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NWO want’s the BREXIT?
George Soros and China would

Soros says pound fall after Brexit would be bigger, more disruptive than ‘Black Wednesday’


_______________Seeking Alpha

Brexit Stage Left: U.K. Voters Shock Markets By Opting To Leave The European UnionBrexit Stage Left: U.K. Voters Shock Markets By Opting To Leave The European UnionBrexit Stage Left: U.K. Voters Shock Markets By Opting To Leave The European Union

Hey! They stole my Tagline!

After the Brexit Vote to Leave, it comes as no shock to me. I know the program and agenda. If you are putting the puzzle together you have to look no further than 2007 and the election of Mr. Change and the 2008 financial crisis. The Vortex showed all the signs.

If you are not following the False Flags of Blacksburg Black Monday and Orlando Orange Sunday, you missed the same program that the 2008 financial crisis offered for the election of Barry Soetoro.  Along with Aurora and Sandy Hook Black Fridays  and the great underrated LIBOR heist, you miss the connecting dots from the Rothschild’s Brussels and City of London banking cartel.  The paradigm of left and right all follow the same agenda of the two party Illuminati that hosts the Pilgrims and Fabians from 18th century when they consolidated in Freemasonry.

The role of LIBOR in the fixing of rates, the derivative, mortgage meltdown and planned financial crisis was always preceded by a false flag event.  The billions lost to local and regional economies are still being seen nationwide and universally by municipalities and cities, eg: (Baltimore, Detroit, San Bernardino etc.)

The vortex is clearly 1,4,7 (-2,5,8) and this sets the stage for two possible scenarios. Practical assumptions would lend to an October Black Friday in the Markets. That would assume a Trump election. Another would be a hot war and a Clinton election win. Assuming the vortex is correct from the Bush Clinton Crime syndicate aspect, Clinton gets a 911 x 10 false flag or Trump gets a financial collapse. Even though both events could occur, I predict the wild card option is open for Obama third term and an unprecedented mandate and both events. That would be a mandate by the people and sheeple who know both candidates are crooked and inept and those under the influence of Obamachange.

Start tracking the financial ramifications of the LIBOR gang, the Hedge Fund manipulators and the Wall Street conmen.


Fire Sale! $200 Billion In US Stocks Dumped By China, OPEC

Soros looks set to make a killing on Brexit result

Watch the brains leaving the dollar. Watch Soros, China dump US treasuries, stocks and risk.  Saudi’s end the production dumping and make a deal to pump oils prices to the rafters. That is coming. Hyperinflation.

Amid swirling uncertainty over the impact of the so-called “Brexit,” the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 402 points as of 10:35 a.m. ET, a 2.2% drop. The S&P 500 tumbled 2.4%, while the Nasdaq composite declined 2.8%.

Some $450 billion in U.S. market value had been erased in Friday’s selloff as of 10:40 a.m., as measured by the Wilshire 5000 index.

Who knew? The team of insiders in the largest to be redistribution of wealth. The precious metals buyers (big six) and the Chinese, Indians, Russians and Soros. The Blackrock gang among others. Watch the Russia, China and London triad make the move to destroy the US and dollar heading into the global currency phase of the NWO Agenda 21.  This excludes the Capitol Hill Gang and Pilgrim GOP and Fabian DEMS who are in the London and Brussels Rothschild sphere.

This is a great little microcosm of the macrObama change program and the Agenda 21 program masquerading as political correctness.

Prosecutor fired over Facebook post sounds off on Twitter

Assistant State Attorney Ken Lewis was fired late Thursday by Orange-Osceola State Attorney Jeff Ashton for violation of a social media policy. Lewis has most recently been the lead prosecutor on the case against accused downtown killer Stephen Duxbury.

Here’s what he wrote on Facebook at 9:40 a.m. on the morning of the shooting massacre at Pulse:

“Downtown Orlando has no bottom. The entire city should be leveled. It is void of a single redeeming quality. It is a melting pot of 3rd world miscreants and ghetto thugs. It is void of culture. If you live down there, you do it at your own risk and at your own peril. If you go down there after dark there is seriously something wrong with you.”

Lewis’ prior actions led to the creation of the social media policy at the State Attorney’s Office. On Mother’s Day in 2014, he posted derogatory comments about women.

Lewis was first suspended, then fired.

In a letter to Lewis, State Attorney Jeff Ashton said, “Frankly, short of a bona fide claim of mental illness, there was little you could say that would have changed my mind.”

WESH 2 News reached out to Lewis for comment, but he directed us to this tweet: “I just got fired for a Facebook post after 20 years as a prosecutor. The founding fathers would turn in their graves. God help this country!”

We will get some disclosure prior to the election that will involve Heroin smuggling into the US.  How Obama and Company (CIA-I$I$) are protecting smugglers and the Chicago Crime syndicate are flooding the drugs into the country at an unprecedented rate. Meanwhile the DOJ and regulators are shutting down doctors prescribing the pain killers for honest people, vets and chronic patients which is moving them into the streets for illicit purchasing.  The dirt cheap high quality poppy is killing scores of people and the American Prison Complex and Corporate stakeholders are banking big on the fake “War on Drugs”

The SCOTUS decision on Obama’s immigration is certain to boost the tension of our coming civil war, succeeding the financial crushing of entitlements that was struck with Trump and speaker Ryan with the orders of the controlling criminals in Congress.

