Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 2, 2016

Election Week: Over and Under the Radar


  1. The recent near flyby of Asteroid 2016 VA is interesting considering it was only discovered on Monday. “Newly discovered asteroid 2016 VA snuck up on us last night, and crossed through the Earth’s shadow to boot.” Follow the tracking of the these stories
  2. False Flag CIA – NASA Bluebeam – Asteroid attack
  3. Alien UFO Invasion Will ‘Save Earth from World War III’: Latest Conspiracy Theory Shows People Really Want To Believe In Extraterrestrial Life – Apparently set to arrive September 2017.
  4. North Korea is preparing to launch an intermediate-range ballistic missile in the next three days, Fox Business Network reported on Tuesday, citing two unidentified U.S. officials
  5. Global Naval Ships distribution – Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, China Sea, Pacific Rim, Atlantic Sub Fleets, etc. You can track this easily that all the NATO-BRICS naval forces are distributed all over the globe under exercize cover stories and the Syrian conflict and China Sea aggression. (USS  H. Truman at Norfolk VA)
  6.  Wikileaks last dump #26 – The next one slated before election will be the dreaded #27. I posted a death for the week of Nov 1 to the election. Numbers said 11/2/16 but will open to the the 11th.
  7. Market Correction-Trump Election: Like Braxit, the googleplex is dumping the market crash/correction post Donald J – Dow Jones. Looking at the schizophrenic investor-trader history, this could be extremely possible as a trigger.
  8. WWIII? Unlikely. But watching South Koreas problems and North Korea psyop Kim Jong Un, the location for a major false flag is possible. Pakistan and India as well as the tensions there are at an apex. At least 19 killed in latest India-Pakistan border firing. I so strongly believe that WWIII will begin here. If nuclear war is imminent, this is where we begin. Perfect for a Trump induction to global crisis if not the expected financial meltdown.
  9. BLUEBEAM: Can’t escape it.  It just keeps popping up over and over again. Too much activity at the poles, too much magnetic possibilities over the  radiated, or electrical variety.  From the scalar assault we could have a very nice false flag to blame on climate and Russia. Sporadic outages over a global EMP would be more likely. Voter Results???
  10. Wild Card. Vortex (+147  -258) 369 – Arctic Russian and Antarctic NATO polar shift HAARP-SURA combine to create the same assault they laid on Italy for a location unknown. Large scale shallow seismic event with tsunami.



  1. By Hidenori Watanave from Japan – Ted Chiang’s “Story of your life”Uploaded by PDTillman, CC BY 2.0,

    ARRIVAL – 11.11

    Story of Your Life

    Dr. Louise Banks is enlisted by the military to communicate with a race of aliens, known as heptapods (due to their 7-pointed radially symmetrical appearance), after they initiate first contact with humanity. The story revolves around Dr. Banks, and woven through it are remembrances of her daughter.
    The heptapods have two distinct forms of language. Heptapod A is their spoken language, which is described as having free word order and many levels of center-embedded clauses. Understanding Heptapod B, the written language of the aliens, is central to the plot. Unlike its spoken counterpart, Heptapod B has such complex structure that a single semantic symbol cannot be excluded without changing the entire meaning of a sentence.
    When writing in Heptapod B, the writer knows how the sentence will end. The phenomenon of Heptapod B is explained by the aliens’ understanding of mathematics and Fermat’s principle of least time.
    Dr. Banks’s understanding of the heptapods’ writing system affects the way she perceives time and suggests a deterministic universe where free will is exercised by not affecting the outcome of events. This is reflected by the tense used in the story’s writing: a small portion of the story, at the beginning and the end, is written in the present tense, indicating that the story is being written at the time of the daughter’s conception. The sections describing the interactions with the Heptapods is written in the past tense. The sections describing the daughter’s life—from birth to death and beyond—are written as Dr. Banks’ remembrances that she nonetheless describes using the future tense, because learning Heptapod B enables Dr. Banks to know her daughter’s entire life even before she agrees to conceive her.

  2. ***Over the Radar***

    WikiLeaks Releases 27th Batch of Clinton Campaign Chair Podesta’s Emails: via @SputnikInt

    WikiLeaks Drops 28th Round of Clinton Campaign Chair Podesta’s Leaked Emails: via @SputnikInt

    Contents: Clinton Cash, Pay for Play, Podesta, Hillary Clinton, Huma, Bill Clinton

    ***Under the Radar****

    Does North Korea have a nuclear weapon? No but they have two low orbit satellites and EMP smart bomb. (Iranian or Pakistani)

    In 2004, Russian generals warned the EMP Commission the design for their super-EMP warhead leaked “accidentally” to North Korea. A super-EMP weapon would probably be small enough to fit on North Korea’s satellites. According to NSA, China, Russia and other players can hack our system at anytime. Likely doing it through third party (ISIS) it’s not if but when. “cyber for hire,”

    _____________________________________Day one in office? or on some ordinary sunny day….

  3. Canada forces investigate mysterious ‘pinging’ sound coming from sea floor

  4. Wiki #28 – Corrupt NWO MSM (AP)

    AP To Clinton Campaign: We Are Preparing To Report FBI Has Thumb Drive, But Can Be Steered Away

  5. Speaking of Antarctica…. what do you make of Kerry’s visit to the South Pole over election week? The climate change bs is obviously a ruse.

