Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 9, 2016

Orange JulyUS: Dallas Hoax

Orange Julius, Keep it real

Berkshire Hathaway


Orange is the New Black Dashiki

Orange Stripes

I wrote plenty on this in previous posts in regards to Orlando Orange and other postings at the bottom of this article. Dallas is orange as well. Now we have the Militants from wearorange and Soros using the ISIS, Islam and New Black Panther Party to bring down America.

So far I see the FBI, CIA, DOJ, White house, Freemasons, Orange Order, Jesuits and joo-joo-bees from the Southern Poverty Law Center, Louis Farrakhan and the black racist Jesse Jackson and Obama’s pals in Chicago (the rat pack) Ayers, Daley and Sharpton, Blood and Crips and a host of media related tax funded or drug funded CIA fronts.

All the Mayors and Police Chiefs are members of the UN based international organizations of law enforcement. The devil does not exist, there is no large scale conspiracy and were all just crazy.

You have to watch this video – Dallas Shooting – Orange Pistol, Blank Adapters? William Mount




So real the words pop right off the screen




Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens on Dallas Shooting, San Juan Capistrano Responds

I suspect San Clemente  could be a nest of Orange we may see in the near future. So I thought I would run a “Lavish” pictorial to illustrate what’s consistent in all the stagings from Virginia Tech (Obama’s entrance) to date, knowing we will see more orange until he Brexit’s and Hillary picks up the orange “Baton”




Orange balloons rising above Lane Stadium, with everyone in the stands wearing maroon or orange, and the stadium scoreboard in the background.People in the stadium wearing orange and maroon T-shirts to form an image of the letters "VT" in maroon on a square background of orange.

A photo of one of the commemorative stones at the memorial with flowers laid on top of it.


File:Flickr - The U.S. Army - Soldiers Gather for Twilight Vigil at Fort Hood.jpg

twilight vigil last night in remembrance







Tucson congressional event shooting
Jan. 8, 2011

(aka Judge Roll assassination)

Jared Lee Loughner – 22

Time Magazine


Gifford Congressional Hearings

Tucson’s “wear orange” event to reduce gun violence begins at 7 p.m.

Giffords “wearorange” 6/2/2016

Aurora movie theater shooting
July 20, 2012

Obvious Shotgun wounds




Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting
Aug. 6, 2012

Wade Michael Page

Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting
Dec. 14, 2012

Kansas Jewish Community Center shooting
April 14, 2014


The gunman, 73-year-old Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. of Aurora,


Charleston church shooting
June 18, 2015

Image result for Dylann Roof, 21

Dylann Storm Roof

Chattanooga recruiting center shooting
July 16, 2015


Roseburg community college shooting
Oct. 1, 2015


Crisis Actors donned PINK over Orange



San Bernardino – Orange County Operation

Dec 9, 2015


 A “hard closure” was in effect at Orange Show Road / Waterman Avenue and Park Center Circle in San Bernardino, the Sheriff’s Department tweeted.





The Pulse Nightclub Massacre – June 12, 2016

Orange Co. Florida – Orlando – Orange Avenue

Starring Omar Mateen as the “bad boy”

Memorial will be part of rebuilding Pulse 'place of safety'

Pulse Nightclub Interior

EMS personnel gather Sunday outside an Orlando hotel near the scene of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

Thank you for turning America Orange


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    This list ends with Chattenooga 2015 so it is missing UMPQUA Oregon, San Bernardino, Orlando and Dallas which would make 27 to date. But what is more interesting is to see which ones Obama never made any address or appearance to push Agenda 21 and gun rights. You might think they were real events maybe or that there was an embarrassing fact involved that did not fit their agenda.

    Interesting piece.


    May 23, 2014 — University of California, Santa Barbara. — 7 dead (including gunman). A drive-by shooter went on a nighttime rampage near a Santa Barbara universitycampus that left seven people dead, including the attacker, and seven others wounded, authorities said Saturday. President Obama, as of this writing, has not issued an official statement or comment on the shootings.

