Posted by: Mr. M | November 24, 2016

Money Where Your Mouth Is

I’m not out to just prove them wrong, I want to humiliate them.




  1. “One of those things?” Wow that’s a big pile isn’t it? How can we expect unity when we can’t agree on the things?

    We travel through space and each of us pick up debris, those things and that’s all there is. But what really annoys me is those who will not look it up or research, or spend the time to observe and scrutinize ‘things’ And scrutiny requires you look at the stuff you have accumulated first. It’s hard to have to accept thing you do not want to believe. That’s when the “thing” gets a name. I call it truth and it hurts like a sun of a bitch. But no pain no gain in this game.

    When you decide on the truth what doesn’t kill you makes you more powerful. That’s why all the criminals in high places leverage so much. They know the truth as ugly as it is. Then they swim in it, and we see some drown in it.

    Nice job of truth to power Michael. He got more than ten dollars worth. I hope he doesn’t squander it.

  2. EU passes anti-propaganda resolution, angers Russia’s Putin

    The slow creep of NWO. Fascism from the Cradle or Orange. Brussels the moneyhole from our 1776 is still operating it’s agenda quell the truth and control the information. Regardless of propaganda from Russia, we should have both versions of the lies.

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