Posted by: Mr. M | July 20, 2016

Black Bears Matter




  1. Barrytown USA. Nice work Michael. The Carnival, the rigged game the transparency and the whole can of worms openly carrying the agenda.

    So can we now say that in order to bring the NWO UN global policing force they must destroy the current law enforcement. I mean those non-Freemason peace officers doing their job?

    ISIS-BLM. How long ago did I predict the merging of ISIS and a domestic terror group? We don’t need Syrian, Iraqi, Somali or Libyan rebels coming in. They are already here and operating in all three components of the game. Executive, Legislative and Judicial. I just add the MK, covert, patsy or actors and part of the executive branch. It puts a clearer picture of ‘execute’ into the view.

    We are primetime for Helter Skelter which will dominate the dreamstream media while we are not looking at the international picture. China will give us a Gulf of Tonkin soon enough and Ukraine and Poland are giving us Glasnost in a NATO-Russia showdown.

    AFricom secret wars have escalated under Obama and Hillary is ready to complete Benghazi. Qaddafi’s exit has shown us his predictions are all coming true. Deaths since 2011 have eclipsed Syria. The Gladio team there runs Boku like CIA and ISIS. The French, Belgian and Spanish forces can take credit with Africom for the escalation of both terror and civil war. Like Bill Clinton’s Rwandan slaughter, Barry ignores Africa altogether except to destabilize it with Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Libya.

    That is where Trump ought to go. BLACK LIVES MATTER only in the US. Maybe 4 million or more killed by Clinton by ignoring the Congo and Rwanda. Hillary can do as much damage if not more over the next four years.

    Bill Clinton was the first black president? Bill made Africa look like Chicago. Then he and Hillary tag teamed on robbing Haiti. Short memories are hazardous to our health.

    • But it won’t work. Or at least not the way they think.

      All I can figure is that even in the absolute best-case scenario a large chunk of us aren’t going to make it past the next few years.

      IF we make it to the election – of which I have grave doubts – no matter which one gains office, still things are going to slide in so many directions that we’ll look upon this insanity as the “good old days.”

    • Do not forget Bush, jr. was sitting there next to Bill C. on the adverts for the “Red Cross” donations for Haitians. This was a “family” heist of the most despicable kind.

  2. Alex Jones Staged Event: What I Saw at the Alex Jones Fight With Communist Protester at #RNCinCLE

    • Staged? Yeah to the extent that Jones likes to stir the pot. He gets-off on being the news as much as he does anything else.

  3. It’s no mystery. Bill, Hillary and her mentors KKK Robert C. Byrd and Margaret Sanger who worship Agenda 21 and the UNESCO eugenicists….

    Mystery Surrounds Sources of Many Bill Clinton Speaking Fees

  4. Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky and Lucifer, explained

  5. Pokemon Anime – your mind control pin ups

  6. I like Pokemon. In the same way I like people with tattoos on their foreheads. Easy to spot. Easy to avoid.

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