    Elliot Rodger
    Another Leftist Killer Santa Barbara Shooter Elliot Rodger 22 years old, son of a Hollywood Exec and fan of ultra liberal “Young Turks” stabs three to death before a UCSB shooting spree.

  2. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have a single orange item in my entire wardrobe, and that is after thinking at one point that I might look good in orange. Yellow is another uncommon clothing color. I bought a yellow cotton blouse in Thailand, only to find out I was thereby making a political statement in favor of the status quo.
    Yes, orange is definitely jumpsuit chic.

    • I have one orange tee shirt. Orange is a really lousy color. Never had orange in any tie I ever had. It’s just too bizarre.
      BTW Pat, in Islam orange is not allowed for clothing. Mohammed says so.

      They refer to “saffron” as the color

      This orange order of conspiracy runs through all religion, race and political affiliation and I am certain the deeper meaning of orange has some satanic verse we do not know.

      Isn’t that what it is all about? The Mark.

      • This is really interesting that they forbid saffron dyeing and therefore orange. It suggests to me that they were organized in response to the excesses of a government that had adopted Buddhist/Hindu symbols/ideology. A corrupt government can make any religion it professes look downright demonic.

        I have heard that originally, the orange color of the monks’ clothing was not saffron (or really safflower for the most part, saffron would be for royalty), but stains from the corpses from which they took their garments. Given Islam’s other prohibitions, that in itself may have been all that was needed to get them to forbid orange and regard the polytheists as the “lowest of the low.”

        Anti-Muslim would definitely be part of the meaning behind all this fashionability of orange.

        I am glad to see Jersey Girl here again!

        • Yeah, you both are missed when gone.

          I agree it is a political thing, thusly a satanic thing, a royalty thing a control thing. Good point Pat.

  3. And that new tv show about women in prison “Orange is the New Black”. I never wear orange. I don’t like that color..never did. I’m with you Patricia… I don’t like yellow either except in flowers.

    • Hi JG 🙂 What have you been up to?

  4. They sure are running these drills/hoaxes/false flags fast and furious. Who is next to be hit Patrick? Another Jade Helm state? I figured Texas was due because of the recent active shooter drills in North Texas, Jade Helm and UWEX16. Florida was too.

    • O is the new B for sure Deb and they are active members.

      You had Jason Bourne just speak to Ozzies recently, saying he hoped for a AUS style gun confiscation.

      Yes I was struck by Orlando but never when they are on the bloody I-35 corridor.

      So I look to the real agenda which I theorize as such.

      1 Firstly these are tactical drills for Martial Law
      2. Gun grabbing benefits are added benefit in Jade Helm/UWEX
      3. Social Media experiments are another benefit.

      My prediction would now be for Philadelphia or Cleveland or at least inside Ohio or PA. If they remain on the I-35 corridor, San Antonio would be next or maybe back to Oklahoma, one of their favorite torture locations.

      When I posted the 7-7-7 prediction header I was thinking about a BREXIT diversion to get everyone off Hillary’s diving campaign and the total criminal exposure of the FBI and DOJ. But in reality, it is these things that will trigger a martial law scenario.

      It seems they want people to act out and shoot a few judges, high Law Enf. figures and then “bang” we get civil war. Think about the killing of Obama, Lynch. Sotomayor, etc.

      I am even questioning whether the recent rash of police shootings are real.
      What do you think? They just have far too many colors and sounds to choose from anymore.

      • I don’t think cops died in Dallas only because they wont release any info on the whole incident. Looks like one big hoax to me. I hope you are wrong about Philly since that’s my hometown and I live less than an hour from there now with traffic. Did you see the Orlando videos? The ones with cops and hospital workers dancing to Whitney Houston’s “I wanna dance with somebody”? How friggin’ stupid and a true sign it was all just a joke on us. The agenda for that one of course the gay & muslim & gun grab. That one had a lot goin for it. Dallas is the race war/cop divide and conquer.. Also Christina Grimme was a weird one too. I think she was Selena Gomez’s blood sacrifice since her father was also her agent and they were “bffs”. A friend at work knows her family and went to the “viewing” funeral.. but there was no body to be viewed… and no funeral to attend.. It seems the parents took care of that in private. I said.. wow that’s weird.. why? She simply said..paparazzi. ….made me go hmmmmmmmmmmmm

        Ok off to read your article on the Cern devil dance…..

