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NWO “The Theme Park Capital of the World”

49 JujyFruits

Grab yourself a box of Orange Joo-Joo-Bees and get ready for the Feature Presentation.

Published on May 24, 2015

Durand Jirga Show – Seddique Mateen candidacy announcement for President of Afghanistan & end of intelligent agreement_B (5.23.2015 Part 3 of 3)

FBI Quietly Cuts Ties With Anti-Christian Hate Group – Judicial Watch

A year after Judicial Watch exposed the Justice Department’s tight relationship with a radical anti-Christian group linked to domestic terrorism the agency appears to have quietly severed ties with the leftwing organization.

It marks a rare victory for conservatives in a leftist administration led by a president obsessed with political correctness. Among the extremist organizations that wield tremendous influence in the Obama White House are the terrorist front group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the open-borders powerhouse National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

JW has investigated all of these nonprofits’ unscrupulous ties to the Obama administration and uncovered a series of records detailing the unprecedented influence they have on our government. This particular case involves the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit that labels conservatives who disagree with it on social issues hateful. In fact, its website features conservative organizations on a catalogue of “hate groups.” The hate catalogue made headlines in 2012 when a domestic terrorist who carried out a politically-motivated shooting at a Christian organization, the Family Research Council (FRC), admitted he got his target list from the SPLC.

The shooter, Floyd Lee Corkins, stormed into the FRC’s Washington D.C. headquarters with the intention of killing as many employees as possible, according to a news report that cites legal documents. He shot an unarmed security guard at the FRC before the guard subdued him. Corkins pleaded guilty to three felonies, including committing an act of terrorism, and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Led by the FRC, a coalition of conservative groups—including Judicial Watch—demanded that the Obama administration stop relying on the SPLC for advice and training materials.

Last year JW obtained files from the Obama DOJ that reveal SPLC co-founder Morris Dees actually conducted a “Diversity Training Event” for the agency. Later in the year, another shocker was exposed by the conservative coalition working to chip away at the SPLC’s influence in government; the radical group also provides the U.S. military with training supplies and briefings. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a DOJ entity, also endorsed the SPLC as a source and listed it as a resource on its hate crime web page.

The conservative groups fired off letters to both the DOJ and the Department of Defense (DOD) demanding an end to this outrageous relationship with the SPLC. The first one, delivered to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in December, asks that the U.S. military stop using SPLC training materials. “It is imperative that the Defense Equal Opportunity Institute (DEOMI) ensure future materials do not rely on information from organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) or any others that engage in groundless and highly pejorative mischaracterizations of long-standing ministries and organizations for their own political purposes,” the letter says.

In mid-February of this year a similar letter went out to the DOJ and the FBI regarding the agencies’ relationship with the SPLC. It specifically addresses the FBI hate crimes website including the SPLC as a partner in public outreach. That means the FBI shares information and cooperates in solving problems with the SPLC. “The presentation of SPLC to the public as a trusted source of information on the serious matter of hate crimes is completely unacceptable,” the letter says. It further reminds that the SPLC has used its website to inflame public sentiment against those who disagree with the group’s goals, resulting in tragic consequences.

Incredibly, the feds took the information seriously though no formal notice was ever delivered and it’s unlikely that there will be any public announcement. The Washington Examiner reported this week that the FBI quietly dumped the SPLC as a resource on its hate crime website, calling it a “significant rejection of the influential legal group.” The “scrubbing” came at the end of last month, shortly after the DOJ and FBI received the hard-hitting letter from the conservative coalition.

Ramadan Mubarak – 6 June – 5 July

The correlation of Ramadan with crime rates is mixed: some statistics show that crime rates drop during Ramadan, while others show that it rises. 22nd  hour

Welcome Ramadhan.jpg

Players: Mossad, SPLC, CAIR, La Raza, FBI, ICE, DOJ, CIA, DoD
Barry Soetoro, American Gladio.
Operated false flags orchestrated by York and Scottish Freemasons
with high degree (“Craft” jurisdiction) FellowCraft.
Additional events venues- Islamic (Fake ISIS attacks)
Israel – X
France – X
Switzerland – Austria – Mali – India – Germany – Netherlands
VENUES for Weather / Seismic Events (through Ramadan)
VENUES for Retaliation Strikes (attack on Muslims)
Jacksonville FL
Aurora CO
Durham-Chapel Hill, NC
Baltimore, MD
Santa Ana, CA
Garden Grove CA
Ft. Worth, TX
El Paso, TX
Newark, NJ
Hempstead, NY
Canton, MI

