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20 hostages killed, 13 saved in Bangladesh restaurant attack – WaPo

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    Launched on June 15, 2014
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    Holey, The only truly Artisan Bakery Shop between Mumbai and Singapore, located right here in Dhaka.

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    Holey Artisan Bakery was born from passion.

    Holey Dollar

    Holey Bakery: There were no EXITS, only BREXITS

As Dhaka is represented as Muslin, we have the greenscreen of another false flag hoax. This one has all the connections to the Operation Brexit , which is one component of the Universal Currency program and cashless society.

Bangladesh has been fighting NWO inversion for many years and it’s an obvious good point to connect the ongoing false flag staged events diverting the attention off the ISIS Gladio slaughter of the resistors we have seen in other theaters of the Arab Spring, Ukraine and the “stans” in the Cauacuses.

This event likely coordinated the Australian and Canadian team along with the Bollywood crisis actors who may likely be ex-pats living in Canada, India or Australia. It is a City of London produced event that aligns perfectly with the Holey Holyrood psyops regarding the EU breakup and eventual global connection to the United States of Europe which will merge with the NAU (via SPP) and the TPP/TTIP.

The coordinates of this event and optics and numerology point specifically to Prince Edward Island, CA, Sydney AU, Scotland, Ireland and times well after the Brexit chess move and the recent “Three Amigo’s” meeting in Ottowa.

There were specific reasons for for Turkish false flag to include Chenchens ala Tsarnaev and the bogus ISIS leak that dire warnings for the planned “fake”  execution of D. Tsarnaev. The same holds true here as well in Bang La Daesh.

for laughs, Dhaka is the Muslin capital of the world

In video production as well, muslin is used as a cheap greenscreen or bluescreen, either pre-colored or painted with latex paint (diluted with water). It is commonly used as a background for the chroma key technique.

  • 20 killed in attack on Dhaka restaurant (13 injured 33)
  • Most of the dead appear to be foreigners (actors from AU, India, Canada)
  • Six hostage takers are killed and one is captured (1 for disinfo campaign)
  • Islamic State claim responsibility ISIL not ISIS – MOSSAD  (this is anti-Brexit)
  • Attackers carrying swords and crude bombs, says manager (no need for gun rights here)

Twenty hostages were hacked to death with sharp weapons by Islamist terrorists during a dramatic siege at an upmarket Dhaka restaurant that ended in a bloodbath on Saturday morning.

Nine Italian, seven Japanese, three Bangladeshi and one Indian nationals were among the victims.

At a press conference held after midday local time at the Bangladesh army headquarters, Brig-Gen Nayeen Ashtaq Chowdhury confirmed that 20 people were found killed using locally made sharp weapons, after police and military broke the siege with Operation Thunderbolt, which lasted from 7.40am to 8.30am.

Two Sri Lankans and one Japanese hostage were rescued, along with around a dozen Bangladeshis.

Two separate sources – a rescue worker and a paramilitary officer – told the Telegraph the victims had severe wounds to their necks and throats.

Six of the attackers were shot dead during the raid on the Holey Artisan Bakery, an expatriates’ favourite.

Brig-Gen Nayeen Ashtaq Chowdhury does not exist and this is a totally fictitious name.

Not a peep on this TERROR EVENT by the Bangladesh  Army, nor a confirmation of this Brigadier General. Nothing on their calendar. At least they did not publish this staged drill.

Holey means full of holes and this is a fraud, hoax and scam and you can bet your bottom dollar it is another part of Operation Agenda 21.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadis activity online.

Sumon Reza, an employee of the restaurant who witnessed the attack, escape, told Bangladeshi media the assailants had taken hostages and shouted “Allahu Akbar” before detonating explosive devices.


