Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 22, 2016

Weather Wars – Japan a victim again

Image result for Tsunami Strikes Fukushima,

Tsunami hits Japan after earthquake strikes off Fukushima

37km ESE of Namie, Japan 2016-11-21 20:59:49 (UTC)A shallow HAARP assault was perpetrated on Japan today. This 11Km depth attack comes after recent political events.

Magnitude 7.4 Earthquake Strikes Fukushima, Japan: Imminent Tsunami Warning – Forbes

A tsunami warning off the coast of Fukushima, Japan, on 22 November 2016. (Credit: NHK World Japan)

A major 7.3 magnitude earthquake just struck off Japan’s coast nearby Fukushima, triggering tsunami warnings. You will remember Fukushima as the site of a 2011 earthquake which triggered a deadly tsunami that killed almost 19,000 people and took out the nearby nuclear power plants.

The Japan Meteorological Agency calculated the earthquake’s magnitude at 7.4, however, this disagrees with the U.S. Geological Survey’s calculation of a magnitude 6.9 earthquake. There is an ongoing tsunami warning for the Fukushima Prefecture and residents are urged to immediately evacuate low-lying areas. The first wave hit the Onahama port in the Fukushima Prefecture at 4:49 EST on Monday, luckily the initial wave measured 2-feet tall. However, there is an imminent threat of a larger 10-foot tall tsunami as predicted by the local tsunami warning center.

The variance in Magnitutde is always present with the space based  HAARP assaults. This one varies from 7.4 to 6.9 as reported by USGS.  Just like 2011 the same M.O. present during Japan political  movements. This one comes after the following points of interest.


45km ESE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:10:21 (UTC)
10 km

30km SE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:28:25 (UTC)
10.0 km

57km SE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 22:17:16 (UTC)
10.0 km

56km ESE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:50:56 (UTC)
10.0 km

30km SE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:39:43 (UTC)

57km SE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 22:17:16 (UTC)
10.0 km

56km ESE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:50:56 (UTC)
10.0 km

30km SE of Namie, Japan
2016-11-21 21:39:43 (UTC)

Shinzo Abe Trump Have Secret Meeting: What’s Cooking?

A closed door meeting between Shinzo Abe Trump could be related to Trans-Pacific Partnership. Both have been tight-lipped on the specifics

Japanese Troops, Armed With New Mandate, Arrive in South Sudan

USE OF FORCE – A contingent of Japanese troops arrived in South Sudan on Monday to join U.N. peacekeepers — a mission with an expanded role that critics fear could embroil them in their country’s first overseas fighting since World War II

Watch a scalar plasma beam and the light it produces outside the vacuum

  1. A ‘meteorite seen across the sky shortly after the earthquake  (credits: )

    The Tsunami has done some damage to Fukushima Daiichi coolers according to this report

    Tuesday, 22 November 2016 | MYT 8:30 AM

    Tsunami hits Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant

    TOKYO: A powerful 6.9-magnitude earthquake hit northeastern Japan on Tuesday triggering a one-metre (3.3-foot) tsunami wave that crashed into the coast at the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant.

    Public broadcaster NHK urged residents in the region to “flee immediately” to high ground, reminding listeners to heed the lessons of the “Great East Japan Earthquake”.

    A massive undersea quake that hit in March 2011 sent a tsunami barrelling into the coast, leaving more than 18,500 people dead or missing, and sending three reactors into meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters.

    An official from plant operator TEPCO told a televised news conference that a one-metre wave had hit the coast at the facility, but a spokesman for the company told AFP there were no reports of damage as a result.

    TEPCO earlier reported that a water cooling system at a reactor in the separate Fukushima Daini facility had briefly stopped but that it was back up and operating.


All the signs are here. This was a NASA-NAVY or other Actor assault. I suspect Obama & Co. were upset with Abe’s secret surprise meeting or his troops in Sudan under the new mandate, but maybe there is more under the radar here.



  1. What’s Not cooking? Trump reneging already on investigating the Clintons —

    Includes a video.

    This is sure to rile the fed up masses. They want heads to roll.s

  2. USA TODAY ‏@USATODAY 14m14 minutes ago
    #BREAKING Trump won’t pursue email case against Clinton, adviser says
    NO JUSTICE!!!!



    While you are distracted by Trump – Obama to Expand surveillance state powers


    Edward Snowden: Don’t fear Trump, fear the surveillance state

    Jeff Rense & Karen Stewart – NSA Whistleblower, Gang-Stalking Victim

    NSA Whistleblower Wrongfully “Baker-Acted” by Florida Sheriff’s Department After Providing Hard Evidence of Covert Electronic Harassment

    [NSA Whistleblower and 28-year Intelligence-analyst veteran Karen Stewart was recently wrongfully and deceptively “Baker-Acted” in Leon County, Florida, by local Sheriff Mike Wood’s department, after emails and reports she made on the subject of measurable radiation from directed-energy weapons being used covertly in the county and on her person. Attending medical staff at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Access Center, finding her to be in perfect mental health and “not requiring any help” from them, acted swiftly to sanction her release the same day, pointing up the apparent misuse and abuse of powers by Sheriff Mike Wood, who is seeking re-election this summer.

