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What’s “Trending”? Or Not…



That’s a SERIOUS PROBLEM there with the candidate “Someone” is spending Billions on getting into the White House.  Their Meat Puppet is failing.  Whether human, clone, or biological whatever — this model is breaking down and ain’t going to make it to the Finish Line.  THIS IS IMPORTANT TO SEE FOLKS!  This has been known and covered up, just like 9/11, for a very long time, and with tremendous expense and energy.


Well, 9/11 STUFF is Trending today, on the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 “Conspiracy”.

I like reading Jim Stone Freelance sometimes, because he too points out the Obvious.  And at times, it is almost laughable the psyops sold as “Real”.

Jim Stone Freelance —

Drumroll, please…


See?!  Its  Hilarious & Preposterous all at the same time!

But then again, COTO has been on this since 9/11, and the cached information on this FF is composed of incredible detail revealing The Truth of the Matter.

So, I for one, find it INCREDIBLY psychopathic for all those “insiders” who have continually gone before a microphone or TV amera, or on “the record” — and attempted to SELL US ALL BULLSHIT FOR ALL THESE YEARS!  It ain’t funny — its MURDER!  And an uncountable number of people out in the cheap seats see it this way.  There ain’t enough lipstick anymore for this pig to be sold as truffles.




Sheep Asleep…

“Corruption”, “U.S. Government Corruption”.  NOT Trending.  See below.

This phrase shows up at Google Trends Search — “Hmm, your search doesn’t have enough data to show here”.

Phewww!  That’s a Relief!  There “ain’t no corruption”, ’cause folks ain’t seeing it — so it must not exist.  Thanks Google!  We’ll go back to sleep, then.  Not.

“Word Trade Center Building Complex”.  Google said it was UP 300%.  Naw…

“Hmm, your search doesn’t have enough data to show here”

“9/11 Cover-up”?

“Hmm, your search doesn’t have enough data to show here”

Class for the morning is dismissed.  There are no worries.  Google says so.

(This thread is an example of using an “instrument, a tool” against itself.  Filtering, and massaging the Truth into something it is not becomes evident by “selective” omission, or distortion of the facts).  This is a Test.  Only a Test.  Of the COTO form of investigative inquiry.  A legal remedy of questioning required as an antidote to MSM psyops).







  1. Very interesting. With Hillary threatening to shut down Internet dissenters, how long do you think we have here at COTO? In the Soviet Union, people took extraordinary risks to share information, but they always found a way anyway.

  2. For those paying attention to how the elites run their House “Game”, WE can note that it is only paying off for — the elites. The masses ARE noticing this and taking measures to protect themselves, their families, their “stuff”.

    The “Failure” of the World Economy and Fiat “money” is right in front of us all. The “leaders” and elites are the ones responsible. I don’t think the masses are going to buy that its “their” fault, no matter how much MSM psycandy is dropped on them.

    The Hype and Oversell is TOO OBVIOUS, and the turds they’re serving up are too unpalatable, and predictable.

    Pat, if they “turn off the lights”, they better all disappear, ’cause too many in the masses have seen the evil, have felt the terror, and KNOW the TRUTH.

    The FARCE is too far gone, and the game players are caught naked on the stage!

    This thread occurred to me as I was reading around and doing some research. Finding what the MSM and co-opted resources like Google are HIDING, or omitting, or distorting seemed like an easy-enough inclination. Yeah, it is telling — what They’re NOT telling you.

    Almost 100 million American adult men are NOT WORKING. What do you suppose they’ve noticed?

    • It’s easy to see US intervention in all thratres. Our own coal, Oil reserves are being shut down and thwarted, but globally the effort is insane from TAPI to Greenstreams, the agenda for Libya has been a pivotal point for this cycle. What 2001 was for the TAPI.

      Follow the black ops and black gold. Watch the manipulators IMF and UN teams drive sustainability in climategate with regime change to end the energy boom that could end the global recession in a few years.

      Not rocket science but the same old story playing out over and over again.
      Trump should turn his election into a global vote for global energy jobs, the breakup of big banks and energy combines and make it a peace initiative via cooperation. Of course we would have to arrest and imprison a thousand points of light and their minions for crimes against humanity in their efforts to create chaos, conflict and control the energy.

      You can see them way ahead of the game with the coming cataract of internet restriction and freedom of truth agenda.

