Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 27, 2016

Hillary Body Double at Debate? Frog DNA!

She had a frog in her throat? No, likely one in her brain.


This was someone but not the good wife. Her makeup was excellent. Her smugness was palpable. Her euphoria was too. They accused the Donald of tooting cocaine before the debate. I’d rather know what Hillary got in her hypodermic.  She was higher than her cheekbones. Who the hell is this?

Bedridden, Sick Hillary Clinton Sends Body Double to Debate Donald Trump

Taking no chances of another collapse, say close associates. Pneumonia is far from her only problem.

It became clear to the entire world that the woman who appeared outside of Chelsea’s apartment building on Sunday morning 9/11, just an hour and a half after her collapse on camera, was not in fact the former First Lady.

The Gene Therapy appears to include Frog DNA or Hillary will be our first Exo-President. Forget the first woman to hold Commander in Chief position and look to as many as three firsts.

Stranger Things….





    Her double needed some wireless audio for coaching? I think they can say this was a tens unit for her weak back and legs while standing for 90 minutes, but it is becoming clear to me they want to push the alien agenda 2030 and the disclosure project and there is no better way to usher in project bluebeam than with all this psychological mind control and conspiracy.

  2. ABC – Seizure or shimmy? – Presidential Debate – Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

  3. Frogs Surprisingly Like Humans, Genetically Speaking – Xenopus tropicalis

    At least 1,700 genes in the African clawed frog genome are very similar to genes in humans that are associated with specific diseases, such as cancer, asthma, and heart disease. So finding these connections means that experiments on the frogs could help doctors learn more about how to treat those conditions in people.

  4. AS PREDICTED – The Cold Blob Russia SURA Tromsø Russia Norway HAARP ALERT:

    Matthew likely to be most destructive storm of 2016

    I cannot begin to stress the storm season for this year and 2017. It will be the perfect storm for death and climate change agenda.

  5. I have expected for a year or so a major storm to decimate Cuba Puerto Rico to further the RothRock Soros agenda to dilute the US sovereignty with massive refugee influx. This storm or the many that will come behind it will do the job.

  6. Whomever it was debating Mr. Trump did a pretty good job considering all of the alleged “health” problems. I was looking for signs of weakness ( physical, mental, emotional), and did not see that. I was surprised. In fact, if this was not the real HC, I am then “amazed” at the technology to have a dupe/clone/whatever perform at such a level. If it was HC, then I am “amazed” at the technology to drug, duct tape, and pump up the worn out version into one that was able to stand and perform for 90 minutes, then bend over and shake hands, etc. for some minutes following.

    A real “show”. Americans would be better off to avert their eyes from such shows, and focus on the Israeli-owned vote-counting system, and media empire that is backing this “candidate”. This sElection has been “rigged” from the beginning, as all such are, and both “candidates” in this corporatocracy/Oligarchy (former Republic, before the coup) are aligned and owned by Israel cutouts. How do we know? The Obvious. By what they have said, by who they have done business with, by whom they meet with (both “candidates” met with Netanyahoo just prior to the debate).

    Viewing “the theatre” from outside the electronic matrix, reveals that this “thing” is one of the most contrived, scripted, marketed psy-op on an entire population, EVER! If you’re “in” the plastic bubble it is much harder to see all the plastic people, plastic “decision-maker” seats filled by plastic gate-keepers and scheming dual-citizens, etc. It is one GIANT “set” that all of this extremely expensive show inhabits. Everyone who is within the reach of MSM mult-media, (TV, Cable, Internet, Print, etc.) automatically becomes a part of the “set”, or at least an unwilling participant. Only the constantly streaming propaganda coming in waves is heard and absorbed through the sensory organs. The wide psy-op net that has been thrown over America is thus a gigantic “wet-blanket” of propaganda holding down the population, and soaking them constantly with ridiculousness.

    People forget, how LONG this show has been going on now. Hasn’t it already been an entire YEAR of shows leading up to this show? Look how much the shadow people are spending on this show?! Billions! So, it is VERY important for them to totally blind The People to reality, and keep the herd off-balance with a constant string of smaller FF’s to keep them all oppressed, a shitty economy and horrible job market to keep them financially stressed, and with all the vectors coming at The People from every direction, keep them Depressed across the board.

    Problems-Reaction-Solution. Their solution.

    Obama being thwarted 70-1 on the 9/11 Saudi bill he tried to veto, is a notable “slap down” man event.

    • I believe the “TENS UNIT” her backside buddy was to deflect off the body double conspiracy.

      It was definitely not her. Take the ‘Benghazi Hearing’ what difference does it make and add a few years. Look at this woman at the debate. Don’t tell me this is the same woman. Unless she is getting some kind of gene-therapy or majick elixir, it is a double. The question is whether we see the old Hillary appear in the future or if she really died.

