Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 9, 2016

Bill Clinton Has AIDS and Hillary too?

Bill Clinton Has AIDS? Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 6, 2013



Kaposi’s sarcoma lesions appear on Clinton’s forehead.






Hillary Clinton has a autonomic nerve disorder due to hyperthyroidism, advanced type2 diabetes and an autoimmune deficiency caused by HIV virus. She could have what appears to be Lupus but I suspect severe neuro-toxic conditions due to medications and advanced diabetes from HIV or venereal disease treatments (i.e.; Syphilis)

I could confirm her nerve damage with a NCV-EMG study and evoked potential test.

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease genetic conditions

  • Abnormal protein buildup in organs (amyloidosis), which affects the organs and the nervous system.
  • Autoimmune diseases, in which your immune system attacks and damages parts of your body, including your nerves. Examples include Sjogren’s syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and celiac disease. Guillain-Barre syndrome is an autoimmune disease that happens rapidly and can affect autonomic nerves.

    Autonomic neuropathy may also be caused by an abnormal attack by the immune system that occurs as a result of some cancers (paraneoplastic syndrome).

  • Diabetes, which is the most common cause of autonomic neuropathy, can gradually cause nerve damage throughout the body.
  • Injury to nerves caused by surgery or radiation to the neck.
  • Treatment with certain medications, including some drugs used in cancer chemotherapy.
  • Other chronic illnesses, such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and some types of dementia.
  • Certain infectious diseases. Some viruses and bacteria, such as botulism, Lyme disease and HIV, can cause autonomic neuropathy.
  • Inherited disorders. Certain hereditary disorders can cause autonomic neuropathy.

There is a conundrum here regarding three possibilities. Disease-Immune Deficiency- Medications.

Look at Hillary’s hands. This shriveled fingers could mean dehydration and that could cause fainting and seizures. The seizures can be caused by neurotoxicity of medications. If she did have a blood clot and are taking blood thinners (ie. Coumadin) that could exacerbate the blood brain issues with virus infection or toxic dementia confirming auto-immune response and further damage and health issues.

Her hands could indicate advanced stage type 2 diabetes, thyroid problems or Lupus. While the use of medications can cause neuro-toxicity, this may be an indications of antibiotics used in TB, Respiratory infections. Hillary’s coughing spells are widely publicized and she could be experiencing these neurotoxic effects.

She may be on several medications including antivirals and HIV acquired immune deficiency AIDS meds. If we are correct in diagnosing Bill Clinton with AIDS, then we have a possible link to her tongue issue. Black hairy tongue is a side effect of antibiotics especially potent and more dangerous ones such as Aminoglycosides, streptomycin and amikacin. She may have a huge fungal and bacterial issue (e.g.; Candida or meningitis)

Assuming she was having sex with Bill, which I am suspect, it does not rule out HIV or Vinereal disease from her avid lesbian affairs and pedophilia as exposed by Cathy O’brien in her book Tranceformation.

Case 2: syphilitic chancre of the tongue – Hillary may have third stage Syphilis infection and if you look at here hands she has the red rash that would indicate a possible second stage symptom. This would appear as weakness and pain in moving around.  See Drudge Picture.

hillary clinton stairs

Though Neuropathy due to diabetes could cause these effects as could other hereditary and conditions, her glasses indicate she may be going blind in one or both eyes. That could certainly be diabetic progressive, it also could be Syphilis related and HIV related.

Tertiary (third) stage Syphilis may damage your brain, nerves, eyes, heart, blood vessels, liver, bones and joints. These problems may occur many years after the original, untreated infection is ignored or untreated. These symptoms are indicative of what we have seen with Clinton’s meltdowns, her hibernation for periods of time and visual appearance.

