Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 21, 2016

Monkey Business @ RNC

I thought I would get a jump on the Shenanigans for the final night of Trump Reality Theatre.

Obama says he has Wasserman Schultz’s back

Primary Voter Fraud – Sooth the Bern – After several states filed primary fraud lawsuits we get this;

Exclusive: U.S. curtails federal election observers: Reuters Exclusive

Monitoring Will Be Done By Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department:

“Federal election observers can only be sent to five states in this year’s U.S. presidential election, among the smallest deployments since the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965 to end racial discrimination at the ballot box”

Click here for full story:



Wasserman Schultz: In Cleveland to Protest Trump ‘Xenophobia and Hate’

Oh no COTO…do not buy this! What this little Mossad snake has been doing slithering around the RNC is nothing but covert, black ops for Obama and Clinton.

Why was an elite Democrat at the Republican National Convention?

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz at 2016 RNC Cleveland

So, what was she doing at the RNC?

An even better question is why was the chair of the Democratic National Committee in the upper tier skyboxes of the RNC’s Quicken Loans Arena, which are reserved for fat cat GOP donors?



So what is up?  It’s all theater. We know the left – right paradigm of political incorrectness is scheming. We know the Bilderberg already elected a president in May. We know Trump is a liberal and Clinton is a neo-con. Apparently most of the alternate media, either has no clue or are a satellite of the MSM complex and  a part of the conspiracy, but regardless, we know it’s a spectacle only. I suggest we see a climax of all the other stagecraft over the last three days which should reach a crescendo on or after El Trumpo’s  telepromptd spiel.  I just thought I’d get a head start on the hoax.

The short answer to Wasserman Schultz may be she is simply looking for a new gig as she is surely going out as DNC chief, much like Roger Ailes did at FOX.  I think Bernie Sanders will assure she is gone as part of his deal with Clinton. But there could be more to this and I am usually right on these things.  I think we will see some fireworks tonight.






  1. Scary….Forced Vaccination

    Cleveland Police Ban Syringes in Last Hours of the GOP Convention

    Three Officers at RNC Hit with Mysterious Sticker and Suspected Syringe Attack. One Officer Hospitalized.

  2. Hours Before Hillary Clinton’s VP Decision, Likely Pick Tim Kaine Praises the TPP

    It’s getting harder and harder not to believe Bilderberg has tagged Trump to destroy America. Can Hillary do more to tank her own campaign. Tim Kaine is the worst. We know Hillary and Trump will end up with the TPP. Either that or die.

    [HILLARY CLINTON’S RUMORED vice presidential pick Sen. Tim Kaine defended his vote for fast-tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on Thursday.

    Kaine, who spoke to The Intercept after an event at a Northern Virginia mosque, praised the agreement as an improvement of the status quo, but maintained that he had not yet decided how to vote on final approval of the agreement. By contrast, Hillary Clinton has qualified her previous encouragement of the agreement, and now says she opposes it.]


    Kaine = 11
    Rodham = 11
    4-11+7-11 = 11-11

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