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Let’s remember 911 and the prophets who were predicting the events. Yes the MSM, I refer to. Along with the exercises and post-event proffer’s regarding our safety from the Patriots Acts of Propaganda  to the Kroll Trolls, we are constantly being engineered to live in the model that Israel used on it’s citizens to mask a terror offensive under the cloak of defense and safety.

Last year’s Jade Helm was another example of the Domain being subjected to the mind control of a preparedness type war gaming. Make believe boogeymen with make believe defense. Our trillion dollar bloated budget wasted on red-herring threats by covert Gladio harbingers being funded through the illegal trade and fake war on drugs. Like the terror war, anytime the minions of the committee  offer us a “War On” pogrom and meme we should always use the dialectic of create the problem, run the reaction and gain the profits of the solution in a cycle of total media fabrication and state actors whether crI$I$ paid Gladio thespians from the guild or complete fictional holograms from the Holyrood East enterprise at Dreamworx.

The Carbon War is no different, The War on Carbon is simply the war on carbon units which bleed and spew toxic emissions of denial and alternatives to enslavement to the domain of one world order. When they speak of a post-carbon economy, they are really referring to a depopulated planet free of deniers and rejectionists who understand that the authority has no “legal” rights to your mind, body or soul.  They just use the contract , birth certificate and UCC to have you pledge your fictional placement into the domain under the #616.  You opt for the “cookies” and then you are bound by the terms. Life and death are governed under these rules and fictional laws.

When you look back on the birther issue, Donald Trump’s  introduction as a new fictional puppet in chief, you can decide to question and conclude that he was not born in Hawaii, USA, Inc. and conclude he is not eligible. This story is not over by any means. Joe Arpaio the sheriff, Mike Zullo and the mystery man Dennis Montgomery are still wrangling with the horns of the beast on this issue. You should catch up on this story and find out why Dennis Montgomery has immunity from the FBI. But the issue that seems to get lost is why Obama published a fake long form. Why we should reject our birth certificate is clear. It is the basis of your fictional creation and hologram in the eco-domain.

As we have reported, the domain operates under this fiction and all other staged events are just mere microcosms of the grand delusion. I was recently again reviewing the staged event in Tuscon in which a targeted assassination of Judge John Roll was executed, using fabricated fictional characters, crisis actors, NASA, NSA and a sitting congresswoman Gabby Giffords, the (1)first Jewish woman to be elected to Congress from Arizona and the (3) third woman ever to be elected. Along with the (6) six dead and the little girl with the 911 birth certificate we were assaulted with this complete and utter con-game and deflected off why Judge Roll was the one and only target. Conspiracy (CIA) limited hangouts came along to deflect off what was really going on regarding a much bigger reason for his needed elimination, but it was not as advertised by the committee run, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA.

There is a long history of these hits and along with SCOTUS judge Scalia, the agenda was always clear regarding one world order. How to get around the real law even beyond the constitutional barriers. Alternative Media would like you to think it was about the case,  United States of America v. $333,520.00. A red herring in part of the larger picture.


When you peel the layers off in search of the truth, you find so many unanswered questions but the core remains consistent. It is all a fiction. How can the courts bring a case to trial with the defendant being a sum of money and / or a motor vehicle. A reserve note  and automobile are registered and instruments of a fictional case and claim that may or may not be a corporation or person, who may or may not have committed a crime. Barry Soetoro is a person, the President is Barack Hussein Obama, the fiction is everything and all that we have seen for seven plus years.

There are several deeper aspects to this that surround the election, the ultimate maneuver in the Supreme Court, The Fast & Furious conglomerate that centers on a constitutional battle that has the DOJ and whole court system in a state of complete fraud.  This is being held together by a  proposal or plan based on a future event or CHANGE.  That is why I say time after time, these events are all connected and there is no truth in any part of it but merely the truth of fiction accepted as the norm to feed this virtual reality  behemoth.

You can tag this with over six hundred categories, but the only one that counts cannot be found under the domain. As we move next week into the Cascadia  Rising exercise, I will express the concerns of what the real  purpose is for this exercise. But more than than that I will be trying to change my domain for the imminent transition coming from the serial writers and directors of this Holyrood extravaganza.  I know that everything Obama has done as the 616 commander is illegitimate and his judges, EO’s ,  ACA and other appointments are just a fiction, but in the script, fictional people do die.

