Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 9, 2016

Now What, Voyager?

The Peso was up and now its down. The Wall Street fell but the Wall is not built. Nor will it ever climb up to Trump heights, no tower to be found on this voyage, no treasure.  Just a great wave of hysteria. soon to break on the banks of discontent.

She took the dive, deep into the abyss, like the champ she was eight years before, she took another one for the crew.  From her perch in the nest  of crows she swanned with such grace. The challenger thanked her for all her hard work and years of service, for who, gratitude, not attitude, this latitude of victory.  After such a change in the weather I say now, voyager sail forth, to seek and find the truth.

Hope and change again the coordinates say, this time change and hope under the skies of a storm and the guise of open seas but we know the trade and war ships and pirates will come to flank our shores, no borders for these voyagers, rough seas are their stock in trade and their cargo, full.

What port can we find to save our souls, not Russia, China or Mexico. Does Britain message for our Brexit from hell?, alas there is no call.  But what can we learn from voyages past, the sails full of wind to a promised land.  The captains and helmsmen of the brave new world will navigate us through the jaded seas yet again to the destination we just departed.

The Admiralty and Naval Lords call for calm blue seas, but the rogues and high crests to breach our peace and the ornament and perfume of war to adorn the TTIP  of the ship. Imagine the wreckage of this vessel on the rocks and know this final voyage and sails to be set.

The Black flag of her majesty’s ISIS, the pirates we are to fear, mock our dreams as mere mirages, yet pirates are real on the land and the sea, their John Hancock’s are canons and fodder for the quorum of transit to whom we must serve. Our captain has spoken and we elected our fate, if we could fly would we not see the peril of our heading, not remember the maritime strategy, like a familiar coast, one found using  a compass and rule.

The elite design and subtle lines should not fool us seasoned sailors, this ship is flagged for conflict and it’s new captain assuring a bligh over bounty, will master the art of illumination over the crew, but for this mutineer, before the perfect storm,  I say now, voyager sail forth, to seek and find the truth.



  1. So we expect this, right?

    1. Paris Deal – DOA
    2. Obamacare – DOA
    3. The Wall – massive deportation
    4. VISA /Refugee moratorium
    5. New DOJ investigation of Clinton Foundation and Email
    6. TTP – TTIP – DOA

    Let’s poll on which never happens. AS far as SCOTUS goes and having the House and Senate, let’s watch to see how many establishment republicans vote no.

    We won’t need a hundred days to out Trump.


  2. Clinton/Bush Gang — Out! But, will they be fully investigated and perp-walked? Will the Swamp be drained? A purge of the entire rotten system? A colon blow? We can only hope for that “change”.

    The “change” of prosecuting elite white collar crime at the highest levels, from policy making criminals inhabiting Congress and SCOTUS, to the vast coterie of “plants” stinking up the plumbing, is what is needed. A rotten infrastructure of BS Big-Guv agencies needs to be ripped out like the parasitical weeds they are.

    We’ll see. But, expect the unexpected. The rats are going to scramble, and leave a scorched earth behind them as they try to cover their tracks.

    • It would take him 8 years full time just to clean house. I’d take no other benefit from his tenure than could he achieve this. But I am a cynic, realist and conspiracist so therefore I think he’s just a fixer, a fake and a fraud.

      But I will be the first to be shocked and awed if he turns out not be part of the game. Change from the outside? I think if he’s legit, he will have not day of peace starting January. I am up for the fight though. I’ll fight for Haiti.

      If he can force Hillary to give up the FAMILY, then we see Armageddon. Hollande is getting impeached? Can we expect the kabbalists to go gently to prison? I doubt it too. I slept no a minute last night but read Walt Whitman for hours. Today it’ll be selections from Daniel and Revelation.

  3. Well wtf just happened? I’m still shocked we are even discussing him in office. But wait……he isn’t IN yet. Things could still change and Obama could still stay in. Who knows? It’s all so fucked up, eh? I can’t imagine the Clintons rolling over so easily, do you?

    • Like Brexit. Watch how long how difficult and bureaucratic this will become. Think about Trump trying to negotiate it. So what will his cabinet look like? Yep, the same as a Bush – Clinton one. New globalist recruits. Outsiders?
      Where will the orders come from? The secret government….they prefer to call the deep state but it does not even reside in US territory.

      I suspect it comes from Antarctica and is a single global deep planetary congress or council. One could discover this exopolitical transition based upon the gradual reorganization that took place during Barry Soetoros terms.

      With the Masters of the Human Domain now in full control of the electromagnetic visual audio spectrum, we can expect much more Climate Capers and the usual “Disclosures” from Alpha Centauri Central. The MARS project is the best example now that the three axis powers have their triad in space, well placed for the coming weather wars. Depopulation will be the “call sign” for the maritime naval assaults.

      I think they should use KK or HK will be the prefix for weather war ships and satellite EMP and Microwave atmospheric transmissions. We can expect this during Trumps term. Forget crISIS and begin to plan for sporadic geomagnetic events.

      Why have they all gone to Antarctica? Obama, Jeh, Kerry, Pentagon, Scientists, etc… The UN Security council knows, as does Putin, Xi and the heads of state. Keep us dumbed down and off the target and then the transition will be easy. Targeting individuals is simple now, so as you walk down any street, on any day you may see Breitbart just before you expire.

      “It’s a Big Idea” said GHW Bush. Now it’s a huge reality.


    Of course it works, you think they would have mastered it since Tesla. Energy from the vacuum.

    Don’t try it at home or they will kill you.


    Pleeeeeease, spare us!

    Puddy Dunne
    NOVEMBER 10, 2016 AT 1:54 PM
    Trump is a globalist, a jesuit and a hoax puppet leader for the deep state secret government. I agree a deal was struck. The timing of the “Outsider” change over was as obvious as the “Hope” con for Barry Soetoro Davis.

    Every cycle they dream up another change that fits the time and space. Trumps ‘conspiracy’ angle was a perfect choice for this election. Trump and Epstein are not strangers, neither is Trump and Bilderberg I suspect. I watched all the coverage and it was just as advertised. A real, reality Trump type show.

    You can see why they had to out Roger Ailes and why that fraud Megyn Kelly may be the real power behind FOX-666. The whole Trump crew are as creepy as GaGa. Pence may be the scariest of all.

    I am amazed at the eight year memory loss of truthers to get sucked into a bogus campaign and virtual reality psyop like the one we just witnessed. Trump has a no fly zone over his tower. That’s as creepy as his Greco-Roman apartment.

    Don’t spend your money on NETFLIX or Amazon when you have the best fiction offered on cable. I’ll bet the art of the deal gives us TPP, Paris, Immigration Reform and no wall. Any takers?

  6. ‘Excellent’ first meeting for Obama, Trump

    I’ll bet it was….full of laughs, congrats and getting his first hundred days marching orders.

  7. Trump Said To Consider Jamie Dimon For Treasury Secretary; Dimon Not Interested

    I rest my case. Why would a Dimon Jim Mafia king want to take a cut in pay? How about Ron Paul you phony phuck?

  8. hahaha, good one Puddy!

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