Posted by: boomerangcomesback | June 16, 2016

As a “Sheeple”, do you lay out your fleece hoping for a Miracle?

“The Rule of Gold after the Financial Collapse”

Totalitarian Collectivism

What is never disclosed in official statistics of wealth ownership are the names of the true underworld bosses of the global controllers. The shadow manipulators conceal the extent of their money hordes. Most public lists painstakingly omit the master criminals. Their plan is to buy real assets with counterfeit notes obtained through illicit profits from rigged markets and phony financial derivative instruments”.   (Classic Statement & Obvious “Truth” there!)

See — That’s THEIR Business Model!

Funny Money Dummy Fiat notes

dollar-bill-fire- keep Americans & the World Impoverished.  How’s that you ask?  Because if you don’t have “Honest Money”, then those who make it can make all they want and inflate your world until it Blows Up!  That’s why.  Usury leads to penury.  The entity that charges interest (usury) bilks the suckers (you the penurious) by charging YOU interest on funny money dummy fiat notes that he dreams up out of thin air.

These days it’s created (counterfeited) by entering the amount desired on the Usurers computer screen, and smiling enormously while hitting the “enter” button.  Voila!!!  They’re ecstatic, and those who use the money are screwed out of their futures.  Creating coinage and bills is production oriented, and simply bears a higher cost of production than the “hit enter” method.  But, So What?!  The profits are INSANE!

READ THIS ARTICLE & GET MORE INFORMED…its Your Money we’re talking about.


“The next step in fleece processing is making sure that all the poop and poop bits (!) are off the fleeces. This is called “skirting.” You “skirt” the edges, making sure all the poop is snipped off” ~

Hmmm.  I kind of get the symbolism, the symbiosis, the sheer stultifying semblance to our “reality” that is coming out there.  THEY RICH!!!  we poor.  We see the Obviousness of the shellacking we’re taking over the years.  Usurious interest, Taxes and Woe.

Well, alrighty then!

Fleeced Shepherd looks at Ewe-tube.

The END…




  1. Remember that we are inducted into this with student debt in exchange for a sheepskin, then we go apply for yob wearing the wool suit (sheeps clothing) and a pretty silk leash. Funny that this fashion has lasted as long as the Federal Reserve and it never goes out of style.

    It’s all about the optics, symbols and numbers. They do not lie.

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