Posted by: Mr. M | June 16, 2016

Another Day At the Office



  1. “These are pretty bad” LOL! “These are pretty true”

    Gov. Abbott is a racist, you know. Just because he does not want the “shaft”

    I am glad you are still talking about Katrina because the vortex is back in Africa (Atlantic) and Caribbean. I’m pretty sure that 2016 or 2017 Florida and gulf coast are on borrowed time since the 2006 HAARP Blob and El Nino is over. This 11 year cycle should be wild until they get climate hoax in place at which tome they will just reduce their manipulation of the Coriolis and jet stream.

    I like your story on proof of life, mine was in the water too at the most dangerous inlet in Florida. After being run over by a drift boat I was lashed against the levee as the wake slammed be 10 times, I was toast until the hand of a man, much like your cop there pulled me up. I saw the “light” and had the life flashing event. You whole life is a blip and passes through your processor at the moment of death.

    Watch 2001 A.S.O again and rethink it.

    Good video!

  2. Abbott a racist? I get called that about 3-times a day. I just like a few of the things he’s done, such as seemingly to stand-up to the federal intrusion on state’s rights.

    Yeah, that story is not the only time I’ve been saved from what seemed like impossible situations. But it was the only time that there was physical evidence to it. My regret is that I didn’t immediately go out and get a camera to take a photo of the saying scratched on the barge.

    I think back on that incident and wonder how it has effected me. I didn’t overnight become a better person. There were still many bad things that I can confess to having done since that time some 40-odd years ago. But certainly it has over time had more and more of an effect, to the point that I have to guard against becoming to pious.

    Yeah, no doubt it’s time. Over a decade of complacency has made the Gulf states prime targets for another disaster. And if not here, we could name a dozen other dominoes that could fall.

    Whatever. It’s been a good life, even with all the clobbering, pitfalls and fuck-ups. I’ve always challenged the norm with abandonment, fueled with sometimes misplaced anger and ignorance, and still managed to survive. Which is why I have faith in God.

    That and for one other reason, which is probably the weakest of reasons, there’s nothing else left to believe in.

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