      Instead we get Mark Wahlberg and the bullshit DEEP HORIZON instead of Corexit gulf kill program

      You can vomit the puke in Hollywood zion but you cant sell it here on COTO. I have not been as disgusted since “FLIGHT 93” fantasy was released or Zero Dark Dirty, lies.

  3. Hillary Clinton left 9/11 commemoration in New York early after she felt overheated and went to her daughter’s apartment, the Clinton campaign said.

    She needed a baby’s blood transfusion.

    PSYOPS: How far back was the plan conceived?



    Forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar attack ports in Libya

    This is unprecedented. The CIA trained bin-laden #2 is taking over the energy in Libya as they have in the Levant which is going to western control. (saudi oil)
    This is Benghazi master plan unfolding in Iraq, Syria, Libya and the Iranian pivot that we saw thirty years ago. This is huge for Clinton Bush Crime Syndicate. via CIA Gladio B

    Here is the PERFECT vortex newsline alert 911 – 24. This is a false flag alert if I have ever seen one. Watch carefully the perfect Russia Turkey CIA setup.

    Gullen – 28
    Erdogan – 24

    Boiling Frogs

    Look back to Haftars attempted coup (US CIA operations in 1996 and then the Gullen 2016 coup. Look at the US immigration program that brought hundreds of Hafter trained mervenaries under GLADIO ops into the US during the Clinton Albright agenda and see Obama doing the same. Watch Joe Biden link the 911 WTC attackes to the Turkey Coup and know that this is the staged optics and narrative that preceeded 911. PKK and the Israeli Mossad, Glullen and CIA. The tag team for Putin and Erdogan

    The date uncertain but pre – election makes good sense to swing the mindless sheeple into another transition. Another Pokemon Go false flag to precede the actual event. The would come either before election or during the next committee CFR trilateral puppets first year.

    ______________________Vortex arithmetic is 811. It never fails to appear before the event. The Kurds, Khazars and PKK.

    You can find out what the pipelines and gas projects are suffering under this agenda and how Pakman Obama & Co. are playing their role in BRICS and Drones, while the Brexit has been undermined as well. You can skip Zbigs chessboard and look at pipelines and borders.

    Don’t get lost on twenty years of planning. Were are in the last major stage of Poker, Risk and Chess. All in is no bluff.


    Doctor: Clinton has pneumonia, recovering after 9/11 event




    Anti-Trump Mexican: “Kill Trump and as Many of His Supporters as Possible” “Anywhere he goes just try to bomb the place, shoot up the place, do something”.


  7. Slick74, what was the point of posting the above link? That is an obviously grotesque suggestion of indiscriminate bombing, shooting, etc. You must have a point of some kind?

    Anyways, with regards to Hillary on the curb, with her hands behind her back, and then the stumbling, jerking, collapsing episode…Jim Stone suggests her hands were in handcuffs, and thinks he sees them in the video (his site). I don’t see it. Nonetheless… the “event/episode” DOES REVEAL that the American People have been dupes. This individual is not fit “on any level” to serve. That she is “backed” by so many in CONgress and other contributors suggests a cabal/group of people operating lawlessly within the very government and administration structure of this great country — completely AGAINST the WILL of THE PEOPLE, against morality, against common sense, lawful government, and a host of other societal “norms”.

    The recent post below at Rumormillnews suggests a Clinton “Double” was employed shortly after the sidewalk incident, with another “Hillary” making an appearance and stating she was “fine”. Quick on the draw aren’t theyA?

    “TWO DIFFERENT People At Memorial Today, Hillary Clinton Stunt Double?”

    So, THEY are bringing out the Doubles. My recollection goes like this — When States, or anybody uses “Doubles” they aim to Deceive. That is “the Intention”. With Ms. Hillary, we could say this is “expected” then.

    Do you all recall what the meaning of “Double Cross” means? And, WHY this phrase came to describe using “doubles” of things in many situations. Double books for corporate accounting for instance.

    See on

    — Double cross (betrayal)
    — Double Cross System, a Second World War counterespionage and deception operation of MI5

    If the term fits, apply it.

    • We saw that video on Japanese TV. It didn’t look to me that she was handcuffed, just very very weak. This is one of a handful of tyrants I’d love to see subjected to judgement by ISIS, yet to see her in that state was downright heartbreaking.
      Yes, I could imagine the presence of a double, as the Hillary persona is so very important to the ruling class in America. It’ll be by hook or by crook, or martial law if need be.

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