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Taliesin “The Great Prophesy of Britain”

From the Taliesin

The Prophecy of Prydein the Great
Book of Taliesin VI
From The Four Ancient Books of Wales

FLW: Taliesin East

The Hillside Home School by Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin

I find this an interesting connection to the illuminati, Occult and Brexit.

American student Beau Solomon

Homeless man arrested in Rome following murder of American student Beau Solomon

Body of American Student Beau Solomon Found in Rome, Italy

Beau Solomon, 19 (IS) I$I$

Hometown: Spring Green, Wisconsin



  • VI “Armes Prydein Vawr” (“The Great Prophesy of Britain”)
  • X “Daronwy” (“Daronwy”)
  • XLVII “Armes Prydein Bychan” (“The Lesser Prophesy of Britain”)
  • XLIX Kein gyfedwch (“A bright festivity”)
  • LII “Gwawt Lud y Mawr” (“The Greater Praise of Lludd”)
  • LIII Yn wir dymbi romani kar (“Truly there will be to me a Roman friend”)
  • LIV “Ymarwar Llud Bychan” (“The Lesser Reconciliation of Lludd”)
  • LVII Darogan Katwal[adr?] (“Prophecy of Cadwallader” (title only))


A homeless man being charged is trumped up. I believe this a sacrificial rite in the illuminati for the Brexit and Great Britain exit and move to the global power shift. If you link the Name Beau and Solomon with the 19 numerology and then link the Spring Green and Taliesin East estate of Frank Lloyd Wright, the markers are just too obvious to ignore.

King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, the Rosicrucian enlightenment and the wrath of the Roman Catholic Church. This has the war of the Rose, Rome and Celtic (Welsh) fingerprints.

A Prophecy of Taliesin relating to the Ancient Britons, is still extant, and has been strikingly verified. It is to the following effect:

“Their God they shall worship.
Their language they shall retain,
Their land they shall lose,
Except wild Wales.

Spring Green and Frank Lloyd Wright

The world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright was born in nearby Richland Center, Wisconsin, studied in Madison, Wisconsin, and spent summers and other times near Spring Green with his mother’s family, the Lloyd-Joneses of Wyoming Valley. He became identified with Spring Green when he built the first Taliesin (studio) there in 1911 after leaving his Oak Park, Illinois family, home, and studio with the wife of an erstwhile client. The disapproval of many area residents only intensified after a disastrous fire and the murder of his lover along with her children and a number of workmen by a still-poorly-understood killer in 1914.[9] On the other hand, some Spring Green craftsmen were among Wright’s trusted and lifelong favorites.[10] Taliesin was continuously rebuilt over the years and became a local landmark. Wright was buried in the Lloyd-Jones family cemetery next to Unity Chapel near Taliesin and Spring Green from his death in 1959 until 1985, when his remains were controversially removed after the death of his third wife and widow, cremated and reinterred in Arizona.[11] Especially in the past several decades, growing worldwide appreciation of Wright’s legacy has brought increased attention as well as tourism to the Spring Green area. Architects from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, along with Wright-trained architects native to the area, have designed numerous homes and commercial and civic buildings in Spring Green and the surrounding area.

Mystery of the murders at Taliesin – BBC

I wish I had more time on this but as you know the sacrifices are happening all over key coordinates and Hillary and Barry Soetoro just spent time in Charlotte priming the zombies for the 2016 sacrifice of America Campaign.  Donald Trump is similarly killing for his bid. This  sacrifice seems to be voodoo for him and his camp.

Taliesin, the “shining brow” and events of the murders seem to coordinate well with the 1913  Federal Reserve. In that sacrifice 8 were offered including the killer. The deeper connections are there I am sure. Time is my enemy now.





  1. The BREXIT Deception, Britain’s One Party State, Chilcot Cop-out & Germany EU Agenda

  2. “1209 North Orange Street”

    Why do the Clintons have 5 shell companies in Delaware?

    So the Crime Syndicate can manage 5 servers.

    There was more — much more. Comey said Clinton had used not one but multiple private email servers during her time at State.

    Joe Biden knows Delaware

    • Jim Stone says the following in his post today:

      July 5 2016

      What false flag would that be? The U.S. court system, which flies a false flag of justice! The easy rules are for the elite, who, when they get busted by even the easy rules (which include the worst offenses of all) get to walk free without prosecution while the little guy gets the difficult laws, where even pathetic meaningless “offenses” result in jail time.

