Posted by: boomerangcomesback | August 19, 2016

Will Lochte’s Lying Bring Down the Serial Liars?

If the TRUTH be told, lies would not hold.

On every playing field of our world, we are witness to massive, ongoing, criminal fraud and deception.  Lies, lies, and more lies are a way of life for entire agencies, for banking finance establishments, for most if not all politicians.  Observation shows us that lies are literally a “foundation”, a business model, upon which Deceivers build entire super-structures upon — to fool the masses of people just trying to make a living.

Watch Hillary do some “Poll Dancing”?  Yech!

Question:  Why do people and institutions lie?  Because they have something to hide, or want something that they cannot get if the Truth was known.  (Ex — 9/11 and ALL False Flags, Obama’s background & past, Audit the Fed Reserve, Audit the Pentagon, TPP, etc., ad nauseum).

Remember 9/10/2001?

NOW, 15 years later — ANOTHER $6.5 Trillion Dollars is Unaccounted for!

Here’s a short sound bite of a young guy upset about “THE FRAUD OF IT ALL!”  This young man below at least manifests some curiosity and ANGER regarding the Unacceptable-to-the-American-People egregious LOSS of $6.5 Trillion dollars!

Do YOU have trouble making your monthly bills?  Got financial security in the “Land of the Free (sic)”?  MAYBE…if just some of the $8.8 TRILLION the Pentagon has LOST was to be spent on helping humanity instead of destroying humanity and our world, WE might all be able to live a little better?

LOST, since 2001, by “The Government” — $8,800,000,000,000?  And, WE KNOW, this number must be Way Less than the True number unaccounted for.


A listing here of “donations” to Clinton Foundation —

We navigate a gauntlet of lies everywhere, every single day!

So, what can WE make out of the lesson learned below?

RIO DE JANEIRO — As Ryan Lochte’s armed robbery story began to unravel, his perpetual frat boy image took center stage.

And it took hit after hit after hit, negative publicity that Lochte will not easily shed. It will potentially also cost Lochte from a monetary standpoint, in terms of sponsors.

“In this day and age, there’s one pretty important rule that anybody in the public eye should think about: Don’t lie,” said Joe Favorito, a sports marketing expert and professor at Columbia. “We live in a world where everything is going to be exposed. Brands are always looking for honest and authentic representatives because there’s so much competition. There are so many Olympic athletes who you can choose from. You don’t need any nonsense.

““Lochte’s shelf life was already limited as an endorser,” Dorfman said. “He’s now just fallen off the shelf.”


Some folks might want to know, “What Difference Does It Make?!”.

Hillary says so…

Does it matter if the installed U.S. Oligarch government “institution” lies to The American People and the World at every level, in every thing?  Is that what WE want?

WE are witness to the growth of Big Guv, of Big Biz, of all the duplicitous and deceiving purveyors of deceptions, propaganda, and lies.  This strange phenomenon of building upon a framework of continuous lies seems like it would inevitably CRASH to the ground by the very weight of the extreme bullshit slapped over the facade.

What beats lies?  More lies?  Or — just the plain ole TRUTH?

I guess what I’m asking is, “Do WE the People want Liars and Lies at every turn to direct and lead US?”  I just don’t know any people — parents, children, pastors, business associates, etc. who I would want to lie to me about anything!   Why would I want THAT?!  How can I operate and make good decisions based on incorrect and deceptive information?  What happens to “relationships” when one of the party finds out the other has been lying to them about important stuff?  Usually, if its serious enough, it ends the relationship.

What Lying IS — is a betrayal of “Trust”.  Its a “tactic”.

Do WE (the collective population) want a “relationship” of any kind with deceitful, lying individuals?  Can WE build anything good with a bunch of “Bad”?

Observation shows us, as WE look around, that OUR WORLD is in its present state because of corruption and fraud at every level.  Can we fix it with more of the same?  The Obvious answer is, “NO”.  Just like trying to fix markets by printing more counterfeit money has led us to the precipice of a global financial meltdown, more lies only make the situation worse.

