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NICE FRANCE DRILL : white plan ORSEC plan


Nice attack: white plane Orsec plan, what is it?

After the attack of Nice, more emergency devices have been implemented. What do they mean exactly?

Friday, July 15 at 3:45 am, hours after the attack of Nice which left at least 84 dead , François Hollande said since the Elysee:

“All means are implemented to help the injured. The whiteplane that mobilizes all hospitals in the region was triggered.”

1 White Plan

The “white plane” enshrined in law since 2004, defines the devices that can enable health institutions in crisis. It allows to organize the human and material resources to support very quickly a large number of victims. In this type of crisis, we must:

  • Coordinate among institutions. Specifically, a crisis unit is set up. For a more optimal division of labor, the means of communication are strengthened and the role of each is defined.
  • Transport victims quickly. For the transport of victims to be fast, ambulance services are controlled by centralized direction, traffic is organized in the vicinity of hospitals.
  • Divide the victims. Emergency services are coordinated. The victims are oriented to their needs and based on availability.Psychological cell is created.
  • Make room. Some activities are deprogrammed, including surgical operations that can wait. Some patients are transferred to other facilities to make room.
  • Organize reinforcements. Additional staff can be called up as needed. The prefecture can make submissions if necessary. In Nice, a large share of health professionals have returned spontaneously to the hospital.

“The victims were referred to hospitals that were able to welcome them,” said the Health Minister Marisol Touraine inNice overnight, “the plan worked well.”

2 Orsec Plan

To cope with this emergency, another plan was activated: the Orsec plan to rescue organization, or organization of civil response. This administrative date over 60 device, even if it has been perfected since. While the white plane on the organization of hospitals , the Orsec plan helps organize as soon as possible and in times of crisis all public and private resources to help: respect to whom there are serious reasons to believe that his behavior constitutes a threat to public security and order “( according to Article 6 ) and order” at home day and night raids “without passing by the judicial authority.

This emergency rule was declared on the evening of the attacks of 13 November (130 deaths). Parliament had extended for three additional months starting from November 26, and again from 26 February to 26 May, and a third time, for another two months until July 26 in order to secure the Euro 2016 and the Tour de France , but this time without the measures of administrative searches.

The state of emergency is an exceptional regime established in 1955 especially for the state to house arrest any person“with respect to whom there are serious reasons to believe that his behavior constitutes a threat to public security and order “( according to Article 6 ) and order” at home day and night raids “without passing by the judicial authority.

Between November 14 and May 26, 3694 searches have been carried out and some 400 house arrest measures were imposed between 14 November and 25 February. Since May 26, 77 house arrest measures were taken.

The state of emergency also allows ministers and prefects to decide the temporary closure of theaters and venues meeting. They also have the ability to “prohibit the movement of people or vehicles” in certain places or at certain hours, or establish “zones of protection or security which the presence of individuals is regulated.”

See also: State of emergency: the era of suspicion, fuzzy and arbitrary

  • “White Plan”

The “white establishment plan” for hospitals. It was announced by François Hollande during his address from the Elysee to 3 am, after he was fired by the Centre Nice University Hospital.

Read our full decryption: What is the “white plane”?

This crisis device, designed for health emergencies is provided in the law since 2004 and helps put in place human and material resources to absorb the influx of patients or victims, coordinate the overall relief and health services.

In Nice, the medical personnel were recalled, but many had themselves made available after the initial information on the attack had been broadcast. A telephone line has been activated 04 93 72 22 22. The operations are coordinated by both the regional health agency and the prefecture.

The “White Plan” was then lifted throughout late night, according to two medical sources, which at resuscitation department of the University Hospital of Nice.

  • Orsec plan

The Orsec plan has also been activated in the wake of the attack.

Déclenchement du Plan ORSEC : la priorité est à la prise en charge des victimes (@PHBrandet, porte parole du ministère)

Created in 1952, the e device “organization of civil security response” is intended to “manage all events seriously affecting the population” , and enables centralized at county level management of relief and assistance people affected by a natural disaster or a major drama.

The device can be triggered by the department prefect, or the “defense and security zones” – there are seven in France (a cut made by security problems at major events).

The departmental prefect coordinates all emergency at the scene of the accident. It can make calls to various human resources – public safety, law enforcement, county fire services and emergency – and guarantees the information of the population and communication around the event. The prefecture is the operational center of the organization.

Read also: Attack of Nice: how the Orsec device?

  • operational reserve

Hollande also announced that it will be appealed to the operational reserve “that is to say to all those who, at one time, were in uniform or in the staffing of the police to come and relieve workforce police and gendarmes. “

Read all explanations: Attack of Nice: what does the “operational reserve”?