As we know now, Bilderberg decides and the candidate, then  first gets his Party Orders, then the outgoing CIC gives him the final information of programs in process and last minute details of the other party’s agenda that he needs to be “hands off” but aware of.

Obama will indicate the outcome of the election as GW Bush did with Botswana. He may have already done it but I have not seen it yet so I expect it coming at the point of the first false flag or financial event. This disclosure will come with some caveat of importance from Barry Soetoro regarding another issue but will indicate the outcome.

There is always a possibility of the Wildcard. That may be that Trump is legitimate but odds are it is 1 in 52.  It would be a wasted opportunity then to eliminate him when they can destroy the man while using him well to make the job impossible in both the domestic, financial and international agenda.

The Brexit event is one that makes me almost certain of a Trump lead going into November but an October Surprise that changes the US forever, economically  or the candidate himself. We will see.


Guess Who?



  1. United we stand, divided we fall…? Perspective on this statement needs to be clarified.

    It depends on WHOM is saying it, and whom they are referring to.

    Example: “We need a common enemy to unite us.” — Condoleeza Rice, March 2000

    The People have discerned quite rightly that WE are considered the “enemy” by the elites. The elites use their deceptions and language manipulation, with their MSM propaganda outlets to confuse and deceive about their intentions and the meanings of what they say.

    The Obvious conclusion for We-the-People is that the “elites”, the NWO, corrupted “governments”, and their extensive agencies and “systems” of control are humanity’s TRUE ENEMY!

    This conclusion is proven on too many levels to even list here. The “administrators” FAIL The People at every turn, blatantly steal from them in a multitude of ways (taxes, inflation, outright fraud, embezzlement, its endless), impoverish, murder, etc., etc. When they spew that They are trying to “help us”, their cover-ups and backing up of the chemtrail programs, the vaccine programs, the Big Pharma & Insurance scams, the bank bail-outs, the GMO/Monsanto protection racket, the heroin & cocaine rackets, etc., etc., it is Obvious They are the active and avowed Enemy of The People!

    Illegal Wars & False Flags are their calling cards. Chaos & Collateral Damage in their wake is seen on every side in every country they touch.

    They’re trying to shoe horn in Hillary, a blatant criminal and psychopath, after pushing the enigma, Obama into “office”, following the George W. Bush illegal 2nd term, and on backwards into the dark of night, lit up by Bush, Sr.’s and his wicked cronies’ “1000 Points of Light”.

    So, the Brits have decided to Brexit, whilst embroiled in a fraudulent process from the gitgo. Like moronic and duplicitous school marms they lift their skirts by suggesting “the voting public” use PENCILS, as a better way to skirt the obviously hackable digital vote counting “systems”. LOL!!! “The People”, Everywhere, have been watching.


  2. Here are some scary connections, that should make folks wary —

  3. As you noted, there is a Ra-Rah (RA Illuminati campaign) that BREXIT was a win for us and a loss for the Rothschild Cartel.


    1. Middle and upper wealth people not in the cabal have lost. Bank shares. stocks etc. They just took a haircut.

    2. The Bank losses were conpensated by the secret offshore banking elites who operate run and own the investment management of the big four. Those are
    A. BlackRock (Big Daddy)
    B. State Street
    C. Vanguard
    D. Fidelity (US Daddy)

    The Banks who had begun buying PM’s at a good clip like Dimon J.P. Goldman and others along with the ‘owned’ government purchases (Central Banks)

    10. India
    Official gold holdings: 557.7 tonnes
    Percent of foreign reserves in gold: 5.4%

    9. Netherlands
    Official gold holdings: 612.5 tonnes
    Percent of foreign reserves in gold: 54.6%

    8. Japan
    Official gold holdings: 765.2 tonnes
    Percent of foreign reserves in gold: 2.1%

    7. Switzerland
    Official gold holdings: 1,040.0 tonnes
    Percent of foreign reserves in gold: 6.0%

    6. Russia
    Official gold holdings: 1,392.9 tonnes
    Percent of foreign reserves in gold: 13.0%

    5. China
    Official gold holdings: 1,762.3 tonnes
    Percent of foreign reserves in gold: 1.8%

    4. France
    Official gold holdings: 2,435.6 tonnes
    Percent of foreign reserves in gold: 60.1%

    3. Italy
    Official gold holdings: 2,451.8 tonnes
    Percent of foreign reserves in gold: 64.0%

    2. Germany
    Official gold holdings: 3,381.0 tonnes
    Percent of foreign reserves in gold: 66.3%

    1. United States
    Official gold holdings: 8,133.5 tonnes
    Percent of foreign reserves in gold: 72.2%

    This will never be reflected in the agenda. The entitlement, Jobless and infrastructure will remain on the chopping block and the bullshit being DISHED OUT BY ALEX JONES, the traitor scumbag like others is another PILGRIM agenda for TRUMP – BREXIT

    As for HILLARY-AEXIT, it is only moved by the FABIAN agenda for the UN version of the same WORLD BANK-IMF entrance.

