Posted by: Mr. M | September 5, 2016

David Knight Does Decadence

I don’t get star-struck often. Matter of fact the bigger you are the more I tend to turn surly. But David Knight is arguably one of the most respected and listened to men in our world, if not the world. Sort of our Walter Cronkite, less the Illuminati shit.

Needles to say I was a little bit nervous, and thought of all the great questions I could have asked him and his wife after they had gone. All the fundamentals of doing a good interview (something I’m not that good at to begin with) went right out the window. All I could do was blabber-on about myself. As if anyone gives a shit.

Still it was a real surprise and honor to have meet David and his wife.



  1. HAve you heard from Dris?

    I like Knight and Jon Bowne, but the rest of infowars is junk anymore. Great time to vacation in Nola. If your a duck.

    I was shocked Knight said he did not see War on Drugs and the mother of all wars for Agenda 21 and UN Security protected rackets. From the British Dutch East India to the Hemp Scams and onto Fast & Furious, the plan set into motion with GHW Bush through the Nixon-Reagan mouthpieces. Magog Bush was CIA black daddy dealer for the Asian-West trade routes.

    The Clinton Bush wackers killed a hundred to shut them up. Gary Webb, Barry Seal and Danny Casolaro were just a few of the higher profile hits. You can’t get anyone but sheep to believe there was ever a war against the phony cartels. The muppet front men like Chapo or Trumpo are one in the same.

    Did you all see the Trump Nieto theatre? Did you see Trump speak softly and gently to el presidente? Even if Trump is independent (which I doubt) if he were to wall up the trillion dollar exchange annually of the Global Mafia’s prize bull, Nieto would get the sanction to take him out. Look at Nieto watch Trump. It was like watching Michael Corleone looking at Fredo.

    It’s just way to bizarre to think America will willingly walk into the hole of no return on the words of these charlatans and actors.

    • I’m waiting on Dris’s comrade-in-arms that I meet to contact me. He says he can put me in touch with the men in Dris’s unit, and tell me where the women is that was rescued.

      Hoping that this isn’t just another empty promise. But the meeting was just too magical to not follow though on.

      • I hope for the best Michael. Keep us posted. Wouldn’t you like to know where the baby is and how she is doing?

        • That’s the first thing popped into my head 3-years ago. She’d be almost 30-years old now.

          When I was first into this I got to thinking about all the “what ifs.” And how many of them don’t often turn-out so well.

          A cynical-optimist if there ever was one. And what we all are.

          I still haven’t heard from the soldier. Have his name on video and perhaps I can run him down.

          It’s not a life or death matter. It’s just a human interest story sent from God through Hell, that just might have an uplifting ending.

          And to what end I do not know. God knows. And He doesn’t give me much more than a peak ever now and then.

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