There are many possibilities and the chicken and egg come into play here. She could be feeling the toxicity of the medications for something she can recover from. Or she may be battling a serious disease from which there is no recovery and only managing it.  I suspect she has Syphilis and or HIV and she is battling for her life. I suspect the medications are killing her slowly and the disease is ravaging her 70 year old body. I think we should start saying President Kaine. Is he able to continue on the NWO agenda? I think so.  Hillary may just want to be elected before she fades away. I predicted Bill Clinton would die this year and now it appears his redneck mother had tougher genes than Hillary’s family. I have not researched much on the Rodham clan but there may be some hereditary indications I am not aware of.  Either way Bill and Hillary are both sick and both are brain damaged. If Chelsea is lucky she is not a congenital recipient of the plague that has her family fighting to keep from sinking into complete dimentia.


  1. It’s a shame I cannot bring myself to pray for the swift demise of a rogue (or roguess in this case). Kaine would be every bit as bad as she, or I might start thinking why not let her have her big bash before her lights go out. I hope this is why she comes across as vicious and evil as she does.

  2. I felt the same way as I was looking this over. For me, it’s what puts us in GODS favor. I would never say “i came, i saw, she died” not even for her highness in the illuminati circles.

    There is something eerily humanizing, when looking at the disease and pathology of what we die from. Even her suffering in not pleasing to me. Strange, I never thought it would be the case. I hated this woman so much after Qaddafi and Benghazi, I thought I’d go into an Israeli dance at her demise. I doubt it now.


    TIM KAINE, the Jesuit-trained Tim Kaine. is fully versed and prepared for martial law. Therefore I suspect she wins and then passes the baton due to medical condition or she dies in an assassination as a sacrificial pawn to finally force NWO Police State and fulll spectrum dominance.

    Fox News will become maintsream left as all the others and any real alternate news will be banned. Bill of Rights will be finished and the Supreme Court will be entirely Joo-joo-bee Jews and Jesuits from the Kabbalah rosters.

    Watch as the rich leave the country, elites renouncing citizenship and make America great fade into the setting sun.

    • And Bill is looking gaunt in that photo as well…

      The worst thing about Libya for me was that I didn’t look into who Qaddafi really was, but just made light of him like was popular then, knowing he was on America’s death list and how certain his unpleasant demise was. I’m ashamed of how easily conned I was then. Never again.

      Assad was a rich boy five years ago. Now he is a brave leader of his country, doing what he can to hold it together while knowing what has happened to others like him. I hope there are lots of people like me who see this.

      Regarding Libya, even Russia admits they were conned, and never again. Whatever tragedy befalls Hillary, this is the legacy she leaves.

      • I know more about Qaddafi than anyone since Noriega. Qaddafi was opposed to western influence in Africa and was working hard to create the union for africa, a free trade system that was fair, a response to NATO with SATO and anti-NWO.

        Like Chavez, providing opportunity, jobs, free education and healthcare were the way to keep the NATO-Gladio stay behinds from organizing. All these so called dictators get screwed under the false flag western propaganda. BAD GUYS? Yes, when you have to fight the GLADIO. They say Assad killing his own people. Hardly. He’s fighting the Military Industrial Complex and their global gladio cabal.

        This has been proved over and over. You are right at first they get fooled, then they counter and then they die. A nice little system and cycle that we can record from Argentina to Syria and eight presidents.

        THe list is long…

  3. BEST POLL EVER: 50,000 people polled in 50 states, 1/3 republican 1/3 democrat 1/3 independent. Trump won 67-19

    1,000 people polled in each state

    50,000 people
    Trump 67%
    Hillary 19%

    Here is what a Real Poll looks like in America. Please take the Time to Read.. A Total of 50,000 people Polled in 50 States….

    PG Farnsworth We have just completed our own poll since we cannot get factual information from the mainstream media!! We called 1000 homes in each of the 50 states and asked basic questions on the economy, terrorism, immigration and presidential pick.

    Economy was the number one factor that Americans are concerned about and terrorism was number two.

    Presidential pick was Trump by a large percentage.