Saint Paul, MN


electioneye copy

Road to war ala Orange

Vortex 147 -258: Attacks are based on numbers 6,9,3 Latitudes of  prior events and decoding the media and google analytic’s for the Levant and Middle East. The Southern Poverty Law Center Hate list offers the locations for White Supremacists groups (likely working for the American Gladio project) as well as known CIA hubs and FBI field offices.  Either we see an additional attack by Radical Islamic lone wolf or we see a White supremacist kill at an Islamic academy. I suggest it will be a primary education center and a date before the end of Ramadan early July or before either convention.

Why is Obama ramping up US forces in Afghanistan? You have to know the difference between the real Taliban and the fake ISIS.

Obama Allows U.S. Troops in Afghanistan in Combat Roles – Dead Breitbart




  1. Media Refusing to Cover Numerous Witness Accounts of Multiple Shooters in Orlando Massacre

  2. CONFIRMED: FBI Introduced Florida Shooter to “Informants”


    A Freemason much longer

  4. Orlando killer appears to have been ‘homegrown extremist’ – AP

    Certainly is, homegrown GLADIO terrorist nurtured by US Authorities (CIA)

    • Waynemadsenreport offers this:

      Orlando shooter’s Florida-based father claims to be president of Afghanistan and is pro-Taliban. Seddique Mateen was one of the many mujaheddin that came over to the U.S. in the 80s, courtesy of Reagan. His son, Omar Mateen, worked for GS4, the former CIA- and FBI- linked Wackenhut. Just like Uncle Ruslan Tsarnaev, who was married to the daughter of Graham Fuller, the CIA’s top liaison with the jihadis of Asia and the Middle East, Orlando, like the Boston Marathon, has CIA and FBI written all over it.

      • I believe it true. I have posted much about G4 Wackenhut, XE Academi and the GLADIO FRONT. Obama hates Pakistan and Taliban because they know he’s a NWO front man for for wiping out true muslims and we know how he feels about true Christians.

        THeir affiliations in the complex of CFR and GLADIO covers hides their involvement in the illuminati masonic hierarchy. Omar was a sacrificial stooge just like Trayvon Martin was in operation Zimmerman.

        I suspect now that this event has been in the planning since at leaat 2014, based upon the timeline of events. Sandy Hook ran it’s course and it was only a matter of time before they would use this TRIAD.

        Boomer, think about how they managed to organize this event. Look to the Primary PROBLEM

        9. Pakistan-Afghan
        3. Gun Control
        6. Agenda 21 (immigration – LGBTQ – 1st and 2nd Amendment)

        Never waste an opportunity. They used the Southern Poverty, ACORN exiles, La Raza, FBI and International GLADIO network such as G4, to cover the spectrum on this one. No doubt now they will ramp up NATO Pentagon agenda for Russian counter and further escalation into Poppy-Pipeline Land.

        Meanwhile we will get bombarded with the Queer Question and “healing agenda”

        This is a joint Joo-joo-bee effort that has both houses actively involved. The Black Pope and Khazar Rabbis are getting the benefits.
        As I have presented since Barry Soetoro’s anointment, he is Mr. Pakman and he killed B. Bhutto with the CIA’s help.

        I also said WWIII will start in Pakistan-India once all the other ducks line up. Putin is working very hard on his end to throw shit in the fan as we did when he was in Afghanistan.

        CAIRfully watch this agenda unfold as Ashraf Ghani was elected when the CIA orchestrated Karzai’s outing. This 2014 regime change was the most blatant CIA led election fraud I have ever seen.

        Now look to the TRIAD and think about the CLINTON or TRUMP side of the pyramid and see how the two will achieve the World Planner’s goals in different ways but with the same outcomes.

