Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 25, 2016


GRAPHIC: Doug Henwood, MY TURN

Ma Barker and the Wall Street Gang



  1. this weeks quakes (Papau Lorengau and Chili) indicate an event for Brazil. I am going with an aircraft event involving Boeing.

    An Airbus french Mossad job is due. Watch the news.

  2. Kagoshima’s Sakurajima volcano erupts, spews plume 5,000 meters up
    3 scale event.

    This also confirms southern Brazil event. Major quake possible for southern california.

  3. If they are testing the New Carrier weapons on the USS Gerald R. Ford then we can expect some seismic events for Pacific rim. I want to see the Sun Gravitational BS they spew as a reason for shallow quakes. Look for the Japan Korea area and then expect something for southern california from LA to San Diego. Recent swarms in Hollister suggest an active San Andreas.

    There is a lot of ships in EU, but the focus in on South China seas.

  4. FALSE FLAG ALERT: On eve of Black Pope visit to Poland, country refuses the red-carpet treatment | Fox News |

    I think Poland is PRIME for a false flag event. I’d like to see a fake attack on the Pope. I think it was planned by Obama and Polish Gladio team.

    The Black Pope Bergoglio will be there tomorrow and it seems the perfect time to squash Polands hard right turn from the EU.

    Here’s another clue: POPEMON GO

    Poland to Host World’s First Pokemon Go Championship

  5. I think the elephant in the room might be Turkey. Erdogan + Incirlik + Many Nukes. That’s a recipe for WWIII. The stories are the base has had power and access in/out cut off now for days.

    The nukes story there could be 007 dramatic.

    Imagine the back stories and shady parties trying to steal those nukes?

  6. Bernie Sanders Leaves the Democratic Party

    The Schmuck did his job and it’s back to independent.

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