        • Too strange the Prince and Grimmie deaths. Neither seem real to me.
          I’d love any good info or links you find on those.
          See ya soon I hope.

  5. Did both you ladies see the Gtthard Tunnel Spectacular. Better than 2012 Olympics in optics!

    Heres another of my favorites from the CERN SATANIC EVENT in Switzerland.
    I laugh when people say this was for the completion of Gotthard tunnel.

    This is a Satanic rite for either CERN tube or for some Sodomizing or sterilization ceremony with the tunnel being the Fallopian Tube.

    I’d love both your takes on this gem. Happy to hear from both of you.


    • Patrick, I did not see the CERN event. I don’t think the Japanese TV even carried it, and if they did, neither my husband or I are interested in pop art displays and media spectaculars.

      Grimmie’s death happened when I was in Indonesia and I heard about it, but couldn’t get the details. I don’t even know how she is said to have died. At first I thought the police had killed her, but then I realized my Indonesian is still not up to snuff.

      I have no idea what is going on with the US media, but I get the weirdest reactions from family sometimes. The other day, in response to the topic of the absurd disparities in how people of different classes are treated under the law in America, I brought up what I know about surviving tyrannies. There is distancing from dangerous persons, covert help to their victims, developing a “jive” like the blacks to keep outsiders from learning too much about you. Things Lobaczewski described from his experiences in the Soviet Union.

      What got thrown back at me was that my tactics are “for individual advantage” and that if I anticipate a collapse, I lack altruism. I wanted ask what I said that makes him think I lack altruism–I was talking about community efforts. But I figured I had already gone too far in discussing a touchy subject. He is a “progressive” who believes in technological solutions. I suspect some really nasty memes are going around about Trump supporters. I have not declared support for him, but neither have I joined in what appears to be obligatory condemnation of him, nor do I know the “key words” for such.

      As the now much broken down and battered remnants of the juggernaut continue their unimpeded journey toward the cliff, I suppose the hysteria will ramp up a notch or two. (It’s probably about time for me to start a fascist book account and put up lots of puppy and kitty photos.)

      Good videos by Mr. M, but I am still missing much of the picture there.

      In Japan, things are pretty quiet. They’ve got a new state secrets law that looks a lot like what they had in WWII, and there is a push for remilitarization that only a minority favors. Lots of quietly expressed positive views of Putin among commentators. Lots of obligatory “America is great!” Not many people here cultivate awareness of the national, let alone global, situation. Those that are are quietly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

      • Shinzo Abe wins sweeping victory in Japan elections

        No surprise there Pat but I read this. Does it indicate some turmoil around the corner?

        Politics in Japan Nippon Kaigi
        Right side up -economist

        You have the aging population issues and other problems that tend to have me looking at some rebellion and revolution in the future. Do you think it’s overstated>

        • The Japanese election three days ago had quite a number of peculiarities about it. First, there was no campaigning in our town. We usually have folks in loudspeaker trucks parading up and down our street, with a nice stopping spot right next to our house, where they blare away. No campaign posters went up either. The city announced absentee voting for people who couldn’t make it on Sunday, and they announced the voting on Sunday, when my husband was still waiting to receive his voting pass in the mail. They never sent it, so he couldn’t vote.

          I think most people in Japan don’t vote anyway. We brought them “democracy” and they were really happy, but they quickly noticed it was a sham. The powers making decisions resided elsewhere. I never involved myself politically here. Foreigners were cautioned against trying that. You can organize community activities, but that’s about it, and if those get politicized, you just step back.

