Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 18, 2016

dEPOPULATION: Silencing the Lambs


I have been wanting to follow up on the ABG’s of Transformation for sometime but the crazies are so active that it’s difficult to keep up anymore. It was looking at the Hillary Event that made me think of Gene – Replacement as a possible vector of the stranger phenomenon we are seeing with the candidate.

Something is always pointing to life extension and Hillary would certainly make the candidate for this. Along with GH MaGog Bush, I suspect the research is all a TRIAD where the means to extend their lives are only foreshadowed by the DoD efforts to shorten ours.  Hardly a week goes by where I do not have the same waking dreams of how the “Disclosure Alien Agenda” has driven the necessary human guinea pigs required for research in Areas 52 and other clandestine research DUMB’s.

I have also posited that Malaysia Flight 370 was  another bulk buy of human subjects and they are in Antarctica, while possible 911 manifests found their way to Greenland with the Swedish Nazi witch doctors hard at work with the matters of gene-slicing and dicing.

Back in 2011, some very interesting research was published. It confirmed my suspicions of major transformation prospects for Agenda 2030 and the unlimited means to usher in Bluebeam with a host of natural calamities and staged crises to meet their objectives in order to reduce the Problematique

eBola Gay, Gaia and Global Governance laid out the Club of Romes first global revolution and at the time we watched eBola and the beta testing of what now is Zika. The Zebranomics involved are pretty clear.  The money and the assets are now liabilities to the establishment’s ability to govern. Independence and information are our weapons and they have to eliminate the threat. From Kratom, cannabinol and other substances offering us health and cures, there are major efforts to eliminate the very internal barriers and protection we have acquired over time.  Now they choose to change that to their advantage.

This goes far beyond just the food and water, environmental essentials and is focused at the very core of the genetics and signalling processes and it includes all my posts on the electromagnetic audio visual network as well as the genes and associated cellular synthesizing.

What comes from the laboratories of these compromised offensive weapons researchers is exclusively theirs until such time as it is disclosed under the MSM gatekeepers and firewalls. This specific research offers them a huge advantage in the Silent War against humanity, the virus that they loathe and do not bother to hide in their publications and at their cocktail parties.

How did Zika materialize?  How long has the research been ongoing? Not since the Human Genome project has there been such excitement by the committee as there was with CRISPrna discovery.  Now the fight begins for control.  Adding to the huge stride in what this means for the deep research, the TPP and associated Patent Protection is surely at play.  All of the factors paint the simple picture of Genesis 6 , my pet name for One World Order.

Zebranomics at play: $$$

Zebranomics and Human Assets

When Is ‘Gene Editing’ Dangerous? (Video)

Among the attendees was Jennifer Doudna, a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley, and one of the inventors of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing. A prime mover behind the meeting, Doudna has expressed her opinion that the research community should temporarily halt all gene editing in viable embryos, as well as in sperm and eggs, until scientists, doctors and the public fully know the implications of a change that will affect not only that one person, but all descendants of that person, in perpetuity.

I can once again point to the committee for reference to this agenda. I can no longer refer to them as committee but now Quantum and the associated SPECTRE agents working under the protection of the Mafia Rackets in government.

It was cleverly revealed in another James Bond psy-op film called Die Another Day where the mind-controllers include Gene-Therapy and a great deal of weather weaponry as a backdrop to Korean espionage. (2002)  Post 911, the dumbed down masses were scarcely talking GMO food or Monsanto, let alone looking into the scalar plasma technology and HAARP EM science.

Were I to write a script, I may include Hillary getting radical gene therapy and manufactured synthetic cell replacement with special signal targeting, a therapeutic strategy in which her lymphocytes are removed, modified or manipulated ex vivo and re-transfused back into the witch. Likely for her lymphoma, brain or other leukemia cancer.  It is  not news that brain cancer has replaced leukemia as the most prevalent in childhood cancers.  I have discussed the blu-ray microwave and other EVAN Spectrum EM that aid in the GM science that are already increasing the brain disorders of our population, but it falls on deaf ears of the corrupted media and science community who know that any attempt to discredit or expose the connection between  the cloud, wifi and growing smart-micro networks will mean instant blackballing. Autism and Alzheimer disease just the tip of the iceberg.

