Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 20, 2016

Ping Pong and Pedophiles in High Places

Up to date info from PIZZAGATE NASAGATE Comet Coming….


From the Clintons, Obamas, Bush’s and Trumps, and bankers and corporates like Buffett and the Pentagon,  DOJ, FBI and NASA these rings have covered all positions of power. The Boystown scandal that never aired on Discovery was the RNC and the latest is the WikiLeaks DNC PizzaGate.

The Ties that bind them ….

This is an excellent video and all the Posts I have done on Project Orange. Pizza fits in well. I have covered the NASA money-honeyhole that has connected the Bush Crtime Syndicate from MaGog Bush , the Franklin Savings and Loan from the expose of JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratories and Jack Parsons and satanism through the Crowley SET. Coast to Coast from Bohemian Grove to Newtown Connecticut, from Hollywood West to Holyrood East, the corrupt law enforcement is not willing or able to expose and prosecute them. Comey and DOJ are totally compromised as was Justice Scalia.


From Boystown to LSJ Lolita Express and Pedophile Fantasy Island, the foundations of the Cabal, child trafficking is big business and how the Clinton’s made their fortune. Drugs, Sex and Sacrifice. It’s how they control DC and the criminals through the Joo-joo-bee blackmail operations.

Comet Ping Pong Pizza
Little Red Fox
Besta Pizza
Bucks Fishing & Camping
Spirit Cooking


Stanley Kubrick James Mason ping pong

Stanley Kubrick – James Mason  “Lolita” SET

Barack Obama David Cameron ping pong

Obama Cameron “like Bush Brown and Clinton Blair”

Lady GaGa singer ping pong


Queen Elizabeth Royal ping pong


Warren Buffett rich ping pong

Ice Cream Loving Warren Buffett

Kim Kardashian model ping pong

MK Kim Kardashian


Bush-Clinton Pedophile Ring

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  1. It certainly appears that this strip of businesses are a front for a global child sex slavery and pedophile ring. It also appears to have tunnels and connections where they may sacrifice in ritual Baphomet style murders.

    It also appears that the new rant on the “Fake News” is coming to a head in some matter. I suspect some serious attacks on the free speech and exposure of this and other crimes we have witnessed lately regarding Wienergate, Clinton Foundation and the DNC connections to Media blackout and deception.

    It also appears to me that some time investigating Trump who I saw on ocassions in Florida Palm Beach have proved my suspicions that he can manage the job of advancing the surveillance state and the kind of harassment that will protect the pedophiles and crime cabal that has saturated our government.

    Trump has shown more incestual and child molesting tone than any figure next to Biden’s open mic guffaw.

    This link provides the images that confirmed my remark last summer of how creepy the whole Trump family is.

  2. Looks like I’ll block you. No where do you show that Trump has any thing to do with Lolita Express or child molestation. Fake stupid news. What about Hillary and Bill’s many visits to Pedophile Island and all the wiki leaks? Just another pissed of Democrat

    • Ha Ha! Good one. You must be a bot or illiterate. This whole site exposes Clinton crimes and Bush Crimes. Must be a Republican. Do you want to date your daughter too?

      • I most certainly am a republican. Trumps our president so get over it. You mentioned Hillary and Bush but nothing on Obama? lol. Man, your a real go getter! Pussy. You still haven’t answered my original post, you are so like other democrats that just calls people names because you don’t have two brain cells to rub together

        • You can see him on the View, Oz and Howard Stern talking smut about his daughter. The reason he did not attack Hillary with Bills many flights to the Island is because he was there too. He accused Hillary and Bill of everything else, why not this confirmed pedophile relationship? I have a few brain cells more than you Ms. Trumpeter. Search site for Obama. We are an equal opportunity bashers. We were banned for bashing Obama on OPED News and other sites.
          You are way too old to sucked into this insider. He loves Hillary. How did you feel about the Bush’s when they got elected?

          Our core tenet is that the two party paradigm is just two wings of the same bird. Come back in a year and we can pick this up again. If you think Trump is the answer in your soul, bashers should not bother you. We will continue to bash them until your GOP and the DEMS decide to restrict the internet, free speech and alternate news and views. Are you an advocate?


    Who’s going to be the Trump for France? : Sarkozy knocked out of conservative primary @AJENews

  4. Obama offers ‘wait and see’ approach to Trump, but adds he’ll be watching

    Yeah with one eye!

    Keep in mind that Obama is in Lima Peru. This is where Lisa Master hung herself supposedly with an article of clothing in a hotel room a day ago. Death and sacrifice follow the 44th.

    Actress Lisa Masters of ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ is found dead in Peru; suicide suspected

    You can’t make it up.

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.4
    Date-Time 20 Nov 2016 20:57:44 UTC
    20 Nov 2016 17:57:44 near epicenter
    20 Nov 2016 14:57:44 standard time in your timezone

    Location 31.643S 68.764W
    Depth 115 km

  5. Kissinger: “Don’t expect Trump to keep Campaign Promises….Duh!

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