      That is the only thing that can explain what is really going on with Hillary. The biggest pit of infection in America is the legal system, which is being systematically used to kill the country. Allowing that system to thrive equals the death of the nation. The very first round in a civil war has to be directed against this system, including its law enforcement, to make it possible to uproot the evil they are protecting.

      Disagree with a teacher? That system will take your kids. Have a problem with where your taxes are going? That system will take everything you have. Have any sort of fight or dispute? Into that system you go, to fill a slave labor pool. That system is the tool of tyranny, it is the worst in the world, anyone who has encountered it ought to know it, and in America that is practically everyone now. Just try to say no to even an arcane law and see what happens to you – at the very least your life will be knocked to zero by jail time that causes you to miss all payments and bills for a few months, which will cause everything you have to be cast out on the street and when you get out of jail you will start over at ZERO. That is the least the system will do to you. That will happen if you are lucky.

      And Hillary proved it is all a false flag – there is no justice in America, come on now, if you think there is, you are some sort of imbicile.

      American courts now serve, almost unilaterally, PURE injustice and the prison stats for the little guy, when overlaid on top of what Hillary got away with, prove it.

      • When we first started this site I wrote “TRIAD, the Illuminati Formula” and since then have repeated the simple saying. Laws are for us and they do not aply to them. They have RULES. And rules only. They may have a death sentence for exposing their cabal or methods but mere Fraud and RICO are not part of the rules. If they do not pay % to the Family DONS, they may see jail time (Madoff) but it’s only for show to make us think the LAWS apply to them as well.

        Hillary may have a dead mans switch and holding a trump card as others have done. It’s still unclear whether she has taken on the Syndicate in such a manner. I think not, though and fell she’s operating within the confines.

        For me the question is whether she risked exposing “Eyes Only” to independent sources via hacking or mishandling. I think they are waiting to see and leaving the door open to taking her out. If Trump is for real, do we really think they wouldn’t cap him?

        The idiot masses would be agreeable to the ISIS assassination conspiracy or some ultra left whackjob ala MK-Ultra stooge. I’m so tired of this two year primary and convention. I am for making the puppet in chief a simple lottery pick. They don’t have any power as we know, just a axis point from where the designers create our world from and communicate. In electromagnetic terms they are a transformer and we are resistors or capacitors with the hidden power source behind the transformer just waiting to burn us out.

  3. In Clinton Case, Obama Administration Nullifies 6 Criminal Laws


  5. PROJECT BLUEBEAM!!! – You can call it anything you like… Ishtar, ISIS, ET, Superman or the Justice League, but as we have seen from post WWII, a quiet and consistent war on our minds. From UFO disclosure Hoax ala Apollo, the program has been the same year after year. To develop electromagnetic, full spectrum technology from 1Hz to 180Ghz.

    All the audio and visual spectrum included. You cannot believe your eyes or ears anymore because they have invaded the realm with nanochip technology. Bucky, the minister of exopolitical transformation have your DNA (or soon will by hook or crook)

    All I need is peek at your garbage, right? Or just a swipe of your credit card on my enhanced debit machine (ATM) or a simple pass through the TSA gauntlet.

    My oh my what the sheeple will never know. What we don’t know is volumes.

    My only warning to the masses. When the event happens do not watch it. Do not look at the light. Do not listen, do not comply. When the times are such as the Heads of Justice are confirmed as criminals and we are voting for a felon, assassin and traitor, you know they are just moments away from the event. Anything short of Hillary violating a child like Cathy O’Brien on TV is all we have not seen.

    My guess is that there will be a minimum of three advanced extraterrestrials showing up for Pope Baptismal Coronation. It ought to be real good entertainment and entrainment.

  6. For those unaware, MI7 runs the bluebeam program psyops, while MI9 runs the covert programs. MI6 runs the world economy intelligence while MI8 runs communication and information services. The MSM focal point is Reuters (Canary Wharf) like the City of London it hosts the intelligence and communication. They are completely independent of EU or GB authority (just like DC, Vatican and Tel-Aviv)

    Tavistock, Chatham House control the program for mind control and disinfo (hegelian dialectics) Along with Thomson-Reuters, they handled the psyops of the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations.

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