Posted by: Mr. M | August 17, 2016

Miss. Democratic Party Chairman Working to Defeat Clinton!

Also gets schooled on 9/11.



  1. BOTH of the Clintons need to go to prison for “High Treason”. Never has anybody within our government been more deserving than “Life in the Big House” than those 2. NEVER ! “IF” the politicians in D.C. weren’t so damn Corrupt, they wouldn’t have anything to fear. It just goes to show all of us where the Trillions of dollars in our National Debt went to. That money filled a LOT of undeserving pockets.

    Do you remember before 9/11? “BILLIONS” of dollars in Gold & Silver Bars were being stored beneath the Twin Towers. If I’m not mistaken it was the location of the World Bank. What do you suppose happened to all that money? It has never been seen or heard about since. Not to mention a few missing Billion here and there. It’s sometimes mentioned once and then Never mentioned again.

    I have to add that I was once a Ron Paul supporter. I no longer have “ANY” respect for him. As far as I’m concerned, he’s helping the Clintons get elected. SHAME ON HIM ! Rand too !



    • You don’t get into Congress if you aren’t compromised. If you try to shake it up you get dead or they put a ringer to run against you with millions of dollars of drug money to fund it. If you are too popular they rig the election.

      Paul Ryan won by fraud.

  2. What’s your report from LA, “M”, on the situation from the flooding?


    • Nothing so far. Of course it didn’t flood here, and imagine those that were flooded are busy and not walking around the French Quarter. I’m sure they’re will be a few this weekend that are in the flooded areas I can get some first-hand accounts on.

  3. The number of uninsured flood victims is going to be staggering!

    Folks should know better than to donate to “Red Cross” or other elite-fronts for stealing from the needy. COTO remembers George, Jr. & Bill C’s fronting for the “Red” outfit looking to profit off of the poor Haitians. WE will NOT forget it.

  4. TPP is coming again. Obama pushing the envelope this time. Clinton is the reason for his alliance. Without the TPP, Obama does not get his bonus. He made good cash on Obamacare and that well has run dry. It’s a mere shell of what is was two years ago.

    Now with the economy in the tank, Obamacare dead on arrival and the crI$I$ exposed as a westwall sham, the only game left id TPP and Kaine will Hillary if she doesn’t make it top priority. Kaine is a full fledged Sharia worhipper and his comments are easy t decode. The USA must become europe at any cost. He must be blowing George Soros on a regular basis.

    Watch the S&P and the FEDS on interest. If Trump wins it goes into the tank immediately. Trump will have an economic crisis beyond 2008. All the dominoes are set up, there are two tracks, one with Trump and one with Billary.

    Michael look you looked pretty dry but I figure this was before the weekend. I hope you fared better than many. Give us an update to Katrina II , the 11 year return.

    BTW – I think you really schooled them well. I would vote for Trump if I weren’t COTO.

    • All the flooding was up North. Only thing that happened to me is the rain got into my footlocker and fucked-up a stack of posters.

  5. State Department sought land deal with Nigerian firm tied to Clinton Foundation
    Who Is Clinton Foundation Donor Billionaire Gilbert Chagoury?

    Nigeria: Did Clinton’s State Dept. go easy on Boko Haram due to donations to Clinton Foundation?

    “Hillary, Bring Back the Money…or else!”

  6. I rarely watch videos on the Net, but make an exception for you. I admire your efforts to educate the public. I suggested your method of reaching the public to AE911, but I reckon it’s too hard for most of them. I’m too awkward in person, for example. They are probably afraid of being called a nuisance, but this is what you have to do to reach people. You can even grab Pokemon Go zombies as the stumble along.

    AE 911 is currently sending an educational pamphlet to architects and engineers who haven’t joined them yet. They also did a series of webinars. Have you met any architects or engineers who have examined the unimpeachable visual evidence but still think the demolitions were the result of airplane impacts or office fires? I’ve met some who simply refuse to look at evidence. They’ll just throw the pamphlet away. But it sounds like the architects you are talking to quietly admit there is a real problem with the official narrative.

    You don’t get anywhere with webinars and pamphlets. You have to get out in the street and get in people’s faces to have any impact. It is a huge job changing one person’s mind at a time, but there is no alternative when the media are stacked against you.

    • I admire salmon too. It seems incredible to watch Micchael, AE911 and the Fetzer’s diligently and dauntingly persue the education of those under the Mandela mind control.

      But you think about JFK and still listen to MSM talk about Oswald and Sirhan as lone wolves. 50+ years later…. The two men Michael spoke to were likely starting kindergarten when the towers fell. For us it was like last year (at least for me)

      After Montauk and Philadelphia to the LHC Cern, I figure the plan is to solve their problems in space-time and ribbon cutting in the continuum. After all the analog to digital agenda is complete and if I suspect that the police state will take your guns and ammo, they will be certain to take your Fuji Film and history books as well.

      Once Bluebrain is in their repertoire, all memory and history will be imbedded and redily streaming via NetFlix.
      What a beautiful world it will be….what a glorious time to be free.

  7. Wyoming government claims ownership of the WIND… levies taxes on the movement of air via @intellihubnews

    As I pledged in 2010, they will start taing you for the sun based upon your property square footage. There is no end to the UN, Agnda 21 UNCCC and ICLEI and their tactical assault on every freedom. Become a sovereign NOW!

  8. NASA says MASSIVE earthquake is ‘99.9 per cent’ likely to rock LA in next two years.

    [The controversy began after a report, co-written by a scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the journal Earth and Space Science, said there was a 99.9% chance of a magnitude 5 or larger earthquake in the greater Los Angeles area by April 2018.]

    Satan himself has JPL predictive programming this psyop.

    Here’s my 2013 prediction coming to life. Expecting it in 2013 can only be off by three years. So I expect it in 2016 or before March 17. A great EM scalar deflection for a larger event based on election shenanigans.

    How will Obama maintain power? Holyrood and Hollywood, east and west. This would solve the renegade Clinton crime syndicate and if Trump can disappear into a sinkhole in Holyrood, then we can have an executive action and committee /establishment resolution. I think this has been planned since day one. NO ELECTION, well maybe the election but no one is inaugurated.

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