So, WE should be able to forecast the sinking of the ship-of-state as it is bursting at the gunwales with lies and deceit.  It is now sailing into the headwinds of “Truth” and exposure.  More and more people are deciding everyday that they don’t want to be governed by lying leaders. They are turning off the lying MSM.

Should there be penalties for lying in life, like there will be for Mr. Lochte?  In the real world, yes.  In the “Reality TV” world, everything is scripted, edited, and reshot to achieve a semblance of “reality”.  But, it is not, nor can it ever be.  It is “entertainment” of a fake kind.

WE are NOT entertained.




  1. Two nights ago when this event broke, I had an immediate thought that this was all staged to deflect the dumbed-down masses from looking into Hillary’s exposed lies and recently the fact she lied under oath in Congress. The charges are there now and pending the Foundation investigation (which will be sequestered) it makes no difference on the congressional hearing and FBI interrogation.

    I see this as a total staged event to be used to deflect the current focus on what is now a massive coverup. Even Trump seems to be playing a deflection role as the idiot just can’t seem to control his juvenile shenanigans like this twit Lochte.

    For those honest and hard-working athletes I am sorry but to worship any of them is pathetic. The rich little frat boy comes right out the duke lacrosse mold. I can’t imagine what it is like for millennials to look for someone to admire. It’s a wasteland of phonies and their sycophantic cronies.

    Hillary is on the right

  2. Lots of stories about liars here —

  3. TPP

    “We Made a Devil’s Bargain”: Fmr. President Clinton Apologizes for Trade Policies that Destroyed Haitian Rice Farming

    Flashback to Bill Clintons deal with Arkansas Farmers

    Clinton Gives Rice Trade Home-state Advantage

    While Arkansas is well-known for its chicken industry, the state also is America`s rice bowl, growing almost as much as the rest of the nation combined and allowing Stuttgart to proclaim itself “the rice capital of the world.“

    Add this to the Foundatios theft of AID money from Haiti quake.

    ….on and on….


    The “Wounded Boy In Orange Seat” – Another Staged “White Helmets” Stunt
    A boy, seemingly wounded, sits quietly in a brand new, very well equipped ambulance. At a point he touches what looks like a wound on his left temple. He shows no reaction to that touch.

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 7.4
    Date-Time 19 Aug 2016 07:32:23 UTC
    19 Aug 2016 05:32:23 near epicenter
    19 Aug 2016 01:32:23 standard time in your timezone

    Location 55.339S 31.939W
    Depth 10 km

    !!!_Huge Scalar HAARPING. Really Big. Antipodal is Tokyo and
    China Sea. I look for event there this weekend or over the next several days.

    • Yep, here it is….


      Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.0
      Date-Time 20 Aug 2016 15:58:04 UTC
      21 Aug 2016 01:58:04 near epicenter
      20 Aug 2016 09:58:04 standard time in your timezone

      Location 40.293N 143.754E
      Depth 10 km
      Distances 170 km (105 mi) ENE of Miyako, Japan
      179 km (110 mi) ENE of Yamada, Japan
      189 km (117 mi) ENE of Otsuchi, Japan
      192 km (119 mi) E of Hachinohe, Japan
      623 km (386 mi) NNE of Tokyo, Japan

  6. The little boy–I feel for him, victimized by the press if not by the war–is such one-sided propaganda, it turned my stomach to watch this. No mention in the mass media of the 12-year-old boy beheaded by our “good guys.”

    My impression is the people of America are sick to death of the neocon conmen and their lies and are abandoning them. So how do they respond? Just LIE much more massively in the hopes of fooling Americans into thinking that Hillary is really really popular. The rest of the world seems to be buying that at face value because they are not there to judge the real mood (neither am I for that matter). Last Sunday, though, half of the panelists on an Osaka-based political analysis program said they would prefer to see Trump win. Hillary is simply pug-ugly in a number of ways.