    Trump 33478 votes 67%

    Clinton 9788 Votes 19%

    Undecided or other 6739 votes 13%


    NBC proclaims Hillary ahead 46% to 43%, yet their own online poll down below has Hillary at only 13%!

    check it for yourself:

    • We just can never know what is what anymore. The complex is so corrupt.
      If we get Trump or Clinton the route to NWO changes but the destination is the same. If he is for real, he’s dead. If not we are dead. Election fraud has been here for years. I still have the “hanging chad” ballot, I keep on my wall to remind me. I often wonder about what the Gore presidency would have been like, then I break into a cold sweat because I realize it’s just a chess game with two teams vying for top dog in the game of world domination. Pick your poison.

      I think about Spassky and Fischer. Pick a favorite. The World Chess Order (FIDE) cares not because they rule the players. Winning or Losing is decided by them. The players just do their job. Poor Bobby, he found out and it cost him his life. He ended up a tool to be blamed on Russian cold war BS. Trump is no different, neither is Hillary. We are watching two trains on a collision course. We are to believe we are watching two racing to a great new America. Beware the NACIREMA WEN when the trains collide at the finish.

      Trump would make the best “fall guy” for the NWO socialist anti- capitalist agenda and Putin’s coziness is a farce beyond belief. As he wiggles into Turkey, Iran and Ukraine we can say he’s out to kill NATO. Good! That’s fine but what happens next? If Trump is the guy, Putin gets his revenge. If it’s Clinton, we war and war on…

      How many ways can you skin a Schrodinger cat? The Vortex says infinite. I am sure the Quantum has gamed them all.

      VOTE for a ham sandwich, I am.

      • Patrick, I could be wrong about Putin, but he has put the needs of his citizens above those of politics to a remarkable extent. Furthermore his country does not need other countries’ resources, but rather markets for the products. I don’t see him exacting revenge, except by shutting down the NWO plans, which is sweet and would place him high in history’ perspective. He’s taking lots of steps toward that, using the West’s momentum against it (GMOs, for example; providing hope to the growing numbers of victims). Of course, when NATO comes crashing down, there will be a power vacuum, and someone is apt to step into it. I have a friend who says Russia is likely to be the hegemon in Europe. Historically, they’d go to the Atlantic, and after a few years of bossing everyone around, shrug and go back home again.

        • I’d like to believe in Trump and Putin but I am too old learn any new tricks. If I had some hope (which I don’t) I would be for this to be true.

          I agree when NATO falls there will be something else to fill the void. The UN (peacemakers!) If not Russia/China alliance. NWO says the Gog and MaGog comes before the time. Ifit’s not Russia and Putin, it will be his successor? We’ll see if we are still here.

          • It could very well be his successor, especially if he is assassinated, then all bets are off. If Russia is invaded again, the people would clamor for a bigger show of dominance, like the parade of missiles around Red Square. Even when Russia defeats invaders, the people suffer unimaginably enormous losses.

            • I agree and see whats happening in the second wave of Crimea. Putin will wait for election as will NATO, but if Clinton wins we go to war. If Trump wins NATO false flags or we get economic collapse via the Cabal (bilderberg committee)

              I am positive of this now. Everything I do now is in preparation. You and I know we have not seen the Navy and Russian EM weapons yet. We will know why Arctic and Antarctic have been so busy. Everything leads to 2030 after X years- (Is it 12-13 years of hell?) Biblically it fits 144.

        • A;so if you look at Japan and China through Proxy N Korea you have to wonder who is running China’s economy. They are at critical mass in an economic event. Yet they continue to operate in an environment that seems untenable. There is a fissure or release somewhere along this path. It seems that one side or all sides know that something will happen to change the triumvirate of power. Historically I suggest it would be our time as odd man out. This opens EU to Russia and US to China. Hillary’s alliance with China is clear since she put America up as collateral for this coming transition.

  4. The Protein issues could be serious. Here is the epipen information.


    DOCTOR or SECRET SERVICE – EPIPEN (auto injector)

    BREAKING: Hillary’s Handler Carrying Auto-Injector Syringe For Anti-Seizure Drug Diazepam

    • Diazepam? Maybe but the Autoinjecotrs could have insulin, Epinephrine or a host of other medications like interferon, hormones as well as other sedatives. The case for anti-siezure is good but advanced RA is one as well Peripheral neuropathy is common for all the conditions and she may have MS or RA.