SITE Intelligence Group is a for-profit Bethesda, Maryland-based company that tracks online activity of white supremacist and jihadist organizations.[1][2][3] From 2002 to 2008, SITE Intelligence Group was known as the Search for International Terrorist Entities (SITE) Institute. SITE is led by the Israeli analyst Rita Katz.[4][5]

In order to view many of the contents of their website, a person, government or company must subscribe to SITE Intelligence Group.[6]

Registrar: WILD WEST DOMAINS, LLC (Scottsdale Arizona (PROXY)
Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 440
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Status: clientRenewProhibited
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Updated Date: 23-oct-2015
Creation Date: 26-jan-2007
Expiration Date: 26-jan-2017

Who is Behind the Islamic State (ISIL) Beheadings? Probing the SITE Intelligence Group – James Tracy via Global Research

Arch-Zionist Mole Rita Katz and the Mossad Orchestrated ISIS Beheading Hoaxes –

Rita Katz and her Abe Foxman SPLC Mossad backers are on their game in all US International zionist ops involving ISL and Homegrown terror events. Rita has a special love for the hacking and beheading variety events. SITE was a creation post 911 in order to divide and conquer the American International global agenda of Muslim and Christian violence while attacking those who expose the real terror of the zionist joo-joo-bees running real terror in Israel and Palestine. Nothing is out of bounds for these liars, thieves and crooks. Not even child sacrifices.

Holyrood West –

Holyrood East – – (cache)

The East site appears to be down for reasons I assume are to scrub the bullshit and update the narrative.


Lovely Rita – Meta Maid

Published on Sep 3, 2014

Rita Katz says that her organization released the beheading of Stephen Sotloff video ‘before ISIS had a chance to’ – ” we actually had that video beforehand and were able to beat them (ISIS) with the release ” – Woman who found the ISIS execution video

9.16.15 photo Katz_PopeVisit_9.12.15_zpswmvg2cf8.png


We can chalk Operation Thunderbolt to another case of Joo-joo-bee Lightening.

There will be more to this hoax coming out soon. Added content in comments.








  1. SITE Intelligence publishes photos of ‘Dhaka cafe assailants’ – BDNEWS24

  2. Is ′Islamic State′ operating in Bangladesh? | Asia | DW.COM |
    Oct 13, 2015

    Rita Katz, Director of the SITE group, urged the Bangladesh government not to ignore the claims made by the Islamic State. She claims to have firm evidence that the terror group is operating in the country. She posted a series of tweets on October 09, 2015, describing her standpoint on the issue:

    After a spate of killings in the LGBTQI community of Bangladesh, Hasina had released a statement attributing the killings to the writings by those killed and that the government bears no responsibility.

    In Islamic State’s mouthpiece/editorial, Dabiq, Bangladesh referred to as Bengal makes 68 appearances in the 14th issue. And ‘Bengal’, according to Dabiq is important because of its “strategic geographic position” that would help in performing attacks in India causing “tawaahhush (chaos)”

  3. More from the “Orange For Kids” Common Core

    SITE MOSSAD PHOTO SHOOT: ISIS child soldiers use handguns to execute ‘Taliban spies’ via @MailOnline



    Chuck Todd: “There is some news reports out there that indicate that no charges may be brought against you in a final decision in a couple of weeks. Were you given that indication today that no charges would be filed and are you confident that no charges would be filed?”

    Clinton: “Chuck, I am not going to comment on the process. I have no knowledge, any timeline is entirely up to the department.”

    Translation: Chuck, It’s not time to drop the bomb yet.


    It was just announced-by sources-that no charges will be brought against Crooked Hillary Clinton. Like I said, the system is totally rigged!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 2, 2016

    Yesterday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that she would be welcoming the recommendation from the FBI and bureau director James Comey about the findings of the investigation.

    You can’t set up a better 4 way meeting than Lynch, Bubba Clinton, Comey and Hillary in a simultaneous meeting.

  5. Watch the Supreme Court nominees for the future NAU. If Comey, Lynch or Holder are not SCOTUS nominees, I’ll eat my hat. Add Jeh Johnson to that list.

  6. Holy Dollar-Brexit

    Suicide bomber strikes near Prophet’s Mosque in holy Saudi city of Medina (VIDEO)

    June 7, 2016. Eid al-Adha – Tuesday, September 13, 2016 . The window has July marked for Kabbalah on Wednesday July 6 and July 27 are high on the list for Islamic false flag. The time from 7/6 – 7/9 are most likely.

  7. As you are seeing now the Brexit/zebranomics is being exposed by design. As this is reported the looming financial event is at hand. The time frame still unclear but an October Surprise should follow the Eid

    Eid al-Adha 2016 begins in the evening of
    Monday, September 12
    and ends in the evening of
    Tuesday, September 13


    Dhaka attackers believed to be wealthy university students

    Bangladesh attack: Shock over ‘elite’ Holey Cafe suspects

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