So even Steve Jobs would not let his kids use the microwaves of death, but you can see plenty of idiots allowing their kids to sleep with the i-Phones. What cell signalling requires does not include K band wave assaults up to TSA Terahertz ionizing radiation.  Consider adding synthetic gene Cuisinart and microwave oven into one unit and cook your goose until CRISPR?  Call it the dCAS9, a dead pool of cellular death floating in the cloud and your gravy.

811 The Code of Life and Death- The infinite for them and the end for the rest of us.

Today, behind a set of four locked and sealed doors in a lab at the Harvard School of Public Health, a special set of mosquito larvae of the African species Anopheles gambiae wriggle near the surface of shallow tubs of water. These aren’t normal Anopheles, though. The lab is working on using Crispr to insert malaria-resistant gene drives into their genomes. It hasn’t worked yet, but if it does … well, consider this from the mosquitoes’ point of view. This project isn’t about reengineering one of them. It’s about reengineering them all.

I do not think this ends well.



  1. Deep insights into the grave dangers assaulting us all, visibly and invisibly.

    Perhaps “deepopulation” as a term might suffice? Difficult to dodge the waves of evil rocking our boats, but then those who wield the Shield of Creator God do not fear, and sail the stormy seas in their own personal “Arks”.

    Those who don’t have “experience” in these matters have no understanding. Pity. All they have to do is ask.

    • Where did all the milk carton kids go? How about those abducted into alien craft and never returned. Where do all the human trafficked wind up? Why is Israel always getting caught harvesting organs? Who runs this Joo-joo-bee Khazarian Zionist Nazi Anti-Arian agenda?

      Answer: Quantum and Q-Branch.

      Behind the blue door of RIIA, Chatham House, CFR and Tavistock, the SPECTRE of the eugenocidal authorities who access all areas of the axis, From the UNESCO to VATICAN to TEL-AVIV to DC to MI6, City of London, the quartermasters of the Quantum core architects controlling all the science in the same fashion that their bankers control all the currencies.

      Assets are assets, living and dead. They trade like commodities and their value in death are derivatives sold on the exchanges human stock traders never see. Unlike we living slaves who are openly traded in geo-political risk ventures, the dead are redeemed as carbon credits in the missing gold from thefts by these pirates over centuries. From the Opium trade to human trafficking to the ultimate death, the asset pays off.

      What “CHANGE” has occurred since recent, is that the derivative and human carbon swap pays more for death than it does in life. That is Zebranomics, my friends. The point where the fiscal policy, living economy become so depressed (by design) that living human chattel is paying negative interest, yet the dead payoff by the liquidation slush funds, derived from the Quantum qmasters.

      Now the fiat becomes reality. In order to make the adjustment of value in Agenda 21 and sustainability, the profit / loss and balance sheet must jive. What was a decree by the IMF World Bank and Club of Rome is the new carbon backed OTC and SPECTRE trading.


      Now try to understand this. Why you may hear that Paris negotiations (an agreement) and Copenhagen (fail) and the carbon exchanges closings and the whole climate-gate is a dead issue (tied to TPP) and it’s objective as falsely reported as a carbon sequestration by emission omission.

      Sure, this is real but only a deflection. Yes Obama is closing coal, pipeline, fracking regulation, gas tax, car manufacturing regulation, etc. but the real agreement was made in Doha as the secret SPECTRES working for Quantum. It essentially was a universal agreement by all the corrupted Mafia Leaders of Nations. It provides for payoff on human carbon trading and death. NO JOKE!

      THe quartermasters? These are the weapons manufacturers, arms dealer, Heroin and other drug smugglers, the science of vaccines, GMO, Genetics and bioweapons and ISIS mercenaries under the guise of civil war. Remember BCCI bank? The World Bank controls a monetary fund of currency that has acquired the wealth even from Rothschilds down to Zuckerberg and Gates. The foundations and years of theft all put into one account. Don’t expect it to have a name or all be sitting in one vault but rest assured it has an accountant. The numbers are staggering from CAFR terms, the money does not exist. But transfers on a quantum computing basis are in the billions per second going to the merchants of death in all segments of soft and hard kill.