          I know some people who voted this time, but we talk around, and we really don’t know anybody who voted for Abe and his gang. When he took power four years ago, I figured people had to try the old-fashioned money machine method of government that used to work okay for Japan one more time under conditions of resource constraints. And they quickly saw that it brought no benefit. Moreover, masses of people began rising up in protest over what was happening. The past two elections, we wondered who on earth was voting for the so-called Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

          Yesterday one of my students spoke up about this. The explanation she has heard is that the younger people are going conservative, and they voted for the LDP, with its crazy neo-liberal Abenomics, Orwellian state secrets act and incipient war-mongering. The old people are being told that the young people wanted it. All the young people I know want to do is play with their phones. And like always, the young people probably assume that it’s the old farts that want to preserve the system they’ve invested their lives in.

          In a morbid sense, it is interesting to watch the illusive shards of whatever democracy Japan used to have go swirling around the rat hole, observing all the while that the people had no say in their demise whatsoever. Japan was not corrupted from within. Like so many other countries, a corrupt head was chosen for it, and the whole country suffers massively on account of it.

          If I get any new information, I’ll write up an article here, and if I have trouble posting it, I’ll pester Patrick.

          Highest regards to you all.

          • I loved Japan in the late seventies, of course I liked the US in the late seventies. It was corrupted slowly by international meddling. Patience is the only virtue by the illuminati.

            So much for the return of the samurai there. I’d love to see the United States go to a regional warlord era until we can regain the rule of law to states and then onto federal invaders. Let the illegals stay but deport the DC and other international banking mafia personnel back to Europe, Africa and Asia.

  6. Hey Patrick ❤ good to see you are still writing and getting info out. I just posted this to FB (fascist book). I did see that disgusting Satanic display at Cern. Made my soul sick. I think they've managed to outdo the London Olympics devil fest. I'm going to read your article on it as soon as I'm done with this comment. How's Boomer?

    • He’s good after a recent rough patch. I suspect he’s been on the road. He now goes where the ENMOD weather team inflict their damage.

      He has made a good move to make lemonade from lemons. He has been busy as we have seen the hailstorms and winds of Change passing through the midwest.

      Which reminds me to mention that Mr. M has been really doing great videos and keeping us informed of the PULSE of NOLA.

      I think Texas to Florida and gulf states are now prime targets for Katrinanomics! With the Nino and warm blob (pacifico) changing over to the N. Atlantic cold blob we will see the return of Katrina strength storms for the gulf. Puerto Rico and Cuba would be especially prime targets to get the NWO NAU plan for massive immigration moving much faster after some real devastation. Do not be surprised to see a Caribbean Mariel Refugee Lift after Hillary’s big election and Bill’s big erection or resurrection.

      I still believe we will know the time when in financial zebranomics we see the black swan land among the whites. Watch the market.


    This is not good at all. This coincides with Japan

    Two 5.9 and 6.2 Magnitude Earthquakes Strikes Northwest Ecuador Coast ten minutes apart!

    Slip-Strike and looks to be a real possible pre-event to another in Indonesia or Sumtara. Watch for Indian Ocean and potential Tsunami warnings.

  8. Here’s a couple of articles that should be read together and the tea leaves considered:

    “Several important factors work in a powerful manner to debilitate, to distort, and to wreck the global financial and economic system. It is long past the point of effective remedy” —

    During the soccer/football match Sunday between France & Portugal, on the TV screen they would superimpose the score, and sometimes it had the word “ORANGE” in orange color underneath.

    • It figures

      Orange will be the largest Mobile phone and web provider in the world. It will go global and consume US companies. Likely the total of the world will have to be “orange” to buy and sell. No hate speech or they turn you into an orange pumpkin.

      Add China Mobile and Verizon in the merge and then the rest fall.

      I pick them because they are French and that means Israel Mossad.

  9. I was just thinking last week, wondering how JG’s been. Then, you popped up! Nice to see you’re lurking.

    There’s probably cognitive abnormalities and more with ALL of these NWO players. Kind of a unique new take on Hillary and something from out-of-the-shadows that could remove her from the levers of “power”. “Something” is going to get her though. And, the rest.

    “Kyle argued Hillary Clinton is on the brink of both physical and medical collapse and referred to the former first lady’s reliance on powerful medicine to fight blood clots and the evidence she is suffering from “post-concussion syndrome.”

    She also did not rule out a surprise withdrawal of Clinton at the Democratic National Convention.

