Posted by: boomerangcomesback | September 30, 2016

Reality is Unsettling. So, Who is Making “Reality”?

And, while the sElection Dog & Pony Show continues ad nauseum..

Events are happening domestically and internationally that folks should be watching and developing opinions on:

Media Black-out: Militarized Police Raid Dakota Protest To Break Up Peaceful Prayer Circle


This is what it looks like when corporations’ interests are at stake. protestors are being accosted by ND police, & “sprayed by air”

Story at:

Americans must ask themselves, “Is THIS Overkill?” for the situation.  Does it no remind us all of Ruby Ridge, Waco, Malheur, and the Utah dust-up prior?  While looking for a bit of info, I came across this — .  Look how the description of the event reads on Wiki.  Does that match the “reality”?  Its sure hard to get facts straight when those in authority and in charge of the media twist the facts to suit their agenda (Recall 9/11, and the recent 9/11 anniversary “events”).…_Tears_Followed_By_NATO_Bombs/54405/0/38/38/Y/M.html

Who Wants War?  Raise your hands!  O.K., we see a lot of MIC companies, bankers, and politicians all VOTING FOR MORE with their actions.  So, COTO looks at that, and considers the import.

You can’t believe everything you read, nor a lot of what you “see”, and often what we hear is allergic to the Truth.  Perception is what is being Sold.  So, COTO reads, listens, watches, and considers “What’s Going On…?”.

THIS is Impactful, and you should watch it!

Apparently, Double-Dealing and corruption is a standard operating procedure?

Government Is For Profit, Its Not Just A Few Bad Apples”.

The article above discusses the “hawkishness” of Ms. Clinton historically, up to today.  But then, we know this, or should.



  1. I guess Prime Minister Abe is safely home and free from the clutches of Clinton’s claque of clueless Cling-ons, because the TV reported today that America has been providing support for Al Qaeda and ISIS. I suspect Japan’s own intelligence folks have summed up the situation among themselves and decided who the more likely winner will be if this thing comes to blows.
    A few days ago, the same TV was giving us the sob story over all those poor little victims in Aleppo of big bad Russia. They haven’t mentioned the latest MH-17 drivel. I guess it would be too embarrassing to try to put that whopper across to people who still have a reasonably good education.

    • As a asset for China, Clinton must not get a big cheer from the people there though I don’t really know what goes through the minds of the Japanese anymore. This Proxy War we all knew about in 2011 still isn’t main stream here. Shit, 90% of Millennials couldn’t tell you who Assad is. Too bad Civics isn’t taught anymore. It should have remained mandatory. So much for education by the socialists. Now typing is taught as texting. Thumbs required only.

      • Yes, it was just yesterday I read Bill Gates is saying QWERTY will be obsolete in a few years. I suppose most of the dumbed down folks will be happy enough just thumbing or selecting touchscreen choices. I suppose a few hot shots will go for voice recognition. I wouldn’t touch it with an earshot-long pole!
        I share your anxiety–it’s what seems to get me up every morning these days. It’s not economic, like I was thinking around tax time (husband was a little too free with the spending last year). Recently, it’s like a chronic rather than acute Cuban missile crisis. I know this was inevitable, and it is interesting to see how a collapse actually progresses. I will take a look at how they have tended to proceed from this point in historical cases. But one thing I do know, I would not want to be mistaken for one of the elite, though they will continue to have a a jolly time at our expense for a while.

        • QWERTY disappears right at the time of book burning I suspect. No doubt the idea is we control everything, you need not worry. They dumb em down and then tell them they are too dumb to think for themselves. Is this not the perfect hegelian dialectic? Especially when it is true.

          Pokemon Go seemed obvious psy-op to see how many would run into the street of oncoming cars. That requires driverless cars to avoid hitting the PG zombies.

          Funny, I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis as a second grader living in So. Fla. I remember my parents and teacher telling us what was going on. Imagine in today’s world you might have to be second year college to have a clue about the Russia US proxy war and the US Crimea missile crisis.

          I assume you consider Japan Millennials in the same book as US snowflakes but in fairness I will say that the EM, Cellular, Miicro-Nets, HAARP and EISCAT are making the problem much worse than when we learning. Like a microwave oven and Cuisinart, the eggs get
          scrambled and cooked.

          • Yes, as you know, Patrick, it wasn’t the Millennials’ choice to adopt mobile communications. <>More than anyone else, it was our generation who chose for convenience to trust industry once again, after thalidomide, asbestos, DDT and other examples too numerous to count. They cannot say they weren’t warned. The warnings may have been late, after struggling to reach the public, but concerns about microwave radiation had always been present. You had to go out and look for the details on how bad it could be, but if you did, you would find. I recall, though, that when I put out a warning to my network of contacts in 1996, I found the well had already been poisoned, the spin was long in place,and I was a classic “tin-foil-hatter”–no, I don’t deny such. In the late 1990s, the problems with cell phones were no secret, or at least to the folks who knew about the issues involved, these f*cking phoneheads chose convenience above all other considerations, and back then that was the only excuse. I know they are addictive. If you find yourself hooked to something, you get yourself free again. The problem is our generation never grew the f*ck up!<>

            My heart really goes out to the Millennials. Generation X could struggle through and get by, though my friends in their 30s are unable to marry, either, even if they have decent work–how many other folks their age will lift their eyes from their phones? The Millennials, though, are cooked in various sense, including the literal. I think we will see massive infertility among the few who actually get out and try to have a family.
            My husband and I are looking at houses now, and aging farmers and their urban families have been given monetary incentives (high taxation) to let go of empty houses (which just rot out completely in a few years’ time in this climate), so now there is hope we can acquire a farm. We will have an outbuilding with rooms for guests, and I hope to bring in a Millennial or two and teach them how to become independent low-input farmers–poor but able to survive what is inevitable. The rule will be, of course, ditch your phone, we have a landline and low-EMR computer.

