Posted by: boomerangcomesback | June 5, 2016

A “Perspective” on Why WE Can’t Get Ahead

Notwithstanding the endless and limitless assaults upon The People’s environment — OUR WORLD (GMO’s, Chemtrails, Vaccines, Fast “Food?!” non-food, air, land, water, Big Pharma, Media Mind Programming, job environments, etc., etc.)…WE must acknowledge that “The System” is twisted to pillage at the highest rates ever in history.

So, Whom will Save Us, if not ourselves collectively, with one rising crescendo of, “I’m NOT going to take it anymore?!”.  Because, really, how much more can we stand?  By all appearances, not much more. Whom will save us if not US?

The People Protest in D.C.protest


Americans are wondering if it “pays” to work?

You can go look up how the Clintons, the Obamas, CONgress, the bankers, Soros, etc. “live”.  Consider the perspective versus The People’s “reality”.





  1. I have a mansion. I’ll be moving in soon. You too my good friend. Imagine their unhappiness.

    I like Hillary’s “put on” joy. She especially is a miserable person. I don’t know how she keeps up that laughing and grinning when you know she’s in the depths of hell.
    I like Michael Obama’s comment on “waking up everyday in a house built by slaves” She must be real unhappy as well.

    I watched the Trump tower apartment video and had to laugh at the decor. What a fake, fraud and phony. Listen to his kids. They all sound just like him. I just do not get it. I never thought I would see a worse race than Bush-Gore. Two idiots, void of any substance but we have surpassed that with Hellion and Tramp.

    The intellect of the world have got to be laughing at us. If the peeps don’t get it by now then there is no hope. But hope is joke. We know who saves us, don’t we?

  2. Hillary Clinton Has Clinched Democratic Nomination, Survey Reports

    It’s OFFICIAL, unofficially…….Will she get indicted?

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