Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 12, 2016

Hillary: A Conspiracy Theory

The Good Wife

After much investigation and some research I have come to a conclusion that the Hillary illness is a complete fabrication based on the optics and typical poorly orchestrated MSM scripting.  It was hard to believe they did not want us to know the 911 and Sandy Hooks were staged. I mean considering the fact that they have managed to cover the Apollo to Zebranomics conspiracies so well, how can we buy into the dumbed-down obvious holes that permeate these other Hegelian dialectics?

Hillary is an actor just as the rest of the crew in DC Holyrood. She also is as intelligent if not more than her counterpart Bill. Rhodes Scholars do not always equate to brains but the commitment to the NWO and a real drive for power.  Hillary would be top of her class at Georgetown while Bill would be average. Neither are stupid but Hillary is a professional career criminal and her head count in the governors and presidential periods are proof. You could say that her career really started with “stand by your man

Clinton Body Count: Link ( I had to use a Startpage Quick Proxy or else the Googleplex will send you to


House of Cards

After posting the sequel to Bill Clinton Has AIDS?, regarding the health of Hillary and what her afflictions may be,  I began to wonder why this thing called love was so strong between Bill and Hillary, a couple who obviously had love but not for each other. It was apparent that she was not one to love anything but herself and her pursuit for power. Her staged episodes since this reality show started have been so scripted for a purpose yet to be determined, but please look at the beautiful timing and the quality of the photography.  What appears to be a serial of episodes is worthy of Ridley Scott or Jodie Foster for dramatic effect, this saga may be more a game of thrones buried beneath the house of cards and the good wife may be sacrificing her chance to sit in the round and instead be written out of the next season. I can now comfortable say she will not take office.


Medically speaking the MSM is right on cue coming to the script of Parkinson and Pneumonia, but the fact is her symptoms and observable antics could be anything from Graves Disease to HIV Neurosyphilis to Autoimmune Thyroidism.  If I were to write the final episode I would have her in hiatus getting full blood transfusions in a basement full of live babies but I am not bound by the vortex of virtual reality  and real life. Her illness is only life threatening to every member of the viewing audience.  I think it is time we show this hand.

The house of cards includes the Trump. This card is wild but it hard to see it being played this season and yet I cannot commit to anything except my prediction that there will be no election.  Whether I mean there will not be a vote or the elected never taking office I am still flip-flopping.  So what are the options?


Game of Thrones

Obama and FDR, Clinton and JFK, and Hillary and who? This is the question. Where does it go when the script has the country so divided by two of the worst prospects for leadership?  There is no law preventing Obama to run for Congress again. Speaker of the house #3 in line after CIC and VCIC. Wow that’s a stretch. What the 22nd Amendment is may be vague, but it is an eleven times two. There could be 322 here by the cabal to get this overturned after a major event.  By demand of the public in crisis to waive it entirely and have Barry win by a write in vote count.  The electoral college decides but the voice of America speaks as well.  So it is not out of the realm considering the man of change has been loose with constitutional law.


Add SCOTUS and the Roberts factor. It’s likely the place where this scenario would end up. Or if there were something to happen with some state of emergency the whole election could be cancelled.  What Obama said in his meeting is important. Law prevents him from running yet he would win. Also though he said he did not want to run if it were possible, this is what FDR said as well. That is a microcosm of the global fraud of political correctness where everything you say is a lie or exactly the opposite of the truth. That’s how the vortex works in dialectics . Hillary is a pro like Bill and Obama. Antonin Scalia’s death can go on the Clinton body count ledger.


A meeting held Thursday at the White House will likely allay some of those concerns. During that meeting, Obama Administration officials met with representatives of the Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns to discuss the preparations for the “peaceful transition of power” in January.

There is no peace, it is not the right time. Why call it such? We are fighting proxy wars with every single country on earth in some fashion. Whether currency war, the fake war on terror, weather warfare or a silent one with death by omission and the actus reus of softkill. Therefore Obama needs little to exclaim a Jefferson moment and there would be little needed to include in the script to get this narration into a real event.  I have often considered Obama Act3 as a better  bet for America than the two party psychopaths on stage but it would be a lot less interesting watching a rerun than getting a fresh new and more exciting script.