      Now you can see yourself for what you are to them. A simple asset and nothing else. Your bank account and all possessions, political ideology, utility and performance are all scored to the forex of human exchange. Quantum is the trader and the special drawing rights overseer. When the members make strides in their piracy of assets from their citizens, the payoff is forthcoming. If the welfare index becomes too burdened, the adjustments are made by Q-Branch and then you get the trade. That can anything from a Soros civil war, conflict by ISIS Gladio a weather event flood, quake or pandemic to stimulate the death market and balance the ledger.

      Insider trading is a given and all associated stocks are manipulated and the recovery cost of these exchanges are minimized. (911) This is the vortex aspect of Zebranomics and the hegelian dialectic of advertising and marketing through their corrupted financial and media outlets promotes greater return on investment. It is so vast, fast and complete that it barely alters the funds bottom line if not increasing it dramatically.

      When someone said only death and taxes are certain, they were essentially being redundant. Both essential and compulsory in the new economy. What 666 and buy sell trade have in common is clear. Now you should finally know the meaning of the biblical reference in as much as the mark is the ultimate ‘official’ designation of you as an asset for what may be the coming to light of Quantum out of the shadows of SPECTRE and the 666 member CFR or some other name they decide to give themselves.

      The Kings and Governors, Bankers and Scientists, Military and Corporate heads and Spiritual Channelers, will have achieved their ranks by performance as well. The difference being only that they knew the quantum existed beforehand.

  2. While we play 007, we watch the Syrian – Levant Event play out, you could not script better fiction at HBO or NETFLIX. This agitprops and the TurKhazars are academy award winners now. As I see it, we fall in three groups. Those who know the truth and live it in the face of death, those who buy the official “for the greater good” bullshit and then there is group three who has absolutely no clue, no interest, not a speck of anything going on in their head other than what is in their line of sight.

    21st Century Newswire has been batting 1000 on their reporting. Assad, Putin, Obama, Erdogan, the four horsemen while the magnificent G seven rape the entire planet.

    Africa is in serious trouble and the Clinton -Benghazi assassination of Gaddafi has reaped the harvest for the devil suitable of the feast Bill and Madeline laid before the dark one back twenty years ago.

    Clintons Rwanda is spreading over the continent. AFRICOM and CIA puppeteers keeping the rage alive. We can focus on Syria or really look at central asia and africa as the killing fields. I am so over this united mafia bloodline known as council.

    Quantum is perfect. it shows that you need only a minimum of members, a finite small fraction with unlimited energy and power and a willing force to spin the electrons in counter to the world orbit to control life, death and taxes.

    From this point on;

    Eugenics, genocide is now DEEPopulation and Quantum is the “Committee” who orchestrates it all behind the SPECTRE of the world crime mafia.

    “Some men are coming to kill us…were going to kill them first” should be the slogan instead of “Don’t Tread On Me”

  3. FBI officials were already on terror alert before Manhattan explosion:

    The Manhatten Project was clearly a Hillary Event. Likely one of her 14 cell phones were used. Curious the sacrificial lambs were slated for Chelsea. Huh?

    If they continue with Pakistani perp, then you know team Obama orchestrated it. Obama is Pakman

  4. Checking in late over here. I didn’t know Steve Jobs wouldn’t let his kids play with radiating gadgets. Smarter guy than I thought!
    Yesterday morning, the Japanese TV made a convincing case that Hillary probably has a double. Careful examinations of features and voice recordings reveals differences. Let’s see if there are any coughing fits at the debate. Either way, the gal is entirely owned and operated by the Deep State.

    • Yes there are a lot of evidence. Check and the tweets I posted. I suspect this to be a psyop, but they want to say she died on 9/11/16. Sorry but it’s just too much to take for me to buy into it. There is an ulterior motive though to run this scam. I suspect a deflection for a larger event in process right now.

      I think it’s possible Japan and North Korea’s Un get into it. The China Sea is a hotbed now with US and Russia near war. Putin is making it clear he is pissed off at the recent US attacks on Syria sovereign army.