        147 and -258 = we either get civil war by a government staged martial law / confiscation (HC) or a direct attack ala GLADIO I$I$ ala Trump.
        Either way, the outcome is transformation to a para-military police state with total spectrum dominance. Meanwhile Africom and Centcom will be obliged by either candidate by the false flag or covert operations of GLADIO.

        Hillary is itching to get her second swipe in Libya. As a member of the Bush Crime Syndicate, she hated Qaddafi as much as MaGog Bush.
        By now, had Qaddafi, Bhutto, Saddam or Mubarak still remained alive, we’d have known the true planners of the World Terror Organization.

        Active HOAX Shooting Incident in San Bernardino: Police Drill

  5. Orlando shooting victims killed by ISIS fanatic in Florida gay club are named

    Clark Bar
    Marcie Oates
    Dosie Oates
    Lillian C. Tivey
    I.P. Freely
    Stan Still
    Tess Steckle
    Al K. Seltzer
    Lance Boyle
    Willie B. Hardigan
    Barry Cade
    Beau Tye
    Urich Hunt
    Carrie Oakey
    Harry Pitts
    Tom A. Toe
    Juan A, Hooker
    Hugh Jorgan
    Chris P. Bacon
    Rusty Fossat
    Claire Annette Reed
    Sarah Bellum
    Mike Raffone
    Warren Peace
    Pepe Roni
    Norma Leigh Lucid
    Lynn O. Liam
    Jim Shorts
    Ginger Vitus
    Emma Royds
    Dan D. Lyons
    Gaye Barr
    Jenny Tull
    Marshall Law
    Polly Ester
    Tittsworth A. Grabbe
    Maude L.T. Ford
    Ivan Oder
    Earl Lee Riser
    Constance Noring
    Adam Baum
    Moe Lester
    Jed I, Knight
    Mike Litoris
    Wan Phat Ho

    • And New Orleans with their gay-pride parade this week.

      • Look for the Orange Michael.

  6. Cute.

  7. LOL, must laugh in a world gone MAD.

    • Yes Ms D, political correctness must be replaced with laughter, civil disobedience and ridicule.

      I watch the minion Charlie Rose last night and laughed all the way through their hyping of this staged event. They all think they are such players in the Bilderberg complex sitting around the oak table. Such serious, intense acting it’s best. Too bad it’s all comedy/tragedy from the holyrood productions at Universal Disney studios.

      Watch for the next installment of the house of cards, look for the joker. 🙂

  8. There are 2 other websites that do a good job of exposing FF’s, and it is helpful (if one cares to spend their time on this latest “event”) to check them out. Everybody has different “pieces of the puzzle”, different angles, personal insights, and investigative inquiry processes, so a macro approach to information uptake can help fill in the picture.

    Once again, WE can be certain this is/was a state-sponsored FF. If enough Americans would get savvy as to who is scrambling our eggs, we might see the required coordinated public finger pointing and righteous anger that truly exposes the Enemies Within & Without…

    Try on for size:

    Jim Stone Freelance

    Scott Creighton’s “American Everyman” WordPress site:

    Have a good sleuthing!

  9. From

  10. Obama would like to add his crisis actors to the “Employment Numbers” but unfortunately it would muck things up


  11. All ya gotta do is read around, and very quickly, WE SEE the MSM, and criminal elites shouting for Gun Control, MORE surveillance and Freedom Squashing Laws, blah, blah, blah. When do Americans get sick enough of this? When do they say, “Enough!”, it is YOU who are behind the hard & soft kill terrorism, behind it ALL!

    Anyways…check out the “timing” of this NEW committee meeting “coming out” only days before the Orlando “event”, let it register WHO they are, and then plug in the other Freaks getting face time on the controlled MSM stage:

    Rotten to the Core!

    • This is some of the worst acting I’ve ever seem. Seriously, if I was inclined to believe the official story after seeing this I wouldn’t.

      • It is usually the most convincing evidence. If I lost family I would not speak the the press. For what reason?

        I’d call a lawyer and lock my door.

        Sandy Hook was ridiculously acted out. Now I suspect another white shooter killing 21 – 32 muslim children in a classroom. That would pretty much seal the deal before the election. Look at the DHS Terror Alert I just posted.

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