Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 3, 2016

Americans are Being Taken for a Ride…to Nowhere.


Here’s how much Americans have in savings in each state:


I would have embedded the slide show, but don’t know how, so inspect it at the following link:


Bad “Policies” make Paupers out of you and me, while making Super Wealthy the “policy-makers”.  Isn’t this Obvious?

See articles at





  1. Ironically, an Observer points out some interesting facts as he watches “Matthew” on various radar feeds — “Hurricane Matthew – Where are you???”

    “I have always watched all the hurricanes on Doppler radar for years. So this one comes along and for days I go to the weather channel moving radar maps to see it and it is nowhere to be seen???”

  2. Message Sent? 40 Million Russians Head to Bunkers for Oct. 4th-7th Drill as Russia Suspends US Plutonium Deal


    Is this man Bill Clinton’s love child? Prostitute’s son says ex-President is his father and claims Hillary ‘banished’ him

    Read more:
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    Leonardo DiCaprio

    Hey Leo are you Bills son?

    Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio and scientist Katharine Hayhoe talk climate change at SXSL


    ‘Where is justice?’ Report: FBI agreed to ‘destroy’ Hillary associates’ laptops after inspection

    • This young lady is telling the Truth. She is easy on the eyes and ears. I will listen to her and consider her thoughts.

      On the other hand, Hillary is the antithesis of wholesome goodness. The enemy of all that is wholesome, righteous, and worthy of humanity’s interest. She deserves no forum nor political power to twist to her dark ends.

      Allowing that would be exceedingly insane.

  5. If you were to gi to and listen to some of the reports on hurrican “Matthew”, you would hear that some 60,000 Haitian residents STILL LIVE IN SHITTY TENTS! The Bush jr./Bill Clinton Red Cross Ripoff of the Donations for the people of this country should be thrown in the face of Hillary, Bill, and Bush,jr. , and an investigation of the money trail followed by bloodhounds should commence.

    There is hardly much, more egregious, cruel, and criminal than robbing the poor and destitute of funds directed to bless them.

    HERE, we see one more straw on the camel’s back of gross criminality. For all those Clinton backers, you need to pull your head out of your assholes and come up for air.

  6. At the time of this posting, the radar doesn’t show but a small band of precipitation near Haiti. Are we being Punk’d again? There’s more precip showing north and off the southeastern coastline of the U.S. than what is purported near Haiti.

  7. Kudos to Michael for getting on Dimfowars and nailing Clinton to Haiti

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