      We will not know until such time.


  6. Trump says Obama is the “founder” of ISIS, and Hillary the co-founder. So, we could surmise that the American tax payer is the “funder” as well, along with elite shadow funding and black budgets?… Where did that $6.3 Trillion go again? Or, that $2.3 Trillion that Dumbsfeld alluded to on 9/10?

    • That’s a fact and Christians should reject the system now. Your Sunday versions are a joke. They have funded 50 million murders here in the US and Millions more overseas. I think they know it now. The question is what you are willing to do.

      Trumps 2nd amendment comment was just as reported. We all know what he meant. His team are playing the divide and conquer to the tee. And as usual the left-right are working from the same script.

      Like Holyrood East DC, Hollywood could never write it better THAN THE JOO-JOOS ARE DOING RIGHT NOW!

      I must say that I am fully entertained and Paul Ryan should be up for the academy award. He’s a real actor. Look out Clooney, you have serious competition.

  7. Source:

    “Hillary’s E-mails so classified that Congress cannot even be told what agency has them!

    LOOK AT THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO which has a congressional hearing going on, where Congress is told Hillary blew secrets so big that Congress cannot even know what agency has the mails!

    Hillary blew secrets so big that only people who had SCI level 5 clearances (the top of the top of beyond the top level with nothing above it) could review the mails. Congress is puzzled: “If people who were our enemies and not cleared could see these mails, why won’t you tell us even the name of the agency that is holding them?” That proves the dark state is ruling the nation, and that if Hillary is allowed to proceed, it really is the death of the country. What did Hillary have in those mails? I found out DAY ONE through “sources I will not name,” and said it DAY ONE (which is the type of reason why this site was singled out to get hit harder than the rest:

    HERE IT IS, as I said on day ONE:

    Hillary provided E-mails about encryption algorithms, and told our enemies how to secure their data. Hillary provided weapons designs all the way up to the top of the top weaponry, asset placement, and schematics for top level classified military intelligence systems. Hillary even went as far as to tell other nations how to precisely alloy metals and build base materials for the weapons systems.

    She did more than that. THAT IS THE REAL STORY, what she did to America was so far “out there” that Congress cannot even be told which agency knows what she did, and as a result Russia and China are now building stuff that works as good as America’s stuff. Hillary should be chained to a tree so the crows can pick her eyes out. If you ever wanted proof that an enemy has America by the throat, and that Trump really is the last hope, watch that video, it is a real head cracker.

    Julian Assange: “Seth Rich was our source within the DNC, he was murdered because of this.”

    Wikileaks has stated they will never reveal their sources, unless they are dead I guess and Julian Assange was just on Dutch television telling them that Seth Rich was the source of the DNC leaks and that is why he is now dead.

    This is a milestone, FINALLY someone strongly fingered the Clintons. And the wheels are probably going to come off the bus. And what about a drone strike on that embassy? Think one is coming? Maybe Assange was always getting fed watered down crap, was in fact real, and finally got a shot of the good stuff?

    MAYBE IT IS TIME TO PUT ASSANGE ON “SUICIDE WATCH”, and say right now that no, he is not a terrorist, and NO, he is NOT going to blow up the embassy. Because that is the kind of story Kikedom hatches to cover for blowing things up.

    This ought to get really interesting now, because Assange just blew the lid off the Castro/commie/banana republic like aspect of the Clinton machine.

    Environmental terror:

    When I set up this sparse page, I figured I’d put the environmental terror graphic up since it is not affected by the current problems. And when I saw it there, all by itself, it looked like “the good old days” when we had only that to worry about. If Hillary gets in, we will have a LOT MORE than that to worry about.

    And I have been so busy with attacks lately that I forgot to mention that recently, they stopped chem trailing the hell out of certain areas, mainly out west and over Canada. The sky has returned to normal blue. Hopefully it will stay that way, and I gotta say – if people noticed they stopped, they really were doing it all along, and they were playing us as fools. If they were not doing it, no one would have noticed when they stopped.