      I see a major Beatle Beat here like Faux Paul. It’s been my contention that McCartney did indeed die and was replaced and the rest of the band knew. Lennon was too courageuos for his own good and Yoko (CIA) as handler could not contain him. Enter the MK-Ultra division to handle the situation and Whoolah! The rest of the story continues…..

      Obama finds himself with a legacy like Animal House. Like Otter, the bloodline gets a pass but no respect. The truth is that in a one world order this bill will tax us on foreign law suits for crimes we have no part in. How’s that for the ultimate irony. This is how TPP will be. Corporations suing countries. Obama likes that idea. Why not the 911 bill?

      How stupid they think we are. If this isn’t a set up and completely staged bullshit, I will eat my hat. Before we all celebrate the “smack down” for Obama, we should think about the hegelian synthesis in this triad and congame. The bullshit is so deep at this time, I fully expect it’s time for a MAJOR ROYAL FLUSH!!!

      Time for reindeer games me thinks and we don’t get to play….

  7. Speaking of wasting money for “bad” reasons, look at this —

    What do you suppose these will be used for?

    What is the opportunity cost to The American People? 100 million plus unemployed, and this project gets wings, to go oppress and kill black folks on another continent, no doubt to “help” them as the corporations and MIC solidify their positions for natural resources extraction.

    This is just 1. Imagine hundreds and thousands of “expenses” like this? There’s your example for how other-people’s-money gets stolen then used for oppression and profits elsewhere. Its a business model of the elites.

    • The question is how much money was “DOV’d” out for this and other fake ‘coldwar’ preps? The truth is that the F38 and new aircraft carriers are money funnels for other cyber-drone-Wimax surveillance and hunt and destroy gaming.

      The new headline is that the googpleplex, microsoftkill, FacadeBook and AmaZion are forging a partnership in AI. That is code for Full Spectrum Dominance and likely to game the election for starters.

      Find the clue in Russia preparations and boiling point in Aleppo, then ask your self why BiBi Net and Yahoo met with Putin then Clinton/Trump recently and what other optics are being flashed to the internet for consumers.

      It’s still boils down to the Rothschilds and their road to Zion. Another October surprise will guarantee interest rates do not happen this year. Felon Yellen and the Goldman Sackers are priming the pump for a dump.
      Is it a springtime for hitler and Germany event. Where will Deutche find themselves by XMAS?

      I am looking forward to another christmas in connecticut event. America, please look at the temple of Ba’al in New York and the hundred other portals that will be established in cities globally and ask yourself why at this depressing time, this event has to happen with expediency. Who will emerge? Stranger, enter and sign in please.

      I love the clues Obama is giving right now. He’s not coasting, but he is playing big-league games. Schmoozing the Military in townhall is soooo transparent in my opinion. What does he expect to garner? Nothing! But it’s a great warning for things to come.

      Settle in, pop the corn and tune into reindeer games. Watch the military madness to come. Wait for the october surprise and the wolves of wall street slaughter

      “Rule one. Never put a car thief behind the wheel!”

      No not this surprise but get the drift -andy breitbart

      James O’Keefe is promising quite the October surprise — a video of Hillary Clinton allegedly “demeaning and disparaging” black people.


    1. Israelis Pay Respects to Peres; Clinton Arrives in Israel: Bill fills in for Hillary who is dead. Hillary won’t travel to Israel or can’t.

    2. Body Double in IOWA – Hillary rally in Iowa

  9. Lawmakers: Wells Fargo a ‘criminal enterprise’

    I know Wells Fargo intimately. They were the drug money launderer back in the late seventies for the Bush Crime Syndicate. I was a contractor for Foothill Capital and they ended up buying them out. There were several cases regarding the Colombian Cartels and smuggling operations that go back to the Texas group and the Neil Bush Savings and Loan scandals. My investigation as a private contractor found several high placed connection that went on to the eighties when there were Iran Contra connections being made through these banks, S&L’s and BCCI.
    Wells Fargo made billions.

    Add to Wachovia another launderer.

  10. Keep your eye on my WWIII “Ground Zero” I predicted this in 2003. The war begins here with US(SouthK) and Korea going second followed by Iran-Iraq at the Levant.
    Syria(is pivotal in the TRIAD)

    That gets the Axis NATO-Russo-Sino in full blown war in these territories.

    India says troops cross Kashmir border to attack as crisis escalates

    US and China won’t take sides in India-Pakistan fracas

    Fracas? Not for long. Talk about Hatred, Iran Iraq, Saudi Yemen, Syria-Israel? Nothing like India Pakistan.

  11. The inner “dramas” within the larger “show”…

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