Dial M for Murder

Watch the Alt-Right and Alt Left Media for murder of News and real journalism. Watch Alex Jones, CIA plant and  his counterparts like Rachel Maddow and see the joined forces of the cabal working in tandem. MSNBC’s Maddow is even helping Jones push his snake oil. You can’t miss this example of how the alternate media has been created to provide the vortex of the dual paradigm divide and conquer. Is anybody really able to listen to a full Infowars broadcast and suffer the ego of Jones and his incessant blather on Trump and his sophomoric ranting on the leftists.  Notice the lack of Paul Craig Roberts, Max Keiser, Gerald Celente, etc. and his lack of having anybody discussing chemtrails, HAARP, Sandy Hook, the Black Pope and Zionist Joo-Bees. His shows have deteriorated to hours of self promoting hero worship, including his courage facing death enhanced by his juvenile personal  vendettas with the young turks, Maddow and other actors.

Take note he doesn’t talk staged events on any level as it would bleed over to the fact that this whole election is a farce and that Trump and Clinton could never have made it to finish line if it were real.  No possible way could these two dismal and deficient human beings ever have made it to this point had the producers not intended it to be a farce. Gene Wilder presented Springtime for Hitler and the Bilderberg producers surpassed that script by far with this treatment.  Now we are left to wonder our own sanity as we await the daily installments of Dial M for Murder. Would anyone even flinch if one were to end up dead?   If you have spent the time to review the Bush Clinton Soetoro Body Count chronicles it is a serial drama by serial killers and impossible to pass off as conspiracy theory.

Is it possible Hillary has a love so deep that her life and her health are secondary?  Is there a mind-control and handler relationship there?  Her health might include psychosis, but I do not believe her pathology is in the physical realm but if it is she and all involved know it is terminal and she is ready to die a martyr.  What the next installment and script will offer is anyone’s guess. I will not predict it. I will continue though, to try to stay one move ahead of all the global apparatus and their psy-ops and I will confirm the Clinton body count now includes Hillary herself. This event is not a disclosure and leak expose’  but a staged  operation meant for public consumption.











  1. CNN: The Clintons ‘Just Refuse to be Human’

    Triple Entendre? Just Refuse. Human… Read between the propaganda.


    President Obama wants this to be the last month of an open, uncensored internet


    Facebook Is Collaborating With the Israeli Government to Determine What Should Be Censored

    From PROMIS-INSLAW to AMDOCS to FACEBOOK, the full spectrum dominance, the joo-joobees are the deciders. Everything you say is racist and the anti-Semitic.

    I have just committed a grievous act.


    The Washington Post makes fun of the spouting of conspiracy theories over Hillary Clinton’s health. “Hehehe – just look at those crazies”:

    Body doubles, secret doctors: Clinton conspiracy theories blossom after pneumonia diagnosis…..

    The Triple cross is at play here. Now you have to figure out why they are staging her illness and what Holyrood has in play next?

    ….I rest my case

  5. I looked at the polonium angle and if Hillary may have been poisoned while on State Dept business but this doesn’t add up medically. Though it would be a great psy-op for the cold war agenda 21 angle and Putin Trump I still discount it as their plan.

  6. Read this:

    • The link to the whole article is gone. Nonetheless, the enormous outpouring of insiders reaffirms my position that this is a La Hoax El Grande!

  7. This tune came to mind for some reason…

  8. Jakarta – Colombia – Quake Tsunami Alert
    HAARP weather modification in Indonesia creates anti-scalar quake in Medellin Colombia

    M6.0 – 33km ENE of Mutata, Colombia
    2016-09-14 01:58:31 UTC 7.377°N 76.159°W 17.0 km depth (SHALLOW 6M)

    DEPOP – ‘Giant Sea Wall’ to save sinking Jakarta

    Greater Jakarta, one of the world’s most densely populated cities, sits on a swampy plain and is sinking at a faster rate than any other city in the world.
    Very Strong

  9. Better late than never………

    Theory: Was Hillary’s 9/11 Fainting Episode Staged? | The Daily …
    2 hours ago – She may be sick, but that scene on Sunday was set to make sure everyone everywhere knew it. The question is, why would they want to go ..

