening [my enemies] for a distance of one month’s journey.” al-bukhari So fright is of the most important means of obtaining victory over the enemies.

Lastly, we ask: Is it possible to control an organized fire with the modern day tools,
such as sensor machines via satellite, helicopters, reconnaissance squads or else?
We answer by saying that fire is one of the soldiers of Allah which He sends upon the disbelievers and controlling it in all cases is impossible, because if the Almighty Allah commanded to destroy, He destroys. Today we are witnessing fires unintentionally started by “people” – as they say and yet difficult to control. Some can’t be controlled except after fire reaps the ground completely. What happened in occupied Palestine of fire burning carried out by al-Masadah jihadi brigades is the best proof for that. The Almighty says: ﴾ So there came upon it [i.e., the garden] an affliction from your Lord while they were asleep. And it became as though reaped} [19,20;68] to His saying: ﴾ Such is the punishment [of this world]. And the punishment of the Hereafter is greater, if they only knew ﴿ [33:68]

The bottom line is that the mujahid isn’t required of anything except taking by the previously mentioned means, then turn to Allah as He is the one sought for help and reliance is on Him alone.

Gatlinburg Fire Update: Internet Speculates About ISIS & Terrorism

Is there any evidence for this?

There is no evidence at all that terrorists or ISIS are behind the Gatlinburg fire, and authorities have not said as much. No terrorist organizations have claimed any responsibility, either.

However, there is evidence that Islamic terrorists and Jihadists may have turned to or advocated for arson fire as a general method of terror. The hashtags #FireJihad and #ForestJihad are starting to take off on Twitter. In Israel, a series of fires in recent days is considered possible terrorism. ….

Such concerns have existed for several years. In 2013, a Forbes Magazine contributor wrote,“There are valid reasons to link numerous deadly wildfires in Europe and the American West to actions of international arsonists.”

Image result for Wildfire incidents US statistics by year

Debate over fire retardant toxicity rages in West

The agency has never proven in the field that fire retardant is effective, said Andy Stahl, executive director of Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics..


You can check the statistics, science and propaganda to confirm. Arson on the rise. But let me remind you that the terrorists are;

  1. Global Government – Agents for change, Agenda 21, Climte Change stakeholders, EPA, NTSB, FBI and all the other acronym-ed agencies corrupt throughout the US and abroad.
  2. The financiers, traders and patent holders, the paid lobbyists that are active Senators and Representatiuves (inside trading partners)
  3. The enablers who are financially coerced, blackmailed or setup for staged events

There is no better triad than this particular program. One only has to know the dialectics of the NWO to see the need , warrant and enormous opportunities here.

The very nature of arson is a financial gain. But beyond the slurry fire retardant stockholder and traders as well as the Koch Brothers wood and paper magnates, the financial tentacles reach out to the emerging surveillance stakeholders, the carbon patent holders, the real estate vultures, insurance whores and other greedy confederates.

Add to this the global UN initiatives. This includes ICLEI, sustainable Wildlands and wetlands and the climate change orgs who want cows subject to fart fines. Maybe they will peg them as the arsonists for smoking while farting. It certainly opens the largest box of matches I have seen so far. The statistics say that incendiary wildfires are increasing and it seems to follow the INSPIRATION of the US and Israeli wildfires of late.  To expect that we would get honest reporting from the FEMA and .GOV agencies is as unlikely as Obama saying Islamic Terror but I do mind he doesn’t say it because I$I$ is Gladio and Gladio is not Islamic. It is the inspiration of Global transformation by the illuminati, the SPECTRES of global criminal mafia.

And last but not least you can drive the depopulation by using the chemicals of death with the chemtrails to boot. Like the Corexit in Macondo, another means to put cash in the coffers of the Cargills and other DuPonts while truly destroying the sustainability of the earth.  The numbers of people affected by the toxins and smoke (chemtrails) were off the chart in the south. Now it’s raining and the calls are coming in even greater than during the smoke peaks.  Did you catch this headline recently?

‘Thunderstorm asthma’ that killed eight set to strike again

You can attribute this bogus Thunderstorm Asthma to smoke particle laced with chemtrails steered by storms using Endothermic heaters or HAARP microwave spirit cooking. Australia had an active season too. Softkill terror is a global event not just here.  Israels arson problem was timed well with ours. Election 2016. It’s always higher on the election years and you can find this true on any of the graphs by real researchers. Just stay off the .Gov Federal Sites.