    I got physically ill listening to Alex Jones and Dr. Steve Pieczenik, the CIA mind-control CFR member. Why Infowars plays this guy is beyond me. His bullshit today was so lame and transparent, not to mention irrelevant was beyond belief.

    Watch, Ireland Wales fall like dominos, then major turmoil in France and Italy. Obama and Merkel can sit back now and watch the implosion and say “we warned you’

    This is a Pearl Harbor for world economy, in a war that has dragged out for a hundred years. Both Reamin and Leave end at the same point, just different routes and BREXIT just arrives sooner than remain.

    Meanwhile the redistribution of wealth has just begun and now they are taking it big from the Rich. (millionaires) Those poor dumb outsiders thought they knew something.

  4. Also now you know why the PANAMA PAPERS Psyop came out when it did. As others did during big financial frauds were preparing to be revealed. Who knew the Soros-RothRocks would “disclose” such a limited hangout?

    No one knew it was a caper to deflect the real rich and turn the BERN into mainstreet hatred of middle wealth. Such a con and transparent operation. One hundredth of 1% just made billions today.

  5. Nigel Farage On Brexit Win: “Victory for The People Against the Big Merchant Banks!” – INFOWARS.

    Farage, the CONMAN made sure he predicted loss to make sure that “guess who” got wealthy.

    The Jesuit Khazar Joo-joo-bees running the City of London BREXIT payday were so tight on this scam they were sharing armpits.

    Brexit Cheerleader Nigel Farage Concedes Referendum Is Lost

    He knew which end of the pencil was sharp. SCUMBAG!

  6. TRUMP FAIL – 2016

    How will Hillary cut a deal to stay out of Jail? She’ll drop her election bid again?


    This is a wildcard! Now the NWO can give the sheeple the feeling of “WINNING”

    Trump is a death sentence!

  7. Look at . I’ve pointed it out before, but he feels Trump is “the answer”, at least the lesser evil. Hillary or Trump? Trump of course. But, that doesn’t mean Trump is truly on The People’s side. NOTHING, and WE should admit, NOTHING is going to come “through” the gauntlet, the colon of The Beast System, and be more than a painted, shiny turd masquerading as “the answer”. How can it? TPTB “behind” the policy and power of the status quo “system” will not allow it.

    Only, if a Trojan Horse were to be ensconced within the “temple” the elites have built, and the Trojan Horse blows up, and implodes the structure from within will the system of corruption be taken down. Or, by The People dismantling it from the “outside” by revolutionary means.

    Will Trump be able to enter the halls of power and policy and begin dismantling piece-by-piece the very systems of control, the mine fields of rot and corruption that were laid to take down The Republic? This idea flies in the face of logic and common sense.

    • We need to forget whether trump is sincere and realize the vortex will dictate doom regardless. Either by his hand or their attack on his good efforts the result will be tragic.

      I am sorry I do explain well. I feel he’s an insider but never rule out his good intentions are possible. But I do know the rulers decide and we get no vote on that.

      I’d ask Jim Stone what is the question to Trumps answer.

  8. Looking at some of the headlines on MSM websites, and others, a “picture” comes to mind…

    I’d like to see a cartoon (by “M”), or a pictograph by Casa ZaZa, or something from you, Puddy that depicts entire nations of Peoples engaged in a TUG-O-WAR with the puny number of “elites” on the other end of the rope; a fiery, hellish chasm in the middle.

    This scenario seems to be what’s really happening in our world. The People don’t realize that all they have to do is put their hands on the rope collectively, and SWOOSH, the elites will be pulled to their demise or let go of the rope and be left standing there naked and guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity. Consider this visual I have imagined, and making it be seen and understood.

    • My solution is a charter. Only the issues we agree on. Unfortunately they only pump the divisive issues. I do not like abortion, Foreign Military bases, promotion of LGBT in schools as lifestyle and other wedges, but if we could all agree on America first until we fix it, job creation, infrastructure repair, keeping citizen entitlements intact funded by reducing military expenditure to protecting our borders, then I think party platforms would collapse and the majority would come together.

      They spend billions paying the players of the wedge and MSM to keep the tension wire taught and raising the wire to new levels of emotion. We have seen Obama transparency and he is transparent when you see how he has fronted this strategy. We know he really doesn’t care one way or another on most of his divisive agenda but he follows orders like a Reagan Dog.

  9. Hank Paulson — Treasonous Financial Criminal, endorses Hillary:

  10. As We watch “the Show”, We can see parallels to other recent financial elite criminal activity. So, we read that Soros is making BANK on the Brexit. How many others with insider knowledge are doing the same? It will be a Large Number. Then, we consider the FIX, and those “fixing” the situation for profits. Just like Hank Paulson listed just above, we see a replay occurring in Europe —

    Elites profiting while playing with the lives of millions.

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