    • They picked a cute one for sure. He looks so sad …and bored.


    Arkancide: lawyer of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange dead (apparent suicide) via @DCClothesline

  8. If one was to go to and just scroll down through the article headlines, one would find a surplus of articles categorizing lying and corruption, especially with HRC.

    But, this thread is about corruption, lying, and all the other sordid machinations of “policy” people and their functionaries. If Americans would like to pin the tail on the Ass that is behind the state-of-things, WE can simply look around us. THEY…are everywhere. Do you want to build anything with individuals/creatures like these? Why not just cut to the Truth immediately, and leave these liars biting their swollen tongues and wringing their blood specked hands?

    An interesting thing to note about LIARS, sociopaths & psychopaths, is that they “don’t know”, or “don’t realize” when normal people are on to them, and have pegged them as “lying pieces of shit”. ITS OBVIOUS! They can never know this. Why else would you have a serial liar like HRC, or Obama for that matter, still standing in front of cameras and lying to 10’s of millions? Same goes for the Shlock Jocks on the MSM news and cable channels. Their “normalcy bias” does not allow them to “get it” that their audience finally “gets them”. I only bring this up because I’ve noticed it, and its getting worse throughout the vast cult of Liars and filth. Apparently, they think a majority is buying their bullshit, when nobody is buying shit.

    • It may also be that they feel so confident in our lack of ability to do anything about them that they lie just for the kick of it.

  9. Another Staged Event: The Ryan Lochte Fake Olympic Robbery Psyop

  10. Reference:

    The first comment following this article — says:

    ©₦@®£€$ ₣€N€¥ • 7 days ago

    The bald, black “Secret Service Agent” who carries Killary’s Diazapam module is New Jersey neurologist Dr. Oladadotun Okunola.

    Certifications & Licensure
    American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
    Certified in Clinical Neurophysiology
    American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
    Certified in Neurology
    American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
    Certified in Sleep Medicine
    NJ State Medical License
    Active through 2017

    Search =

    Puddy, you can comment on the significance of a Neurologist acting in this capacity for HRC.

    • As I know Boomer Secret Service would not touch her unless of threat. This guy looks like the good doctor and he could be treating her for ALS,
      Alzheimer’s disease, Brain tumor (pre-op_post op) Epilepsy (the Epipen)
      Pain ( CRPS, Neuorpathy) MS, Parkinson’s

      I dated a girl with Epilepsy in high school. I had to assist in her Grand Mal episodes.

      I just dont think she shows grand mal tonic-clonic seizures unless she gets fast and constant monitoring, Tremor and muscles issues are seen though and fluorescent or strobe lighting can trigger some tonic-clonic seizures. Diabetes plays big in the neurological complications and her epileptic condition appears to be idiopathic.

      Her absence tells me they are only letting her out at times she is at peak health. Is she getting treatments before going public. Lighting is a big issue wherever she goes, it must be considered. Auditoriums would be an issue versus open air.

      Blood clot or brain Tumor?????
      Hyperthyroidism or Diabetes?????
      HIV, VD or Viral Meningitis??????
      Ischemic Strokes (Clots) or Demonic Possession.

      Is he a witch doctor??????

      It’s way to hard to diagnose from video but evoked potentials, NCV-EMG and MRI would show the deficits.

      Cerebral embolism or thrombosis would help to know if she has heart trouble of just brain injury. I don’t have detail of the original clot and from where it traveled. Legs, Heart or other?

      Were guessing here. But I say it’s brain injury, virus or advanced diabetes, and treatment complications. Oh yes and she’s a witch so she may be possessed, in which all medical concerns are irrelevant.


  11. #22 – Pound 30 – 94 Dead-Injured (22 headline 22 Hoax followed by 3 and then 4

    100% Hoax!

    At least 22 killed in suspected terrorist blast at wedding in Turkey
    Turkish wedding explosion kills 30 injures 94

    Complete bullshit.