The dead from the Southeast Wildfires is murder, pure and simple. The Media not providing the identity of 30+ suspected arsonists spreading the wildfires is so clearly obvious as to other staged events where the perps and stooges are plastered all over the googlplex.  People who think the American Gladio and ISIS terrorist will look like Osama bin Laden please do not be deluded.  The objective is to transfer terror to all America and it’s people. Granted there is an agenda with making Islam the enemy, but that is for the foreign office of the NWO. Domestically, we are the terrorists and it’s about making whites the terrorists. Kid’s women and old tired veterans and even granny may get the nod soon.

Meanwhile MK-Ultra can offer certain clowns like this stooge to set the narrative for what has caused dozens of separate wildfires in eight states but really folks, are we going to accept this? Over 33 wildfires in eight states and we are to believe it’s from an aspiring weatherman?

Arsonist’s selfie at King Fire leads to sentence of 20 years in prison

I think I can identify them. Those like the Koch Brothers, George Soros, Warren Buffett and hedge fund billionaires. Just watch the Planes, Trains and Spontaneous explosion of the Global Crime Syndicate. The stock markets indicate the time of Terror and when Buffett digs in on a stock you can likely feel secure flying for the holidays and holding your American Airline shares but you may want to look at Christmas tree futures and postpone that summer home in the Appalachians.

US-led coalition accused of using ‘scorched earth policy’ in Syria

Obama’s ISIS team is leading one here in America for Donald Trump





  1. Muslims wage FIRE INTIFADA on Israel; Canadian imam prays for more damage

    Fires are raging across Israel and all indicators are, they are part of a jihad waged against the Jewish state. One Canadian imam is praying to Allah for more wind and flame.


    CIA-backed fighters further reveal ideological agreement with terror groups

    Remember how this started with Russia in Afghanistan and the Mujahideen? The US backed teams we left high and dry the minute Russia left?

    Trump ends support and we get a new wave just like Charlie Wilson’s Cyclone ended.

  2. Man With Assault Rifle Arrested at alleged pedophile Comet Ping Pong in NW D.C.

  3. SPECTRE: Hofer Defeated in Austria Presidential Election: Brussels Relief Will Be Short-Lived

    Here is the trigger for the Austria event I mentioned in my Spectre Movie Psyop post. This should shake things up in Brexit world. As stated we now move to Italy and then to Algeria and then to Mexico……then Pennsylvania?


    Italy referendum: Matteo Renzi to resign after defeat as Austria rejects far right – live

    Key events Show
    1h ago Italy: what happens next?
    2h ago Italy: latest vote count
    3h ago Renzi confirms he will resign
    3h ago Renzi says he takes full responsibility for defeat
    3h ago Euro falls on forex markets following exit polls
    4h ago First exit polls: victory for No campaign
    4h ago Polls close in high-stakes Italy referendum

    1h ago
    Italy: what happens next?

    Stephanie Kirchgaessner
    Italy is not voting to leave the eurozone or the EU. But there could still be far-reaching implications. Renzi came into power promising to be a reformer, to drag Italy “out of the swamp” and build a strong centre-left majority, so his loss is a big blow to people who think his defeat is a rejection of his agenda.

    It will also be seen, much like Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, as a victory of populist forces over an establishment party, although the reality is more complicated. A new caretaker government will probably take over and new elections could be held as soon as next year.

    One reason some observers think this vote is such a big deal is because it could open the door to the election of the Five Star Movement (M5S), a populist, anti-establishment party that has said in the past it wants to call a referendum on membership of the euro.

    But even if the M5S took over Palazzo Chigi, the prime minister’s residence, it would not mean Italy abandoning the euro anytime soon. Doing that would require a constitutional amendment and another referendum. Euroscepticism is definitely on the rise in Italy, but there is no overwhelming political consensus against the single currency right now.

  4. Not that the UN is transparent at all…


    This video is in the above article:

    One can get up-to-speed on the sickening “Pizzagate” revelations by reading around. A lot of information on this beyond sordid Satanic pedophile “ring”. This video below provides a good primer starting with John Podesta. It all only gets more depraved as one contemplates that this shit runs through the veins of the elites world-wide, as well as the Holyrood crowd…

    And “Why?!” is the world burning up, and prophetically slated to burn? The deeper we look behind the curtain, the more heinous reality doth appear.

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