Posted by: Mr. M | September 11, 2016

A Proud Liberal Democrat



  1. Michael I wanted to scream to you to say you were a bitter clinger and lazy American. Two of my favorite Obama quotes.

    Chicago huh? My word, I can never understand why my Irish ancestors were not slaves. They might have gotten better care as slaves than sharecroppers. I guarantee his ancestors were treated better than mine who during the Potato Famine endured unimaginable suffering and the deaths of more than a million Irish sharecroppers before it ended. Can I get some restitution?

    I don’t care anymore. If I get a Mr. Chicago, I just say “get over it.” Nobody is innocent. More blacks were enslaved by blacks and northern Arabs, Afrikaners and Europeans and he doesn’t care anything about Africa, just his new found outrage ala Soros. Really old and tired, this agenda and Chicago black on black violence and oppression does a flyby and he has not a clue. He needed to find a cracker but he found you instead.

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