      The most dangerous woman in the world next to Hillary is Samantha Power and she is deep into shit right now. This thing is going to unravel and it fast. I am on red alert right now. If they are going to try to put a Teresa Barnwell into office, then good luck. Not only was that not Hillary coming out of Chelsea’s laboratory, on that day, it was not her at the 911 event. So if there is a body double, then there are two or three in play and Hillary died when she fell in 2012. We may have been seeing double like she was after Benghazi hearings.

      Too much for me to figure out, but I suspect she has the best hollywood makeup artist changing her appearance to create this illusion and conspiracy. But I am open to anything at this point. Lord knows stranger things are coming with project bluebeam when all the dead come back. Walt Disney and Elvis will lead the parade as they emerge from the mother ship.

      Rense: Hillary’s Body Double…It’s All In The Nose!
      They Are Gambling People Won’t Notice

      • With Abe visiting Hillary or perhaps her “dead ringer” Japan appears to be towing the CIA line again. Nothing about the US coalition attack on the Syrian base, Lavrov’s response, Samantha’s venomous reply, and Lavrov’s “Well if that’s what you think!!!” They are reporting only that Syria “unilaterally decided to break the truce.”
        I was just over at the Saker’s blog catching up, but they haven’t posted anything on Putin’s response to all this. Everyone seems concerned that he won’t respond. The anger from Russian bloggers toward “Pindos” (I haven’t been able to figure out how that term, meaning “Gringos,” arose) is just palpable. America is really pushing very hard to start a big conflict. Which indicates their desperation to hide something else going on that would really piss off the proles.
        I imagine most Americans are even more in the dark (buncha mushrooms) than the Japanese.The Japanese media continue to put forward a favorable impression of Russia itself, so I hope they can avoid being in the crossfire of what’s coming. I’m not sure how far pleasing both sides will get them.

        • Boy oh boy are you right on target in my opinion. This is exactly what is going on. I think Putin is done talking and the Trump factpr will decide his action. Abe is playing russian roulette and only one chamber is empty. The obvious is Wall Street to IMF are holding the dykes and what they are they doing is setting the stage for an alternate ending if the audience begins booing too loud.

          The pressure cooker comes back into the psy-op for the dumbed-downed dilettante’s, while historians can see the real pressure cooker blowing its top like Sakruajima. This Rahami Event is so obvious and the Pakistan-Obama connection is truly a gem. You can easily see the geo-political theatre.

          If Russia moves ahead with the russo-pak military exercises, the US CIA cabal will connect Rahami to Russia. With the US and EU courting India like crazy, India should be extremely suspicious. I still believe the war will begin with Pakistan. As a nuclear threat they are as viable a threat from North Korea or Iran.

          Russia is smart to court India and call the exercises off. BRICS are better than Drones in this case. Clearly Vlad is much smarter than Barry or Samantha.

          Mission Accomplished?

          UN suspends all aid convoy movements in Syria after airstrike

          P.S. An isolated Pakistan does not work in our interests. Look at Kim Jong Un and Iran’s Ali Khamenei

        • Pentagon Chief: US Troops Poised To ‘Fight Tonight’ Against North Korea: via @SputnikInt

  5. As I have reported for over seven years, the French connection to Mossad EU is the key to our global terror stage. More great confirmation from 21st Century Newswire A+!

    EXCLUSIVE: ‘Aleppo Media Centre’ Funded By French Foreign Office, EU and US

    P.S. – When the Statue of Liberty goes down (after they planted the thermite in her from recent repairs) we will know how the Scalar Howitzer worked in the 911 WTC

    You know Liberty has got to die! No better optic than this, right? Viva Le France!

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.0
    Date-Time 20 Sep 2016 16:21:17 UTC
    21 Sep 2016 01:21:17 near epicenter
    20 Sep 2016 10:21:17 standard time in your timezone

    Location 30.508N 142.122E
    Depth 10 km
    A shallow but strong quake in Japan Region. I bet this is a SURA Russian assault.
    6M @10Km is way too shallow.

    May be Navy HAARPing in China Sea . Weapons testing.


  7. This is an eye-widening example of sleaziness that leads to a certain candidate. A good read too!

    Or try for a stab at casting aside the Sideshow we’ve come to loathe.

  8. P … IF it’s True about Life Extension, then why are elitists like Hillary Clinton obviously dying?



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