  12. Watching the wheels come off and then the crash!

    London Mayor: Corbyn Failed, Labour Cannot Go on Like This

    In post-Brexit UK, Jews are seeking German passports

    Canada, Israel, US etc. The French are seeing it and now the Dutch. As it is barely reported in numbers.

  13. How pre-blameshifting , diversion and scapegoating work in the left-right synchronicity

    Irony: FBI, DOJ Launch Criminal Probe of Hillary Campaign Chair Over Putin Links

    John Podesta – Paul Manafort

    Result: diffusion dilution dispel evaporate

    We have seen this used before and either team is culpable in all this felonious and criminal acts.

  14. Cops Shoot Unarmed Deaf Mute Man as He Tries to Communicate Using Sign Language – Charlotte NC via @MemoryHole

    • How utterly heart-breaking! This is the sort of thing Lobaczewski was warning about in Political Ponerology. When psychopaths gain the upper hand in a society, they try to create what to them is a paradise, with life for the upper elites in America a pretty good example of what that means. Basically, no laws for them, and if anyone gets in the way of their looting, kick him down. Morality gets turned on its head so much that the survivors of these socio-political spasms are heavily traumatized by it. This is the kind of thing he meant. The cops shoot your schnauzer because he might bite them. They kill a handicapped man–a hero to us in overcoming his difficult circumstances–just because they can, and there’s nothing we can do to stop them.

      Lobaczewski said that when such times are upon a society, there is a small group of normal people able to traverse the world of the pathological elite and interpret it for others so that they can navigate it more safely. It defies normal expectations. (He himself survived WWII in eastern Europe.) Many are normal people who grew up in a psychopath-dominated family or community. During normal times, they warn of danger, but no one can imagine what they are talking about, so they are just laughed at. But he also warned that for those who have faced broader scale pathocracy, having to face it again may simply be too much for them.

      BTW we are having very weird weather here. Some of it might be ascribable to El Nino–the Pacific high pressure region is larger and stronger than before, and apparently hotter as well. Two typhoons have formed up in the past week just to the southeast of Tokyo, i.e., far north of where they have formed in the past. Just prior to that the winds at our latitude had turned slightly easterly, bringing a typhoon of southerly origins up into Hokkaido.

      We had sustained easterlies after that. That is a first as far as I know. The first typhoon followed a course 180 degrees opposite of the normal, and it now sits just south of Shikoku gathering steam. That is producing a strong southeasterly flow, sending the second typhoon straight into Hokkaido, where it is now, and brought up a second southerly typhoon right smack-dab into Tokyo. It is bringing us torrential rain as I write, and appears aimed right at Tokyo Bay.

      Now there are a lot of people who pooh-pooh “intelligent design.” So I suppose this is simply a miracle for our illustrious elite, and we will see Tokyo recognize the will of the Divine and crack down on anyone who says Putin is okay (or whatever the trouble was).

      • Well ana lyzed Pat. Good reading for all. I tweeted the typhoon and earthquake I had predicted for Japan after the Georgia Island event.

        Stranger Things are surely coming pre/post election and everyone should be prepared for a magnitude never seen before.

        Also watch the news spews and nutflix media outlets pumping us with WWII jive and propaganda. I have NO DOUBT they are priming us for WWIII and this time we are with the German and facing soviet turkish forces. We are with Japan facing Chinese forces. You cant make this stuff up…… Oh wait, yes you can.

  15. Return to Pedophile Island: Alan Dershowitz helping Clinton prepare for Trump debate – U.S. Election 2016

  16. This observation (if true?) by a poll of economists simply shows they don’t know jack. Plus, it shows a lot more when they endorse a criminal politician as being the best “selection”. Today’s economists have proven they cannot manage a corrupted system with corrupted fiat money, and corrupted leaders and their minions.

  17. This guy’s Great! The subject matter is germane to this thread, as the elites view the rest of humanity just like the Muslim’s view non-Muslims. Therefore, what we are watching around us is thematically consistent.