    • Very few of alt-media have posts or discussion going on about Trump’s backpedaling on HRC, the Clinton Foundation, the wall, etc.


      • Anyone still on trump wagon? Yes Alex Jones, Michael Savage, and the host of ALT-RIGHT conmen living large on selling their crap books and snake oil


    Absolutely a False Flag BS Circus lowlight from the BS 2 party = 1 party “system”. True Colors will be seen as agents and operators work their schemes.

    TBTJail…? WTF?!!! COTO gets it.

    • LISTEN VERY HARD….Can’t you hear the drums?

  4. An earthquake nearly identical to the 2011 one, just not quite as strong. Abe went from visiting Trump to visiting Putin. Obama & Co. seem determined to prosecute as much war as they can against Russia. I hope Trump doesn’t renege on his promise to improve relations there. Over the past week Japan has made clear moves toward reconciliation with Russia.

    Another meteorologicval oddity here worth noting, Tokyo is about to be hit with a snowstorm, the earliest I’ve ever heard of.

    • If the Cabal cannot raise the Soviet Cold War threat it will make the NWO much harder. ISIS cannot do it alone. They need a state actor and China is the threat. Romney, Clinton, Obama and the rest can point to Russia but we know it’s the Syria agenda that drives NATO and Joint Chiefs.

      At least Clapper told the truth and he did not get any awards for saying it.
      CHINA has had more influence here than Muslims, Russians and Mexico combined. They own Hollywood, DC and US Sovereignty. Who is their major operative? Hillary. Watch Chelsea get groomed to be Hillary II.

      You can bet Japan on it that Trump making good with Russia and Japan will unleash the China plan from RothRock Central. Hillary will become like her mentor Kissinger and work behind the scenes grooming Chelsea for Senate and then President.

      Did you watch the so-called meteorite tweet?

      Everytime we get the major HAARPING’s Obama is on the right parallel.

      • They seem pretty determined to prosecute a war of aggression in Syria while they can. Congress passed a resolution urging creation of a “no-fly” zone. It is probably too late for them to actually accomplish anything like that, so this must be for face saving or a fine parting F*ck you. God help America if they try to implement it.

        Regarding Chelsea, I know nothing about her except she is as homely as the sin she was born into and she is apparently spoiled. Does she have an opinion or something? I suppose there will be a few Clinton fans who cling to her as a hope, someone with a vagina and an empire.

        If Trump isn’t willing to let the wheels of justice turn without the steering of Ms. Loretta, there has got to be something going on in the background. At this point, he might just be trying to placate all the noisy crybabies. She is a dangerous woman, and taking somebody like that down can be quite risky.

        No I haven’t even heard about the meteorite tweet. A few days ago I just got so fed up with all the whining that I tuned out the Net and news altogether and will be pretty busy for a couple of weeks here. It’s nice to have time to catch up with chores and correspondence. Finally dropping by here again. I’ll look into the meteorite.

        • Pat I have to assume Chelsea is a MK Baby from the get-go. She has been raised and groomed to carry on the bloodline. We can also begin to scrutinize spouses. Ivanka and Chelsea are tight. But anyone who fell for the TRUMP “you belong in jail” BS is feeling pretty stupid now. Why wait to start trashing Trump? Every turn he has made is left or U turn from the con-game he and the establishment committee cabal made in 2013 when they drafted Trump into the Mafia. He may have coerced by blackmail/extortion but that will never be revealed. The contract is with the devil but it’s a Mafia creed from the Jesuit dogma and Talmud.

          Look at Jared Kushner and Marc Mezvinsky who will carry on as “handlers” for these two vaginas. This is MOSSAD and VATICAN at it’s best. When you get to the darkest core of these Pedophiles and satanists you lnow that their own offspring are “tools and toys” for the NWO.

          I feel bad for the children of the elites as they are tortured more than the third world children.

          • Interesting! That would account for the vacuity. I think you are right that the poor rich folks they trundle out before us to be our purported “leaders” are all on a short leash. Probably Hillary herself was MK-cultured a while back. That she has her handlers became obvious with the pneumonia thing.

            • “Stranger Things” There is nothing new under the sun. One can assume after the 76 Church Committee hearings that they just abandoned the MK-Ultra-Naomi project because they said so?

              The Utah Prison experiments. The Tavistock Experiments in Canada. and list goes on. They just moved it from CIA-MI6-MOSSAD to the private sector. In-Q-Tel and the similar offshore shell companies. Hollwood to Holyrood has them and no telling where other latent hives are in waiting.

              I am certain we will see our share of false flags with these TI’s before Trumps first hundred days. Nothing from Disney or Hollywood can come close to reality now. Life today is truly the “Matrix” a projection of the opposite of reality. If only we could pop a pill or put on the glasses.