    • So good to see your face Deb. Yes I can atest to strange radio issues. I am monitoring Drone signals in the 5 Megahertz range and other strange recorded sound that I cannot identify.

      An EMP pulse weapon from them could be blamed on China, N Korea, etc. while a major hack could be blamed on Iran and Russia. We have little time left.

      I have protected two computers and much of my testing equipment in case we get blasted. I am not paranoid, just convinced it is coming.

      Miss you.



        This question is about all these secret visits to Antarctica recently by a number of high profile people such as Patriarch Kirill and Obama. Just before the Obama visit, it was revealed that China has built a giant space exploration base in Southern Argentina. Would Zetas like to comment on what they were doing in Antartica? [and from another] Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill has come to the Antarctic to visit the only permanent church in the South Pole, to talk with scientists at a Russian polar station, and of course to congregate with penguins. The wooden Holy Trinity church was built in the early 2000s and is the only permanent place of worship in the Antarctic. The visit comes as part of Kirill’s Latin America trip, which saw an unprecedented historic meeting with Pope Francis in Havana on February 12. [and from another]… Mr Clapper is the chief intelligence adviser to Mr Obama and oversees the 16 agencies within the US intelligence community including the CIA and National Security Agency. Mr Key said Mr Clapper, has been America’s intelligence chief since 2010. He is retiring before President Obama effectively steps down in 2017. [and from another]… America’s top spy, the US Director of National Intelligence, is on a secret visit to Australia, the ABC has learnt. James Robert Clapper Jr directs the US National Intelligence Program and reports directly to President Barack Obama. Before flying to Australia Mr Clapper stopped over in New Zealand where he met with Prime Minister John Key. Last week the Australian Federal Police hosted the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation James B Comey on a two-day visit to Australia. [and from another]… The station will be located in the Patagonia region of Argentina, which provides flat expanses that are suitable for space exploration work. The location also provides China the ability to conduct research from the Southern Hemisphere. Through the use of large antennae, researchers will be able use the space and its facilities to monitor the moon and other celestial bodies. [and from another]… US president Barack Obama attempted to show off his Latin dance moves on 23 March when he took to the dance floor to tango during his state visit to Argentina. Video of the moment shows Obama perform the sultry traditional Argentine dance with celebrated female Argentine tango dancer Mora Godoy at an official state dinner hosted by President Mauricio Macri in Buenos Aires.

  6. Weird stuff happening with electronics… computers… cell phones…they are definitely running tests to shut it all down . Keeping track with others on a private fb group I”m a member of.

    • You know I have talked ANtarctica. Obama went there as well not so long ago. There are too many things going on there with the polar locales. I have outed the ICE CUBE as a weapons test site and I know there is a superheater there since HAARP went down. I think the new Aircraft Carriers are heaters as well.

      I am preparing for the worst and I am so sad for those who will not have anything or any plan for this. I have no doubt it comes before Mayday 2017 if not anyday sooner.

      The new world is arriving like a runaway train.

  7. Okay … I have to share this. I swear my life is like some weird science-fiction novel. Yesterday I talked to the man in charge of the entire Secret Service Detail for Trump’s security.

    All I got was his first name, Dennis, but there is no doubt of him saying what he was.

    As you can imagine right now I’m the bomb on the streets. With the two life-size cut-outs and all, this is my Super-Bowl. Maybe a dozen or more people purchasing, talking, laughing, getting their picture taken with “Fuck Political Correctness” Trump” and “Grab My Pussy” Clinton” cut-outs when this huge man, 6’4″, 260-lbs., maybe 55-yrs old, pulls me aside and he shows me a picture of Trump and just himself together arms around the others shoulder.

    I’m thinking, okay, but he could be anyone that bumped into Trump in the hallway. Then he gives me a peek at the badge hanging around his neck under his black tee-shirt. Then he told me what position he held.

    I tipped my hat and told him that it was an honor for Uncle Sam to meet his acquaintance.

    There’s more to this that I plan to post later. It gets even more bizarre.

    I’m on my way out to what could be the last time on the streets. Best of cases, at least not for a while. So I must be off to see what this uncertainty has in store for me.

    Later dear friends.

    • I am so anxious right now I cannot tell you the insomnia and gut issues I am having. Messages in my head and the most bizarre body tremors. But you my friend should be very careful you are not being targeted by the gangstalkers.

      I have new neighbors who come in and out at early hours and have electrical spikes daily. I have discontinued radio meetings and other usual practices. I lost a dog last month and found my neighbor had lost two. Just disappeared. We are both thinking not by accident. Really wierd.

      I am looking forward to your info on the dude Dennis. Keep us posted and be safe.


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