Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 16, 2016

TURKEY COUP FALSE FLAG: “Take to the Streets” Sheeple.

Project Orange

Fethullah Gülen: Turkey coup may have been ‘staged’ by Erdoğan regime

Was the Turkish Coup an Erdogan Hoax?

The Latest: Syrian State Paper Says Coup Attempt Fabricated

The prime minister asked that people remain in the streets in the evenings to continue to protect and celebrate democracy.

“Another calamity has been thwarted,” Yildirim said. “However, our duty is not over. We shall rapidly conduct the cleansing operation so that they cannot again show the audacity of coming against the will of the people.”


U.S. Would Consider Turkey’s Extradition Request for Exiled Cleric Living in Pa.

Turkish PM Hints at Return to Death Penalty |

Obama administration to blame for coup attempt in Turkey?

EXCLUSIVE: Europe faced ‘HUGE THREAT from Syria’ if Turkish military coup succeeded

[Something very strange is happening right now. I predicted Erdogan was a dead man last November. I see him departing soon. This coup is the something that can happen here when Trump or Hillary get elected. I think we have reached that point.I think the year of rage is 2017.]

I think it now becomes quite clear that NATO, Team Obama, UWEX16 and the Global Gladio crI$I$ committee have tipped us off.  What is clearer than not is the focus on Project Orange ISLAM vs XTIANS in what will be a massive coup for real and the players are lining up for election 2016.

Syria remains the priority and the Levant is geographical to the Mediterranean theatre. It’s like watching WWII events in the Vichy Army of the Levant.This was 77 years ago. Go figure, huh? It brings the Tunisian, Algerian, Polish, Lebanese, Turkish and Palestine into the equation. Just the vortex cycle has changed. Way too much history here, though staged and twisted, it looks to be another mile marker in the great plan for a final war that biblically lines up. NWO mandates are surely involved as the French seem to be staging hoaxes for this purpose. We can call them legitimate false flags and now add the Ottoman Khazars to that group of false flags.

I figure the year of rage is post election and we will be in a hot war with either candidate.  We will not know what secret agreements have been made but can assume players on both sides are confederates. Sheeple and Millenials do not know what internment was and how it occurred based upon another master false flag.  I said that we are primed and ready for an American Gladio coup at home but the Red and Blue team are only stoking the fires until the elections.

By: Puddy Dunne on July 15, 2016
at 6:52 pm

RUSSIA-SYRIA: Road to WWIII based on fiction

Hollande: France to Escalate Strikes in Syria and Iraq In Retribution for Nice Terror Attack

Which is a complete HOAX!






    Long Knives in Ankara: Victorious Erdogan begins Purge of Judiciary, Army

    Armenia police station stormed in Yerevan with hostages taken

    Obama, Kerry and Clinton & Co. are salivating over this feast.

  2. Things are really heating up as we hit the home stretch of the end game. It’s good we have skilled commentators stationed near, but not too near, strategic focal points of the upcoming spectacle. I worry about M though.

    I’m hearing from some folks in America that there is no campaigning going on in their neighborhoods. The reasons I noted for something similar in Japan appear simply nefarious, strategically not getting the voters out; but in America, from the sound of things nobody would like to be remembered as having come out in support of one or the other major candidates. Lots of people are going “I’ll vote third party!” I’ve said nothing. Meanwhile, my lack of severe condemnation of Mr. Trump seems to have some people very worried (while my similar lack of condemnation of Mrs. Clinton goes unnoticed). Perhaps along with the kitty and puppy photos on farcebook, I should put up some Trump jokes to reassure them.

    Meanwhile, I have no idea who I’ll vote for, or even if I’ll bother. Looks like a moot point in any case.

    On Turkey’s coup d’etat, there were two competing views on the Saker’s blog yesterday: it was the arrogant and incompetent neocons in America backing it and it was a false flag. There is good reason to think both are true. Erdogan has been making amends to Moscow the past month, and he may have been drawing people out and simply letting them proceed with their plans, all the while making sure they would fail. Since he is in a real hotspot, I would give him more credit for skill in the spy game than I would the comfortably seated folks in DC with their lackeys telling them only what they want to hear. In any case, he is certainly taking advantage of the failed coup, and it would be safe to say it was a false flag with a certain number of patsies for whom it was very real. That he has been denouncing America since the coup, while America attempts to accommodate him says a lot, too. It makes me think he may have decided to cast his fate with Russia and abandon NATO. He isn’t stupid. Amazing how much apparent support there was for him from the citizens, too. If true, it would mean that whatever crackdowns and crackpot ideas he’s had recently have been made up for by things the news doesn’t want us to know.

    But time will tell.

    • Yes his Russia warming has been strange. The fighter jet shot down was really just an optic or narrative point. The Russians know what he is and his tie to Israel is clear now. He’s not going to go the way of Suddam, Mubarek, Gaddafi or the rest. I wonder what he worries about? Trump? You’d almost think Trump is a threat but if you are COTO you have to know he is no threat or if he is it’s a very temporary thing.

      Is it the EU safety net? NATO changes? He’s a Christian and Jew hater but mostly Christian. He will never forgive assimilation and he’s a Mongolian Khazar all the way.

      So the Armenian Pokice Station storming……


      [The CivilNet newspaper identified the group as the Daredevils of Sassoun and said its members had released a video in which they say: “Dear friends, citizens, Armenian nation, it has begun, we are doing this for you… Go out to the streets!”]

      Gladio is here and there. We have little time left. 15-20 million here whose loyalty is unknown. 15 countries from Africa to EU, Asia and South America. If they get armed and triggered, we’d be unprepared. Like 911, the Administration would order a military stand down.


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