Posted by: Puddy Dunne | June 25, 2016

Waterloo: Act 9 Scene 11 footnotes


“I think it’s fantastic!” Donald Trump

New ‘captain’ needed (NWO Want Ad)

David Cameron

“I do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination,” he told the world’s media outside his Downing Street residence, saying a new leader should be in place by October.

‘EU’s dead’

“The eurosceptic genie is out of the bottle and it will now not be put back,” he said.”EU’s finished, EU’s dead.” Nigel Farage

“The period of the disintegration of the European Union has begun. And the first vessel to have departed is Britain,” said Deputy Prime Minister Nurettin Canikli.

EU leaders urged European unity now that their 28-nation club is down to 27.

“Today on behalf of the 27 leaders, I can say that we are determined to keep our unity as 27.”  Donald Tusk, president of the European Council,

NATO said it was committed to closer cooperation with the EU:

“The UK will remain a strong and committed NATO ally and will continue to play its leading role in our alliance,” alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg said.

Axis of Evil

French Socialist MEP Pervenche Beres

“The United Kingdom will be even more odious in Brussels if it stays in Europe.” (speaking to the EU-funded news portal, 30 May)


Ewald Nowotny, Austria central bank governor

“For the British, an exit is economically worse than for the rest of Europe. The City of London will lose its status, and many other advantages that are currently taken for granted will have to be renegotiated. I hope that economic sense will ultimately prevail. I see no problem for the financial system because the Brexit scenario has been discussed in the market for some time. Should it actually happen then for whom would this still be a surprise?”

Who is the next Prince of Orange?








  1. This is good:

    • Yes it is.

      There’s a lot left to this and like Panama Papers, the psyop and disclosures are few and sequestered. This is a temporary meause that could end at any moment. Or…

      Imagine the latitude of the RothRocks with an independent player in the ranks of Eurasia. As this measure, BREXIT goes, its still is a blip of the massive refugee exodus and the looming global depression and water wars/food shortages for the next 8 year cycle. The EU is screwed anyway.

      Did you see Hillary and her hiney licking cohort in blue? Hillary is making a mistake to court Elizabeth Warren as VP. It’s a loser, I think. Warren is the left female Trump. She talks crap.

      Watch for some action in China. A sizable quake in the central Sichuan to Qinghai plateau.

  2. 5.7 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Mexican Coast; Buildings Sway in Mexico City

    Cocos subduction

    This is a HAARP scalar quake (or drilling event), shallow and in the 5.1 to 6 M range (depth 15 miles) The big one there is this year or 2017. Perfect timing for the Trump phenomenon which will garner us a lot of weather modification.

    Action at Diego Garcia – Braxit

    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Fishermen from the city detained since May 27 at Diego Garcia Island in Indian Ocean by the British Navy for entering into restricted territorial waters and released following government intervention, met Fisheries Minister J Mercykutty Amma here on Monday. The Minister cautioned the fishermen from getting caught unawares for venturing into restricted zones as the British Navy has warned of stringent punishment against those who enter into restricted territorial waters.


    The current light show there and this activity tell me the China or Pakistan area is currently under assault by the UK-US Navy boys at HAARP central. The mobile submarine scalar nukes are docked there.

    If we see some more MH370 action you can assume Antarctica as well.

    Look for China after a chilean 5.1 quake off the easter Island and mainland.

  3. Yeah, right!

    Former Head of UN General Assembly tied to Chinese Clinton Donor found Dead Ahead of Trial for Bribery

  4. Here’s an obvious Political Move

    Mexico “suspends” Chapo’s Extradition

    Not until the election and if Trump is elected we will never see the “midget”

  5. FBI Transcript Shows Nobody Died in Orlando Shooting Until SWAT Teams Entered the Building: Judge Napolitano

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