            • Low radiation is the thing. None of this would have been done without the analog to digital conversion. The bandwidth was an issue and number of lines on analog limited but they could have run the analog phones through landlines and switches without the toxic effect. The lie is that it was about money. That was the gravy only. The meat of the deal was the infertility and softkill that would meet the depopulation death index and raise the zebranomics of our GDP healthcare system. They can’t bury the facts we are the sickest of the first world nations. I blame GMO and artificials, PHRMA and associated environmentals, but the major player is EMR and magnetic fields.
              Chemtrails comes in second as metals are everywhere we are.

              If Millennials were smart thy would all follow your guidance on low-input living and then they would be prepared for the inevitable. It beats the Wimax city slums that they would have to deal with in order to have their gaming and social virtual reality. Eventually they will be facebooking and texting their cancer diagnosis at age 30. I have replaced my cell phone with my EMRSS Trifield Meter and TENMA microwave detector.

  2. As we watch the Ba’al portals placed globally, I am reminded that like the temple and churches, the banks are the real houses of worship. Suicide over confession: Where you arrive to your destination like a train in Hoboken.

    I find the runaway train analogy quite appropriate at this time. I actually had an anxiety attack yesterday. How odd. Never have I had one before. I suspected they were chemtrailing and HAARPING pretty good here this week and maybe thats the cause but likely I am sensing the October surprise and November shock.

    I remember higher quality high school class president races than what this mess has degenerated to. It’s true that anyone can be president in America as we are watching the two “biggest losers” racing to the bottom. I think we reversed polarity at some point and now we are in the bizarroworld. We never knew what hit us but we were all casualties of assault,rape and robbery. Soft tyranny and softkill and the open naked realization that I am correct in the rules vs laws and Comey just solidified my point. That little weasel just openly told us that they are running homeland terror drills for a future event that they are planning.

    Yes, after they take Syria, they will dismantle ISIS there and through the Refugee Instant Visa Program, will deliver these Gladio scumbags to every borough in the Fatherland until it becomes the Motherland. We white folk have got to go!! After they stage enough false flag trainwrecks and get the TSA Nazi Orangeboots on the rails, we can start boarding the crackers and get them on their way fo FEMAVILLE for our reeducation and political correctness rehab. I don’t look good in Orange and that’s going to be a problem.

  3. MEGA HAARP MEGA COLD BLOB! Buckle up for the next 18 Months.

    Mega-Hurricane Matthew threatens Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba

  4. How OBVIOUS can you get? The Russia and Snowden congame has prompted the FED RIGGING AGENDA. You can’t believe how stupid they think we are.


    Read and Laugh!

  5. Hillary, you should have called them “Hot Pockets”

    LEAKED: Hillary Calls Bernie Supporters “Basement Dwellers,” Socialists Attack!

  6. A CIA Holyrood Production Company : In-Q-Tel

    The Pentagon gave a controversial UK PR firm over half a billion dollars to run a top secret propaganda program in Iraq, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism can reveal.

  7. Lots of chatter around about Syria & War. Predictable, considering the MSM pre-war propaganda that has been soaking the blogosphere for some time.

    “Proxy Wars”, remember that term. Its what the cabal/USA has been conducting as a business model over and over. Ain’t it Obvious?!

    Congress and the agencies are well-schooled in this “tactic” for obtaining control and resource profits. It has nothing to do with “constitutionality”, the “will of the people” or any such tomfoolery. No, it is simply greedy men and women going after treasure, using their people and and countries under color of “authority” (Read Fake sElections generate Fake Governing “powers”) for their grand schemes.

    Just think for awhile how “governments” really ACT, and look at what they’ve been up to. Do you see ANY prosperous countries or peoples the world over? There are Obvious reasons that explain this Fact.

    • It started out as a proxy invasion, but now American forces have directly invaded. To the extent that that is supposed to be secret, they cannot make claims when Russia and Syria bomb them. All they can do is spit fire about how the terrorists (i.e., proxies) will now turn their attention to Russia. Do you recall their unconcealed glee when ISIS took out a Russian airliner last year? We will see it again. But I think that regarding World War III, our feckless leaders still realize that two large oceans are now in no way sufficient to spare the mainland, and bunkers in deep caves amount to nothing but an SF daydream.

  8. ‘Study, pray, vote,’ Pope tells Americans ahead of elections

    STUDY PRAY VOTE? What’s number four?????


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