    ““The elite are not the problem right now; the people are,” said German president Joachim Gauck, responding to the Brexit vote in June. His comment perhaps reflected an old division with a new twist. The division is the Elite vs. the Street. And the twist, writes columnist Peggy Noonan in a much-read article, is “a kind of historic decoupling between the top and the bottom in the West that did not, in more moderate recent times, exist.”

    • I think it always existed. There was a need earlier that has no longer an obligation. When you think of Agenda 21 and the core objective you see the prerequisite in economic terms is just a liability now for a new accounting.
      Zebranomics is not currencies and assets but liability and liquidation.

      I see Islam as any religion in organized mass brainwashing and temples/banks as handlers. As alters you cant tell them apart .
      Sharia is a Joo-joo-bee invention by the Khazars who began in potLEZ and adapted it for Islam. Xtians too can carry the zionist genes of the Khazars.

      It’s a gladio gala of goons and if you look closely you see radicals are not killing Jews around the world only christians and non muslim (others)
      But in this accounting, it is only muslim and christians that are liabilities.

      Souls are legal tender under Zebranomics, the flesh is as filthy as the soiled federal reserve notes. It’s merely the power of the two that has any value to the Illuminati and this Khazarian elite.

  18. psyop objective – corporations good – humans bad, very bad

    Speedo USA Drops Sponsorship of Ryan Lochte Amid Scandal, donates Lochte’s $50k fee to children in Brazil

  19. [Looking at this, it is obvious that something is very wrong. Either the data is inaccurate, or Central Banks know something we don’t. After all, they’re behaving as if they’re absolutely terrified at a time when the data is claiming their economies aren’t even in contraction!!!

    Just what are they scared of?]

    tick…tick….tick went the tell tale heart …..vulture-eye sees all!

  20. Why Is Tom Cruise Selling Everything?
    Two California homes and one in Brexit, one in NY and

    Laurel Canyon CA

    Telluride, Colorado

    Beverly Hills, CA

    Manhattan, NY
    Sussex England

    Paramount Puts The Brakes On Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission: Impossible 6’
    Tom Cruise holding up production of next Mission: Impossible film with demands for more money

    Note that he finished “Never go back” Jack Reacher in Louisiana after MENA to be released on September 29, 2017

    Never Go Back is released this year on October 21, 2016

    Funny the Baton Rouge rains came after shooting.

    Rumor is Cruise will resettle in Florida which would follow my superstorm or Cumbre-Viejo event for east coast USA, As he sold his two California homes my theory for the LA Quake is still strong but three years later seems less likely.

    Anyway this rapid sell off by Cruise is not divorce related nor a financial crisis for Cruise. Therefore it seems to be a mandate from his Scientology Handlers and it also follows somewhat of the PROJECT BLUEBEAM coming ET/Disclosure event and psyop which Scientology is deeply imbedded for those who know about this famously sinister cult that connects Hubbard with Satanic Jet Propulsion Labs, NASA and Jack Reacher….er, I mean Jack Parsons and Allister Crowley.


    BTW, Cruise’s Oblivion was filmed in Louisiana too.

    I wonder now if MENA will ever be released….. Not if Hillary wins, that I guarantee.

    Bubba C and Barry Seal were the heart of the Bush Crime Syndicate and NWO global drug trade. We will see what happens between now and Sept 29 which is 911 for the 8 year (17) of the New American Century. It’s perfect!

  21. Look at this crap! INSTANTLY, we recognize that the Clintons must have a mountain of dirt on Giuliani. So, this is some kind of “insider’s” game in my estimation. If one spills, then the other spills. This is 2 treasonous felons in a sack.

    Moldy Bread & Circuses, and nothing ever happens.

  22. Jim Stone at is pointing to some computer “coding” text that supposedly incriminates HRC. What do you think? Only post here if not virulent, if you get my drift.

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