The operational reserve is part of the device called “military reserve”, which also includes the “citizens’ reserve” dedicated to raising awareness and, more recently, the “cyber citizen reserve”. It brings together citizen volunteers, with or without military experience, aged 17 years old and willing to devote at least thirty days a year to the army .They sign a contract paid for a period of one to four years.


This is a perfect example of never wasting an opportunity. It is similarly equal to Obama’s NDAA, FEMA  and civilian police force.



  1. Anti-domestic insurgency plans, all dressed up with nice PR. How neat of them to be able to squirrel all the “victims” away to carefully selected little hidey holes. Never happened before, even when governments had more resources than they do now.

    • Dialectics for NATO aggression and domestic control. Hollande was quick on the draw to push Syria escalation as he was after the fake “Bataclan” event.

      Something very strange is happening right now. I predicted Erdogan was a dead man last November. I see him departing soon. This coup is the something that can happen here when Trump or Hillary get elected. I think we have reached that point.

      I think the year of rage is 2017.


    Nice attack survivor from Texas recounts terror a week after Dallas attack: ‘I’ve been marked safe twice on Facebook in the last week’


  3. Turkey military coup: Erdoğan says ‘we will overcome this’ – live updates

  4. 28 PAGES OF 911 REPORT- As reported redacted and contrived

  5. RUSSIA-SYRIA: Road to WWIII based on fiction

    Hollande: France to Escalate Strikes in Syria and Iraq In Retribution for Nice Terror Attack

    Which is a complete HOAX

    Patsy – Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel
    The father-of-three also ate pork, drank alcohol and took drugs…. … reveals he is an ‘unlikely jihadist’ who beat his wife and NEVER went to mosque,-ate-pork%E2%80%A6-and-took-drugs.-he-was-not-a-muslim%E2%80%99-truck-terrorist-mohamed-lahouaiej-bouhlel%E2%80%99s-cousin-reveals-he-is-an-%E2%80%98unlikely-jihadist%E2%80%99-who-beat-his-wife-and-never-went-to-mosque.html


    • Good heavens, he’s Tunisian apostate! So they go attack Syria and Iraq again. Foregone conclusions–never mind the pesky facts! They really are getting more and more incompetent, aren’t they? Look how low they had to stoop to find a patsy this time. Not even the sadists of ISIS were willing.

      • When they create the backstories for these clowns, I think they look to connect ISIS or domestic (naturals) This one it seems is to get the domestic full spectrum surveillance at home and indefinite freedom from civil rights. I see the same here, but the regime keeps lying about warrants and meeting guidelines for surveillance. Add the completely transparent assault on whistleblowers and non-disclosure agreements and you have a setup the Mafia and Drug Cartels could only dream about.

        Russia’s anti-terror legislation is about stopping the western gladio infiltration into their ranks, I believe, whereas here at home the monitoring is for anti-NWO and truth based reporters. The FBI, CIA and NSA all lead to Mossad. What the PROMIS backdoor and Octopus Inslaw affair exposed was the last of the real whistleblowers. WikiLeaks and Snowden just scratch the tip of the iceberg.

        At this point in time we all have a dossier floating in the cloud. Privacy exists only between the ears and that may be hackable soon enough.
        After all this you get the Pokemon ‘Go’ crowd in record numbers. Go figure.

        Pokemon Go: Crowd Stampedes Through Central Park After Rare Vaporeon Sighting

        Can people not see where this is going? Tragically not it seems.

        • Thank God the Pokemon Go crowd has not showed up in front of my house yet. I’ll go out and toss water on them all.

          I agree with you about Russia’s anti-terror legislation, at least as far as I can honestly tell. They are under real attack. I was an early victim of their reaction, but having seen the kind of foreigners that were being attracted to exploit Russia in the late 1990s early 2000s, I was in fact glad to see them finally addressing the issue. For their part, they were respectful. Oh, I was terrified. It was like getting sniffed all over by a police dog, and you do not have the right to stay silent, except, interestingly, about your love life. But after a few days, they shrugged and let me go.

          I have other friends, though, with good intentions who were hurt much worse by the crackdown. Backlash is a bitch! You get in the way of international intrigue, and the result can be pretty miserable.

          Looks like all of France got in the way.

  6. Bush Dancing: Hoaxing should be fun!

    The idiot YOUNG TURKS don’t know he’s on medications to keep him contained

    The reference I made to Phoenix Rising is well shown in this good video

    • Bush is too high, obviously!

  7. Watch the video and see the fake blood and mannequins. I had to stop in Sugarland Texas to assist a truck/pedestrian accident in 1978. The body was in three pieces and the blood trail was thirty feet. Gruesome. We had to cover what was essentially hamburger meat.

  8. As Turkey Coup Unfolded, ‘the Whole Night Felt Like Doomsday!!!


    The Latest: Syrian State Paper Says Coup Attempt Fabricated

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