Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 4, 2016

Why Would You Donate? Seeing What You Now Know?

This thread began with the question below:

“Where is Matthew?”, because when you look at’s radar screen there, Haiti looks pristine.

Subsequently, I input “Haiti” for the area for to find, and lo and behold I found the weather formations shown in the second photo below…

But, now I have to post my own “WARNING!” for kind-hearted folks to NOT DONATE to “The RED CROSS” to help the poor Haitian people STILL LEFT STRANDED IN TENTS from Bill Clinton and George Bush, Jr.’s overseeing the Haiti Earthquake Fund administered by “The RED CROSS”.

On’s site you will now find a link to ostensibly “help” the Haitian people due to Matthew’s WRATH — if you click on “How You Can Help” you’ll get sent to

Why would you donate, since you have taken a few minutes to do a web search on what happened to the money donated for the earthquake funds?  Why did a forecaster announce last evening that 66,000 people STILL LIVE IN TENTS?!

I urge you to GO TO THIS LINK —

Read some of the stories PLEASE!

Make up your own mind.  But don’t donate to political parasites unknowingly.

“Where is Hurricane “Matthew” in this radar pic at 12:40EST on 10-04-16?”


All over they are warning about hurricane “Matthew”.  I don’t see squat around Haiti so what gives?

O.K., this pic off at 12:55pm EST to be exact shows actual cloud formations.  Why the other radar does not show much of anything I don’t know…?


I don’t know about Florida or Georgia or NC, but SC is closing schools and guv offices ahead of the storm —  Or see,

I do know for a fact that schools are being closed on Friday a full 4 1/2 hours inland from the coast in Upstate South Carolina.  Friday football games have been moved to Thursday night.

This story is still developing, along with the Precious Metals take down today, the war rumors, the political BS, etc.  Have a Nice Day!




  1. Midnight EST 10/5/16

  2. Now you know the benefit of China and Brexit….l The manipulators dream to prop the USD rag up. Watch the rate hike BS come in second as like all the virtual reality, a little chatter from Yellen and the Felons is worth a tonne of gold.

    I am absolutely beyond anything happening to thwart the game. It is only more bizarre headlines until the event. It was already told the 5th of October would trigger the series of events until the big surprise.

    Now you know WIKILEAKS is a congame and psyop made to order like Snowden was for the new COLD WAR game from Syrianna and Co. Meanwhile it’s Libya where the real action is and the Gold in them Hills is there for the picking.

    Watch Libya, Watch India-Pakistan and then the Pacific N. Korea event for Japan and South Korea. After China has had it’s fill of NATO bullshit we get the big hack. Putin may playing but China is for real. That’s Hillary’s baby and creep veeps on the debate have not a clue.

    Mr. Xi Jinping wants to stay in power as does Obama. this plays well for a global event with the TRIAD leaders sticking around. Maybe they will start their own UN Gang of three.

    Can the Yuan make it as an IMF Reserve Currency? Id say yes and that make the dollar less attractive considering the Chinese back their basket with gold. The SDR’s are coming and the ceremonial inclusion of Chinese is going to be a big player. They underplay this but it is much more than most know. This may be the war there even if China says the US will pay for the NATO games in their neighborhood. I expect them to hit us hard soon.

    ___________________ The Metals melt due to the USD manipulation via Brexit and China economy is a temporary thing (just like a girl in trouble) I like the drop as it confirms a big push for market mayhem before the Deutsche Fail and Sterling tumble. It’s like the tremors in the Salton Sea, many smalls in a swarm and then……Bang! The house collapses and good. It’s all paper walls, what do people expect.

    • P.S. So I can say this is a contested election with a twist and turn in November. Can they wait that long for the surprise? I think they can and if they kill Christmas it will help them. Who thinks Assange will release anything worth anything before the 8th? Not me!

  3. So we hve known about Verizon for over s decade. The spies of telecom. Now that they have Yahoo….

    Yahoo Caves in to NSA, FBI and Secretly Monitors its Email Accounts for US Government

    It’s Monopoly and Clue…….all a game

  4. Is Mandatory Evacuation of One Million SC Residents for Hurricane Matthew Doubling as a Martial Law Drill? via @stateofglobe

  5. That is a good suspicion. The timing with the 40 million Russians “drill”, evacuating entire cities into underground bunkers/Dumbs is also an eyebrow raiser.

    The extent, or breadth of the coastal evacuations pre-storm is “surprising”.

    Then, we have posts happening Right Now, like this:

    “VT: BREAKING: 9/11, Filling in the Map, Tracing the Nukes, Vital revelations surface, from the 9/11 investigation that never happened!” at

    “Mills and Comey 2.0 (The Clinton Cartel)…This has happened before! Clinton Corruption History Repeats Itself- video” at

    PM’s still being kicked downwards in price as the dollar goes Up!

    “Guccifer 2(tm) hack that is probably white hats somewhere is now available in full”, at Jim Stone’s, and more —

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