    “I truly believe that the issue of Hillary’s increasing cognitive impairment, if driven home and widely publicized, would be sufficient to cause many of the Democratic superdelegates to back away from her,” she said. “It would not be a political decision for them then, but more a matter of medical practicality. At some point, many people have to decide to take responsibilities away from a parent who is no longer able to handle important life matters.”

    Regardless, Kyle said the American people cannot allow someone who she believes may be mentally incapable of handling responsibility to become commander in chief”.

    • Sounds like an apologist. Is she just evil and psycho? After her killing spree in the Governors office and as first lady, it seems to me that common sense says she has no impairment other than moral bankruptcy.

      Evidence shows once you kill over and over it become second nature. Military suicide is the result of war atrocities when soldiers don’t keep it in check. Oliver Stone and Kubrick showed it in their films. Hillary knows to survive she must push the envelope to newer and greater depravity. If not she would probably succumb to her toxic being. That’s my take on it. She just has to kill to keep her alive.

      We came we saw he died was a fountain of youth for her. Just after her killing of Gaddafi, she was rejuvenated. And the beat will just go on.

  10. Jim Stone at at /ifyouareinamericayouprobablycantseethisah5.html

    weighs in with, “After spending hours wading through the garbage here is what I have concluded: The shootings were all staged. Real or not, it was 100 percent staged. And the reason for staging them was to spark social unrest, to get America into a state of martial law so an election can be postponed until Trump is eliminated. DO OR DIE, THEY ARE HELL BENT ON STOPPING TRUMP and what we are seeing now is the setting of the stage for the cancellation of the elections”.

    A quick search of “u.s. government + propaganda o.k.” reveals a page of articles on the subject, one being this —

    In the first paragraph it reveals the deceased Michael Hastings of Buzzfeed as the reporter on this subject.

    Obviously, a touchy subject. But folks can’t help but recognize the ridiculousness of the obviousness we’re watching…

  11. Theresa May to be PM after remaining challenger suddenly drops out of Tory race

    I have never seen a event so obviously staged by actors coming on and off stage left. This is BREXIT ORANGE all over. Europe will be so screwed before this is over.

    Cameron is so happy to go offstage and sit back to see what voiltility will happen this year. Tony Blair wishes he was dead.

  12. And the devil danced……………….

  13. Some update to Orlando Project Orange:

    From: on behalf of BUDDY DYER

    Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2016 5:21 PM
    Subject: Fwd: Pop up charity festival
    This is person that put together Electric Daisy-wants to do a charity concert and wants to speak to someone.
    Who would that be?
    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Jeff Kenney
    Date: Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 3:56 PM
    Subject: Pop up charity festival
    Greetings. I was the guy that developed Electric Daisy Carnival here in Orlando. I am trying to get in touch with
    someone from the One Orlando site. We have a bunch of big name international electronic artists that are
    interested in putting together a charity event. Ron Legler is a dear friend, and I was actually the lighting
    designer that originally created Pulse with him.
    I have already budgeted the show and I am awaiting artist management approvals. This thing has to happen fast
    since these guys play so many shows a year. I need a charity to get involved and which better than the official
    Orlando charity. Hundreds of volunteers from many different major companies here in Orlando have stepped up
    and pledged to donate their support to make this event happen. We expect to max out the fairgrounds
    amphitheater at 10,000 people. My target budget is to raise around $350,000 for the cause.
    Can you help me get in touch with someone that can work directly with us as this event becomes reality?
    Thank you with a heavy heart,
    Jeff Kenney
    HTG Events LLC
    M: 407-592-9223

    Pulse nightclub closed for 8 months prior to shooting?