    I wonder why they stopped? My main guess is that they don’t want that type of active clandestine program going if Trump somehow gets in because it will be jail if they get caught, so they are stopping it now. Maybe budget cuts also? Who knows”.

    • He’s missing the point that if Trump or Clinton are elected they die. The VP’s from both sides are clearly players in the LR-Paradigm. 54 (9) is the key number 1963 (9) 54 years ago and it’s time for another. I really believe either way, they die and we get LBJ or a Ford.

      PENCE 44 – 8
      KAINE 31 – 4
      TRUMP 88 – 7
      RODHAM 59 – 5

      ELECTION 2016 – 3
      TRUMP-PENCE = 6

  8. Donald Trump: I meant that Obama founded ISIS, literally
    By Tal Kopan, CNN
    Updated 4:38 PM ET, Thu August 11, 2016

    Who’s running this show?

    I would have said, I$I$ was tailor made for Barry Soetoro’s presidental term by Bilderberg, when they bumped Hillary in 2008.

    Time for the thinktank? at Trump HQ to guess what they tailor-made for the Dianne Rodham term. It’s much bigger and better. Get on the stick Trump Jr.

  9. WOW! 10 Km deep. What a HAARPING!!!
    7.2 magnitude earthquake
    about 8 hours ago

    UTC time: Friday, August 12, 2016 01:26 AM
    Your time: Thursday, August 11 2016 9:26 PM
    Magnitude Type: mww

  10. ***#11***
    This appears to be staged – Project Orange

    Thailand rocked by eleven bombs in one day

    Very pathetic effort here. Her Orange is great but the “Whatever Forever” shirt says it all!

    • I expect to hear ISIS claim responsibility, which of course is a neocon enterprise. I have been in all five places, with friends there, including a police detective. The four southernmost provinces, well to the south of the places attacked, are basically a war zone with Islamic extremists attacking primarily the police, Buddhist clergy and teachers, but a lot of indiscriminate violence as well, such as a van opening its back door and machine gunning everyone behind it. This has been funded and supported by Wahhabists in the Middle East, including ISIS. When we were visiting the area, we encountered a few young men dressed for Friday services who gave us the finger or threw cans at us as we bicycled along a rural road, so a radical network is taking root. We didn’t tell the detective about it (didn’t want to worry him with it). I think I will write to him now, though.

      • ISIS for certain. Wahhabists, the sector of the Bush Clinton crime syndicate and Israeli global terror cabal. The house of Saud was regime building by the Illuminists since the pure Islam movement. It is “Pure I$I$” now. I give Saudi’s a key role in everything since 911 but we know who’s at the top of the triad. Ol’ one eye. Lawrence of Arabia depicts the same extermination we see now and has the assassination in plain view like so many others. It’s all such propaganda. All of it.

  11. “Emailgate, Servergate & Benghazigate: A Nexus of War Crimes, Treason and Crimes Against Humanity”

    Clinton and Obama, the Arab Spring and the Creation of ISIS

    Posted on August 12, 2016 by State of the Nation

    “Because Clinton and Obama collaborated so closely to implement the CIA-designed scheme known as the Arab Spring, they have been obligated to provide each other cover. Were all 31,000 plus emails to be made available for public scrutiny, it would be revealed that Obama is as guilty in the Emailgate fiasco as Clinton is. He was also a party to her illegal server since he corresponded with her using that email while transmitting highly classified information”.

  12. We have yet to know those in the upper cabal in congress. Pelosi, Ryan (after Boehner) Hoyer, Cantor, Fienstein, McConnell, Levin, Boxer, Mikulski , Schumer, Hatch, Cochran, Conyers and the kingpin Pat Leahy, who keeps the lowest profile in Senate.

    I think Leahy is the order giver and maybe Hatch to GOP. Outside the active members some keep much power like Harmon, Baucus etc. I know they were getting email from her server.

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