As you begin to clear the debris from this crashed economy, you can find clues to many things that are pertinent to the rules and laws and how they are using this system to carry out the plan. Climate change to NASA to Indian Treaties and Arizona. From the Phoenix Rising to the Supreme Court and all the exopolitical jabbering’s from the fictional landlords to the deepest core of the committee who have NO BIRTH CERTIFICATES, but instead numbers, you begin to see the world as they do and see the NWO as an Ancient Domain Plantation in which as I published you are a fiction, an asset and liability to the energy controllers of this realm. Zebranomics is designed in such a way that you have to maintain asset status versus liability in order to avoid the liquidation. So you either live on the reservation and slave for the status or leave the reservation because if you become a liability on the land, you are the real target. And if you leave the reservation as an asset, you become the terrorist.  A Golden Sovereign being the most wanted.

As we watch the asset forfeiture, cashless society, flying economy landing and the ultimate reset, we must also watch for the climate change within the ultimate terror groups program using weather weapons and scalar warfare. We must also look for ways to store and conserve energy. But frankly, the real agenda for us is to change the domain and the name of their game.


Imminent Domain




  1. Another look at “Homeland Security” from the perspective of “Who is guarding the values system of The People?” reveals the borders are Wide Open around most of the world. Infiltration by khazar morality busters and their PC memes, and total onslaught arsenal of MSM propaganda shows their plan. America’s problems are legion, but we can gain some insight into looking at Sweden, as highlighted here —

    The results are Obvious, and they ain’t pretty.

    • Look at Switzerland
      Switzerland’s voters rejects basic income plan

      Hey I’m all in for Bernienomics (socialism) if first the entire hidden wealth of the Kahazarian RothRocks is put into the Kitty.

      If we promote that idea, then I’d accept a $2,555 mo. income guarantee to each citizen. I’d up it a higher amount if it were not given in cash but in free housing, food, electric and utliities.

  2. The American Sheeple are obviously Okie Dokie with “Schlomoland Security” run by Mossad-trained militarized authoritarians. The dehumanizing TSA brand of cattle corralling line-up stalls, irradiating machines, pat down feel-ups, and diktat yelling drill sargeant types seem to be now accepted as “required and normal”…to keep us all “safe”.

    Never mind the flood of terrorists and migants skipping over the border to take advantage of the Obama Free Lunch victuals.

    Stupidity now reigns —

    So, how is this nation ever going to throw off the chains that are sinking it into the quicksand of humanitarian beat down policies? Evidently, the NWO norms hardly raise an eyebrow amongst most. Pity the fools.

  3. Can’t blame the Mexxicans for wanting to bail out of the completely corrupted and brutal regime in Mexico. Hillary, the criminal she is, pales in comparison to the Mexican Satanists butchering students.

    It’s the neonazi La Raza recon-quistas and their gladio minions that rot the bushel

    San Jose Police Chief Who Admits ALLOWING ATTACKS on Trump Supporters is Affiliated With La Raza

    If you look at the local elections (rigged) you see that these international terrorists come here on HB visas, fast track citizenship and then run for office. They are ISIS Gladio and international schooled by the radical in the SOA School of the Americas and other terror institutions.

  4. I wrote about this back at Obama’s election. This is a Bill Ayers, George Soros and Rockefeller enterprise. Doktor Kissinger can teach these courses.

    The GREAT MIGRATION is coming so get ready. Like Water Wars and Tsunamis. The massive rush of refugees cannot be stopped. A force too large to hold back.

  5. See the Header?

    Tropical Storm Colin threatens Florida, southeastern U.S.

  6. DHS Moving, Releasing Vanloads of Illegal Aliens Away from Border

  7. Steller: FBI planes circle Tucson, raising surveillance fears

    When he went searching, he discovered something others around the country have researched and discovered themselves. That buzzing mosquito of a Cessna, circling around and around over the city, belonged to the FBI.

    Of course, this may sound like a wild-eyed conspiracy theory. It isn’t. Last year, a variety of news outlets investigated sightings of planes flying in circles over cities and uncovered a widespread pattern of planes registered to dummy companies that were in fact fronts for the FBI.

    Jack Gillum, a native Tucsonan who used to work at the Arizona Daily Star and now reports for The Associated Press in Washington, D.C., led the most sweeping journalistic investigation last year. A year ago, Gillum and his AP colleagues found that the FBI had been flying over 30 cities in 11 states across the country during a previous 30-day period.

    Some of the planes are bristling with surveillance equipment, they found: video, audio and, at times, cellphone tracking equipment. But the FBI said the planes aren’t doing bulk collection of information.

  8. Pelosi Endorses Clinton, Urges Woman VP

    No, I think the ticket should be two men.

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