    Owner of the club, Ron Legler (Jewish) is on the published list of donors to the Holocaust Memorial Center of Florida. He is also President of the Florida Theatrical Association

    Ron Legler | LinkedIn

    Ron Legler
    President / CEO Florida Theatrical Association
    Orlando, Florida Area Entertainment
    Current Pulse Nightclub Orlando, Florida Theatrical Association
    Previous The Booking Group, Pace Theatrical Group
    Education Thiel College

    Ron Legler of Florida Theatrical Association succeeds Jeff Daniel at key west-side site
    Ron Legler succeeds Jeff Daniel as head of the Hippodrome Theatre.
    Ron Legler succeeds Jeff Daniel as head of the Hippodrome Theatre. (Handout, Orlando Sentinel )
    February 18, 2014|By Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun
    The Hippodrome Theatre at the France-Merrick Performing Arts Center, a key venue in the blossoming Bromo Tower Arts and Entertainment District, is getting a new president with a history of sparking the redevelopment of an arts community.

    Ron Legler, president of the Florida Theatrical Association in Orlando and a former chairman of the Downtown Arts District in that city, will succeed Jeff Daniel as Hippodrome president. He is scheduled to start in early May.

    “I’m very much a community person, as interested in community arts — music, dance, everything — as in Broadway tours,” Legler, 46, said. “That’s who I am. I see so many opportunities in Baltimore. The energy there is great.”


    This has the same MO of the Jews who owned the Paris Bataclan staged event

    I think he ready to sell the Pulse and it had been shut down prior to the staging.

  14. Recognizing the Contributions of Ron Legler by Representative Alan Grayson

    GRAYSON of florida in the house of representatives Thursday, July 24, 2014 Mr. GRAYSON. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in honor of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month, to recognize Ron Legler.

    Holocaust Museum Donor info Newsletter


    Hoax Verified Alton Sterling Died 2-25-16

  16. I just found this story which adds to the intrigue and “False Flag” scripted likelihood of multiple events. “Dallas Shooter Micah Johnson Attended Islamic Seminary School with Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen”. From this fact, a number of other incriminating angles emerge…

    Check it out —

    • I would buy that the Orange County California team and New York Orange HQ were planning multiple LGBT events. Whether they were thwarted or not does not mean they will not happen at a later date.

      It seems that they operate through these locations and all events on the post can be tracked GPS to the following

      Orange County, California, part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area
      Orange County, Florida, containing Orlando
      Orange County, Indiana
      Orange County, New York, part of the New York metropolitan area
      Orange County, North Carolina
      Orange County, Texas
      Orange County, Vermont
      Orange County, Virginia

      I suspect that “swing states” are high priority and therefore Ohio, PA, Michigan, NC are the high priority states. That coincides with the conventions in PA and Ohio so I would dollars for doughnut holes that we are in for a major one in these two states.

      Based upon the Joo-joo-bees and Pedophile Freemasons, the city of brotherly love Philadelphia and Cleveland are PRIME TARGETS for both staged events and single (real) sacrifices.

      Watch for high profile deaths (celebs) and our next Crisiscast from these locations.

      Orange Is Summer’s Hottest Color Trend

  17. Similarly we are seeing the Orange Revolution, though adapted specifically for Bernie and the divide and conquer. Hillary or Trump will spark the bloody Orange event which should call for a universal mandate for small arms treaty TPP and other globalist Climate changes. Hollywood and Holyrood are the political muscle and power behind the media storm. Funded by covert drug money, years of CAFR offshore banking and foundation money being used for psychological operations. That’s why the hoaxes are playing out so fast. It’s a pressure release valve for a corrupt election system and the criminal political elite avoiding the hangman’s noose.

    You can find so much historically being recycled for reuse in the ‘transformation’ but no better metaphor or optic can be seen and heard by the Project Monarch millennials and other victims of a completely absurd program based upon a completely anti-human agenda. They will carry the water over the next cycle which will destroy any hope of solidarity and usher in 1984 in world of science fiction eugenics.

    If you track social media and google analytics, you can watch the massive hallucination that is posing as reality. At no time are the victims ever touching ground. Virtual insanity.

    Futures made of virtual insanity now
    Always seem to, be governed by this love we have
    For useless, twisting, our new technology
    Oh, now there is no sound for we all live underground

  18. Freedom – Stop it going on

    Yeah yeah, have you heard the news today?
    People right across the world are pledging they will play the game
    Victims of a modern world, circumstance has brought us here
    Armageddon’s come too near

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