  10. Bayer clinches Monsanto with improved $66(6) billion bid


    Bayer to Buy Monsanto Creating World’s Largest Seed and Pesticide Company via @EcoWatch

  11. From the committee nine _ george soros

    Nine non-black Black Lives Matter protesters toast their ‘white privilege’ as they walk free from court despite admitting causing chaos when they invaded airport runway

  12. Gee I thought it was poverty, unemployment, trade barriers and the economy. History must be whacked!

    Climate Change Increases Danger of International Conflict, Reports Claim
    read more:

  13. 4.1 Earthquake off the Oregon coast, on the Juan de Fuca plate goes “unreported ”

    • Was reading some of the info at Rense, regarding Hillary. I suggest folks note if that black man who has been close to her and shielding her, is now shadowing any of the doubles? If he is absent that is telling. There is only 1 of him we’ve noticed so far.

      • You around Puddy? No updates to this thread. That zerohedge link above, now working.

  14. I’ve heard Renses version that Hillary died and they placed the body double in action at Chelsea’s Laboratory. I can’t go for the fake Blofeld body double stuff.
    I still think Hillary is okay and playing the this Swan Lake game ofr reasons still unclear. I am going with an angle here and have been busy trying to find the research.

    So much of what was available has disappeared. No doubt anymore, the GOOGLEPLEX is scrubbing the archives. a lot of historical data has disappeared. Many old sites are also gone. I wonder if the webmasters are gone as well?

    • Good to hear you are digging and gigging. Crazy stuff swirling about.

      • 2016 election appears to bode high turnout. The vacuous masses and their memory holes are huge. 322-911 and the Florida-Ohio gigs were able to swing the con their way.

        The vortex and quantum factoring are not suited for the same. Regardless of the turnout, the usual methods would not work. All data indicates the beta test events for a false Flag (15) (53) for either assassination or a series of events that force a martial law / executive action.

        Look to the SCOTUS 8 (5-3) and the 11 event horizons by committee that will not placate the masses but trigger a major attack by the US Gladio minions who have entered the US through the VISA SCAM from Bill Clinton through the Soetoro regimes. I could easily estimate 1,000,000 or better provocateurs on the ready.

        The real fringe concept would be that they were Delta and Theta triggers under MK. Regardless, the mayhem could be staggering with several events. Q-entanglement principles shows and allows for minimal efforts to create the news mind-control for national and international chaos.

        Obviously financial comes first. I have always contended the event best triggers from this point. The cats of Wall Street are always skiddish and their mind-controlled clientele ready to scamper at the slightest provocation. An October black cat would be key in getting the pumpkin rolling.

        After watching the masses go into Beta Mode on the Gas shortages here was truly a spectacle. Lines formed from thin air. This is how GOOGLEPLEX-FACEBOOK_TWITTER, the canaries in the coal mines will aid in the panic. While missing their football they were already on the verge of violence. It’s such a disgusting spectacle to see the witless, inane fate of mankind play out in such simple manner.

        I wish I had moved onto a boat, like I had contemplated before deciding on the mountain. I’d be sitting in a lagoon in Turks and Caicos right now.

  15. ‘Intentional act’: At least 29 injured in improvised explosive device blast in Manhattan

    Rightit was…. a staged NYC hoax event to stir the pot of election. #11 rears it’s head and facebook institutes the “SAFETY CHECK”

    Facebook activated ‘Safety Check’ for the first time in the US after the …
    Business Insider
    Jun 13, 2016 – The Safety Check allows Facebook users to spread the word that they are safe after a natural disaster or a crisis.


    They have staged another beta test in the Alabama Pipeline. This is also a phony test for terror bringing down infrastructure. Six States affected (South) A Flashback from Carter-Zbig and the Saudi CIA clan. Gas Lines-Pipelines!

    This is also staged with a electrical blackout coming soon for Florida ala a steered HAARP vortex ala Karl hurrucane Karl is #11 by 6.


    We are seeing features of the UWEX drill for the coming transition. We should also see a numismatic event. Bank Holiday/Hactivist event of some kind before election. Likely October as a 322 -911. #9 comes into play in November and Santa has already informed his load will be a lot lighter this year. He has already laid off a few reindeer.

    Decembers sacrifice should be very interesting this year regardless of the TRIAD for who enters January 15.

    Strap it on America!

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