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Lights, Cameras….Action!

From the Producers of Oklahoma City Bombing, who brought you Blacksburg 33, Virginia Tech and Orlando 55, the  Orange Pulse fiction  comes a new series.




Your Summer Solstice Blockbuster for 2016. Opens June 20, 2016 to a theatre near you.




Virginia Tech Hoax – Season Premier for OBAMACHANGE

33 Sacks of Oranges

Who is also there? It is the same man in orange seen directing and coordinating the scene for the fake wounded students part of the scam. That bald head appears familiar. Was he not also seen at Sandy Hoax directing the fake grievers there?
Now, this part of the image tells all, as the man in orange and the FBI moles near him stand at the entrance casually, while the cop does his fake gun pointing routine.


Virginia Tech, Big PhRMA and the DSM-5 “CONSPIRACY” No Fly, No Buy, No Trial


Vax Trial



The Orangemen

Location in the state of CaliforniaOfficial seal of Orange County, California

Hollywood – Disneyland -Orange County

San Bernardino – UMPQUA

Location in Boulder County and the State of Colorado

Orange County Satellite – Boulder County, CO

Columbine – Aurora

Map of Florida highlighting Orange CountyLogo of Orange County, Florida

Disney world – Universal – Orange County

The Pulse

Map of New York highlighting Orange CountySeal of Orange County, New York

Prince of Orange – Headquarters – Orange County

Location in New Haven County, Connecticut

Orange Connecticut New Haven County, Newtown / Sandy Hook

Map of Virginia highlighting Orange CountySeal of Orange County, Virginia

Quantico  FBI – Holyrood – Orange County

Virginia Polytechnic – Blacksburg

Map of South Carolina highlighting Orangeburg CountyMap of South Carolina highlighting Charleston County

Orangeburg County, SC

Charleston Church Massacre


Watch for the Orange for the next fake shooting


From the day Mr. Change came in to the day he leaves I suspect relentless fakery and fraud. Look to the retaliation on Islam or reverse with another American Gladio extreme islamic radical hit.  Ramadan ends in July 5 and the season ends in November 15 via the DHS memo. Look for the financial, geopolitical and PhRMA biotech news to find your clues. Every fake mass shooting false flag has an attachment. The election is included in Geopolitical.

Please note the Brexit vote can be one and TPP as well. Britain’s MP Jo Cox Event  and the patsy TOMMY MAIR (CAIR) are part of the psyop.


More on the Orange (related)

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Fifty killed in Florida nightclub shooting, worst in U.S. history

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  1. MAIR – CAIR

    Thomas Mair, alleged killer of British MP Jo Cox, was a longtime supporter of the US neo-Nazi National Alliance.


    remembering virginia tech

  3. Over 1,000 scientists to converge on Blacksburg VA to talk viruses

    Zika, Ebola and HIV will be discussed.
    “Virginia Tech is an ideal place to host a conference of this caliber,” director of the Fralin Life Science Institute Dennis Dean said in the news release. “Our strengths in research, education, and outreach in the life sciences — particularly in the realm of infectious disease — make Virginia Tech a prime destination for such an important meeting.”

    Blacksburg: The German term for Coven or synagogue

    Summer Solstice Fest returns to downtown Blacksburg Saturday

    Downtown Blacksburg Inc. will present the ninth annual Summer Solstice Fest on Saturday, June 18, from 1 to 11:30 p.m.

    THe first day of Summer officially begins 6/20/16

  4. The comments are reasoned here, and the Orlando “story” is debunked and shot down for what it is, “propaganda”.

    Now, who’s doing that? Who is creating these FF’s, then monopolizing the airwaves of the MSM, and selling psy-ops as “reality”? The answer is easy, and we should look for the obvious benefactors.

    At Rense, there’s a couple pics of the “new” rainbow “Don’t Tread on Me” with a #shootback on it. Kirwan posts this —

    Suggests the “No sElection” game play.

    So…if an illegal, unConstitutional, thus treasonous in all aspects corporate “government” make laws and legislates, much of it in secret and against The People’s Constitutional & Natural Rights, why would such a rogue “administration” be obeyed or anything they say or do be seen as legitimate?

    Can the illegitimate and illegal be legislated into “legality and legitimacy? Only on paper, and only via the MSM and only enforced by “the barrel of a gun”.

    So…why would any thinking individual buy into this gigantic scam? They don’t & won’t.

    “The Government” and its agencies is swimming in a sea of illegitimacy, and The People see it, smell it, feel it, and have armed up as a counter-force to what they see as coming.

    There is much more that is being said about the scenario presented before Americans. Here’s one —

    I think The People have, in a very large majority, stopped listening and paying attention to anything coming out of D.C. or the MSM.

    • Boomer,

      It was G4S British operation with the CRISISCAST and Orange Order.

      Look at the videos below. The Pulse was frequented by many nurses and hospital staff that were straight and gay. This was an inside job all the way. My research says it was planned sometime around 2014.

      Look at this pic and see the orange. Islamic version is Saffron. It was always meant to happen at the time of Trump and the anti-muslim phase of divide and conquer. Wackenhut was tied to the Israeli Mossad and during th PROMIS software conspiracy and Danny Casolaro. It was involved with the Cabazon Indian Reservation is California and the Iran Contra affair.

      My mother dated the old man Wackenhut in late seventies. He was a talkative man. I heard things.

  5. The perfect words that fits are “Fraud” and “Fraudulent “.

    A shining example, especially for those number -minded Coto members.

  6. CASTING CRISIS: Orlando’s Actors, Agents and Casualty Role Players

  7. Omar Mateen Employer G4S Is A Client Of Crisis Actor Company CrisisCast.Com


    Our role play actors are psychologically trained in criminal and victim behaviour.

  8. CRISISCAST – G4S and Orange

    The orange BOX and red BLOOD // Brussels Bombing False Flag Crisis Acting Hoax


    Belgian police detain 12 suspects ahead of imminent attacks

    The Black Pope and Jesuits run Orange Order and this is the Belgium psyops central where Jihadi John acted staging were filmed.

    Mohammed Emwazi,

    Abdul Nadir Mumin


    This character will come into a psyop event very soon.

    “He is seeking to boost the ISIS brand in East Africa, a region that is ripe for the group’s expansion but has yet to be exploited. In footage obtained by Sky News,”

    SkyNews is affiliated with CRISISCAST MEDIA. Please keep in mind that the presence of the orange is for insiders to know it’s the psyop and not the real thing.

    As noted in Orlando please note the obvious

  9. The Orange

    Over 100,000 suckers served – 5 Million raised

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