Posted by: boomerangcomesback | November 11, 2016

Did HRC “Really” Win the “Popular” Vote?

Considering “whom” created this map, and the MSM outlet that put it out, We must be suspect of it.  It too has been “Rigged”.  For HRC.  Why?  Because there is no way in Hell she won the “Popular” vote across America.

It has been postulated that Trump was winnng with 85% of the vote.  The race was never anywhere near close.  So, figure it out.


“Popular” vote goes to Hillary?  No Way.

Why is this little fact important?

Because some individuals believe the “sElection” is still “in play” for Ms. HRC.


Better call BS on this “Popular” vote BS right now!

Trump may not be the answer, but HRC is a “Destroyer”, not a builder.

Today’s date, 11-11-16 may be significant.

Looking at what happened to the Precious Metals on Friday, the 11th is interesting.  Real money has tanked, while fiat has gone up?  There’s a WTF!!!? right there.  But then, a rigging cabal has had a hold of these markets for a long time.









  1. Here in Japan, I was watching in prime time, which were the wee hours in America, and they showed Trump with an aggregate vote count lead commensurate with the number of delegates he’d won (it was 215 to 244 at that point, with Pennsylvania 99% counted). Therefore I was surprised to learn the final count was in Clinton’s favor despite Trump taking most of the remaining delegates. I’ve also read about reported vote flipping to Clinton in several states.

    God only knows what these rich spoiled brats are going to do because things didn’t go their way. I admit it has been fun watching well-off New York princesses crying en masse. Just beautiful and so richly deserved! But you know that the PTB are not going to take this lying down. I’ve heard they’re hitting out at the Donbass and Syria. And come to think of it, why, when alternative news sources are available and popular, are so many young smartphone wielders so completely unaware of their candidate’s serious issues, such as saying at the debates she’s keen to start a war against Russia, and given her history, no one has any reason to doubt she would do just that. What gives? Is it mass brain damage?

    Stay out of reach of flying fists, Boom. Stay away from major urban centers.

  2. Popular vote must mean Twitter, facebook and Hollywood, right? They are all popular. Trump voters are deplorable so they can’t be popular. The counting will go on until 911×2 happens. Al Gore got the Climategate deal for giving it up for Bush. Hillary gets out of jail free and all her booty to boot.

    How about we throw in a Nobel and medal of freedom and call it day.

    • LMFAO! You are so right about the “popular vote”! I’m not surprised, though, to hear Trump being forced (willingly or not) to back down on the biggest boondoggle of them all. We all know he promised to clean up the Augean stables. I do have my doubts that he can, even if he is serious.

      If the only value of the “unpopular vote” was a big slap in the face of people who put forward so toxic a pair as that with such a discrepancy in media hype that no one can believe it when the unpopular one wins, then at least that little good came of it.

  3. Obama Quietly Signs Executive Order to Achieve Global Vaccination Agenda
    Obama Signs Executive Order Preparing For Epidemic Before Election

    Great timing Barry!!!

    The Everything Vax!

    • Rumormillnews has 2 threads (from MaineRepublic); one suggesting that Obama will “pardon” HRC, the other that Kerry just signed a UN Gun Ban legislation.

      Don’t take your eyes off TPTB sleight-of-hand.

  4. Tick tock – Ringggggg!

    Trump to keep Obamacare – President-elect Trump willing to keep parts of ObamaCare

    Trump – Pence – Priebus
    Vice President-Elect Pence to Take Over Trump Transition Effort

    Ha Ha Ha1 Alex Jones, you big dumb conman. How do you like them apples?


    Recall, Kucinich’s time aboard AF1, when he all of a sudden changed his tune. Ron Paul as well. TPTB seem to be able to “influence” the puppet show quite directly when they see fit.

    Some folks are looking in the closets —

    Others are looking at the dirty laundry of the power elites —

    This article, admits the BS “popular” vote for Hillary is bunk. No country has enough brain-washed idiots that would “willingly” vote as a majority for the ilk of Clinton. It is frankly, unimaginable. Such a country would deserve to suffer for its lack of common sense. Then again, the People of this country have just witnessed the largest and most expensive circus-like sham sElection(s) ever perpetrated upon populations.

    • Kucinich feels like yesterday to me. His pretty redhead wife was in that mix. You barely hear a peep out of him today.

      Imagine the first minute of the meaning with the outgoing goon; He tells the bloated ego of the incoming, “see these SS agents? They’re not here to protect you. They are here to kill you at any moment. They are chipped and MK specialists. Just a simple tune and the administration is over. Let’s get that reality out of the way and onto business. Let me introduce you to Lloyd Blankfein and the rest of the transition team….

  6. Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.2
    Date-Time 11 Nov 2016 21:42:59 UTC
    12 Nov 2016 06:42:59 near epicenter
    11 Nov 2016 15:42:59 standard time in your timezone

    Location 38.499N 141.561E
    Depth 44 km

    How nice the #44 as a departing gift from obama and company. Too close to Fukushima Daiichi

  7. Christchurch NZ original 7.8M

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 7.4
    Date-Time 13 Nov 2016 11:02:57 UTC
    13 Nov 2016 23:02:57 near epicenter
    13 Nov 2016 05:02:57 standard time in your timezone

    Location 42.779S 173.129E
    Depth 10 km
    (scalar HAARP shallow fault assault)

    Here’s a Trump Special….10k 7+M beauty. Get ready for mayhem!!

    Perfect antipode for the Canary Is – El Hierro (La Palma Scenario)

  8. The man-made Disaster buffet line is open, folks. So keep your eyes open and heads down. It seems very, very quiet out there. Some Soros-funded “riots” to make it look like “Americans” are pissed that HRC didn’t get put in.

    All the “games” are still going on, college football, pros, UFC fights, etc., while Trump is supposedly picking his cabinet. But is he? Giuliani for AG? There’s a 9/11 Skeleton in the closet Right There. Pay attention to whom is selected or “placed” within his advisor cabinet. Letting Goldman Sachs people have access to the White House and policy-making is a bonehead move.

    Check out this list of “possibilities at —

  9. 6.2 in Chile:

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.2
    Date-Time 13 Nov 2016 14:01:01 UTC
    13 Nov 2016 11:01:01 near epicenter
    13 Nov 2016 08:01:01 standard time in your timezone

    Location 28.923S 67.491W
    Depth 100 km

    • Goodness! Earthquakes every which way. I hope earthquakes and typhoons are the limit to HAARPing as TPTB have their tantrum.
      I am told the right wing had its own tantrum when Obama was elected, but I don’t recall anything but snark and overt racist statements on the Net and almost none of it reported in the media, but I wasn’t there to see it. What I’m hearing about now, though, sounds downright scary, both through the news media and the Net, but not being there, I have no idea how widespread the hysteria and violence is. They shut down the Interstate in Denver. Frankly, I can hardly imagine that.
      These folks have been told Trump is Hitler, and they believe it, apparently. And the result is they are becoming the new Brown Shirts themselves. Good God how blind people can be!

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