Posted by: Mr. M | June 16, 2016

Germany Is Cooked

If anyone speaks German perhaps you can decipher if my take on what this women is saying isn’t far off.



  1. It’s the way you turn the first world to the third world. The UN sustainability Agenda 21 and Club of Rome outlined it well in the World Problematique (Limit to Growth)

    Overpopulation can only be sold if you push the greatest migration of refugees into the industrialized cities and stack them. While the sustainable agenda is to vacate the rural and have the UN oversee the entire wetlands and wildlands (for themselves and elites)

    Heritage sites, water resources, farmlands are beng evacuated under the global weather control center and forcing people to come to cities for work and as you see they are destroying the manufacturing and killing the commodities and manufacturing as seen by the Baltic Dry Index numbers BDIX

    They are managing it just levels that hold the ship afloat but all the indices and signs show that a mere single catastrophe can sink the ship fast and it’s coming.

    Sheeple just forget the AMMO buys, FEMA camps, bunker builds posing as fracking and bogus engineering and all the executive orders are waiting for the right trigger to get Obama or the next freak to pull their pen and then and only then will sheeple see just how mighty the pen is.

    “Allah is great” – President Clinton

    • Folks should read this piece I just ran across:

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