Posted by: Mr. M | September 20, 2016

A Tale Of Two Europe’s



  1. A couple of Rhodes Scholars? The young couple? It is District 9 in Germany if Merkel has to back down and admit it.

    Sorry to the masses of refugees who are are being uprooted by the Quantum Group and GLADIO. Soros knows they have a much larger issue here than the EU.

    What you see with Brexit is merely about the migration-money . The Lady was right when she said economics. Zebranomics is the finacial aspect of human chattel and unfunded liability.

    You hear?…Soros putting up half a billion to refugee cause. You think Soros would have wanted GB in the EU before he crashes it completely. He could have spent a lot less to market the Brexit as doom. There is a very clear agenda for GB City of London and the demise of German superiority. Deutche Bank is going down for the count.

    What’s going on at the Vatican Controlled UN? (Spectre) The black pope is shaping Ban-Ki Moon’s replacement. We all know how bad Obama wants the job. He is still trying to campaign for it. If you look at the who’s who of the top six under the secret balloting it will make you shudder. These warmongers and feminazi’s are primed and pumped to usher in TPP, Climate Law, Regime change ala “Precemakers” and universal constitution.

    The Black Pope and Obama are scheming against Bibi and Vlad who have their plans for the world. It’s getting pretty dicey now, but the next few months should get a major shift under way. Obama is working harder to trash America than he ever did to support her. He wants a global call for international action by way of an American terror group. Maybe that’s the “Donald” & Company. It certainly could be brewing at the Pentagon right now.

    Watch the talk of North Korea and Pakistan. A real nuclear threat coming by way of the CIA setup and psyop.

  2. BREAKING:’Not a Game’: US Flies More Nuclear Bombers Over Korean Peninsula

    Read more:

  3. BREAKING: US Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Designate Pakistan a Terrorist State

    Read more:

  4. The Strange Death of Loretta Fuddy & Why it Matters on The Hagmann Report 9/20/16

    Segments 2-4: Investigative Findings Revealed: Rex, an aviation and computer company executive for many years, has been investigating the “death” of Obama birth certificate gatekeeper Loretta Fuddy via the crash of a small plane on December 11, 2013. Fuddy was the sole fatality of the 9 passengers on that aircraft and not coincidently, the person who knew the truth behind Barack Hussein Obama’s birth records. With all of the news and other issues taking place today, one might be tempted to ask, so what?

    The findings by Rex and his investigative colleague reveal the astounding details of an intricately-planned hoax and fraud, being the product of corrupt, coordinated activities among several organizations and individuals, at least some of which are highly-placed within the US government. Their motives are as relevant to today as they were almost three years ago, as is their methods of operation.

    The investigative findings, the product of an extensive investigation that has taken nearly three years and countless hours, will be revealed first to audience of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report.

    Birthed by Conspiracy

  5. Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I’m still investigating President Barack Obama’s birth certificate

    “I don’t care where he’s from,” Arpaio told the crowd of about 200. “We are looking at a forged document. Period.”

  6. Soetoro-Soros Campaign Event@ HK Stronger Together

    Charlotte hit with second night of unrest after police shooting

    Clinton: Killings of black men by police “intolerable” says the Margaret Sanger eugenicist worshipper.

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