Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 1, 2016

Mafia Election: “Our Thing”

To me, being a gangster was better than being President of the United States. ~ Henry Hill

Not anymore Henry.


Money never goes to prison. – Mafia Manager

After a victory, sharpen your knife. – Mafia Manager

There are three sides to every story. Mine, yours and the truth. ~ Joe Massino

Vote early and vote often.Al Capone

Be nice to bankers. Always be nice to pension fund managers. Always be nice to the media. In that order.John Gotti

Ours is a government of checks and balances. The Mafia and crooked businessmen make out checks, and the politicians and other compromised officials improve their bank balances. ~ Steve Allen

“Judges, lawyers and politicians have a license to steal. We don’t need one.” ~ Carlo Gambino

It’s about time law enforcement got as organized as organized crime.  ~ Rudy Giuliani

Liquor prohibition led to the rise of organized crime in America, and drug prohibition has led to the rise of the gang problems we have now. ~ Drew Carey

The world is changing and there are new opportunities for those who are ready to join forces with those who are stronger and more experienced. ~ Lucky Luciano

Terrorists are as big a threat to our future, perhaps bigger, than organized crime. ~ Bill Clinton



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