              • Yes, it was truly amazing to my naive little soul to see so many celebrities supporting Hillary. Like, can you say “War Criminal”? It made me sick to my stomach. I keep wondering if I would be under the sway of Hillary and Co.’s “information war.” Aside from you, everyone I know there treats me as a dunce, a tabloid worry wart. America (and as I can attest, this extends to Japan at least, and apparently all of Europe/NATO and just about everywhere else, but with a less overwhelming grip on the media) still has the world’s most impressive disinformation machine, but I suppose if you lie too many times to too many people, too many people wake up to make it all work anymore. Am I right that that is the real crisis they face? If so, you and I, my friend are in danger.

                • We are. They know who we are. Can you imagine the ultimate surveillance grid. The data mining, the directed gangstalking by FED agencies and contract players. If you have spent anytime reading the narratives of targeted individuals, you will shudder. Treating you like a worry wart is better than them treating you like a viral wart. As a TI sufferer from 1999-2004, I know what it’s like when you get on their radar. Even though they know where I am, they can’t really get to me like they could when I was in an urban environment vs the sticks.

                  No doubt in my mind that the US was the cradle of the EM surveillnace and Mockingbird programs but Canada and Japan may be worse for all I know. I have not been to either for thirty years. I bet it has changed and what I see about Japan youth makes me very sad. I really loved working with the Japanese for years

                  • I didn’t realize you’d been through the TI wringer. I have another TI friend, now in Ireland and doing okay, but was made severely electrosensitive by what they did to her in California, early 90s. Officially diagnosed as paranoid schizo or some other damaging moniker.

                    I have a friend here in Japan who would be subject to more harassment than he is if he lived in the city. He notes that it takes a lot of money and trained human resources to carry out cat and mouse games on someone, so it is more cost effective for them to go after folks in the cities. Also, how much are we able to organize living out in the styx? From their perspective, we are “game over” unless they are really pissed.

                    I haven’t heard of any severe cases of TI in Japan yet. To some extent everyone everywhere is a TI, given all the “smart” this and that they are trying to make mandatory. That Japan goes wholeheartedly along with this is a problem, but I think it is still much better here than in the US.

  5. Fukushima Earthquake Was Aftershock From Deadly 2011 Quake

    Read more:

    What a pile!

  6. peaking of Vagina’s hows this for a Trump nose pick!

    Samantha Power replaced by the right version of NWO Central: Nikki Haley

    Our UN Ambassador? Talk about Climate Change, look at India and Haley. Kali cometh!

    Wanna bet Ted gets on the Supreme Court?

    • Nikki Haley is onboard the NWO train alright. Observing the cabinet selections is trending, troubling, and prima facie evidence of baackroom “gaming”. With this sElection, what is not tainted by sleaze?

      • I knew you would have her pegged my friend!

  7. Of course, it was also revealed that Hillary & Co. had a hand in picking Trump and supporting his bid as the opposition. It was speculated that this was because he was so absurd–and that was emphasized emphatically worldwide for most of a year–that she would have no trouble beating him. The fact that he won anyway reveals either miscalculation on how many graveyard votes would be needed together with maximized vote flipping (there is a percentage above which it becomes too obvious) or a reason for the cabal to think Hillary would no longer suit their purposes but had worked out a plan for Trump. If the color revolution tactics have ended (again, I stopped paying attention–it was all the blubbering horror at America’s nascent “racism” that disgusted me), they’ve got a new game plan.

    Because he is an unknown, I had no real hopes with Trump beyond forestalling World War III. Perhaps it is too soon to say. All it would take is a false flag, even an obvious one like MH-17, to justify a shooting match. Russia’s line is clearly drawn.

    • Seems so true what you reveal. But consider the climate of the population.

      1. Remember Hillary saying we were losing the information war?

      This was clear that truthers/CT’s and alt-media were gaining large swaths of the public. It was time for the CT version of commander in chief. Though the Clinton/Trump ticket was a failsafe operation,

      2. The Campaign
      I suspect they knew Trump was going to win. Hillary’s poor performance, lazy work ethic and media illness, Wikileaks seemed all too convenient for the DNC. Even the Wasserman-Brazile affair.

      3. History
      After Perot, then the Ron Paul revolution, the moneychangers were the scared ones in this election. Had Rand Paul made his move or Bernie burn baby burn Sanders had not been eliminated, the deal may have really been serious for the RothRocks and Wall Street.

      Everything you said is true, but the question is was it designed? Not that if Bernie Paul had been the ticket, that the Obama meeting at the white house would not have been a mere threat of death if they broke any of the “rules” of the game. I imagine at times the meeting at Whitehouse is President, President Elect and Satan. Disclosure Folks might see Satan replaced by a Gray, Reptile or Klatu.

      It was funny to look at Trumps PALEFACE and clear shaken demeanor after the meeting. He looked like a whipped dog. Was that real or character play?

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