Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 24, 2016

Tangled Up In Blue



It is no secret but clearly not broadcast that NASA’s budget has a cost of business adjustment every budget year. It is also no secret I focus much on the black budget and how they have diverted a trillion dollars or more to the secret slush fund for their Operation Bluebeam endeavors.

This year the criminals in Congress have exceeded the puppet in chiefs request by 300 million and the commerce, justice and science czars have offered over nineteen and a half billion dollars to the agency for 2017. This years was over 18bn. As Obama is slated to exit for the next Mafia Don, we can see that the NASA team is now getting the extra push to complete the projects under the umbrella for the NWO shift into the exopolitical phase of Universal Governance. The project is a “big idea” as described by G.H.W. Bush. A UNiversal global authority made up of the founders of the NWO and a league of extraordinary gentlemen from the bloodlines that have given us centuries of death, war and slavery. The program and agenda from the United Nations charter,established at the San Francisco Conference in June, 1945 and through out the 70 years since it’s creation.



The development of the transition would certainly take time, but the work has gone on without a hiccup. NASA took it’s place in the program and what quickly developed from the German technology and subsequent research thanks to Operation Paperclip, helped advance the program known as Project Bluebeam. Under this program many other sub programs were required. The war itself was a strategic component and necessity to drive the UN agenda 21 and culminated from the then CFR council. Years prior to the false flag that brought us into WWII, the designer and architects were planning History with the help of the main power brokers which were US, GB, China and Russia, the Soviet Union at that time.

The goals of Bluebeam have never wavered during the world war, the cold war and the war on terror. (phase four) At no time was the space race and full spectrum dominance ever in jeopardy. This was one of many reasons in my opinion that JFK was eliminated. His bold idea for space was one of many cons and psy-ops perpetrated on the masses. All the patriotism and fluff regarding the red threat were already seated in the councils of US power and the arms race was just another black hole of money going into the Agenda 21 program. After debating and research you can decide whether the NASA missions were as advertised, but my conclusion is published. There were no moon missions, no shuttle missions or any other satellite programs that were not a component of testing and developing the ultimate panoptic surveillance and defense apparatus for the One World Order and Orwellian outcome that we see far more clearly now after a hundred years.

A “Big Idea” and it’s success was confirmed by MaGog Bush and hosts of globalists in the Commerce, Science and Governing corps. And they will succeed. That too said by Bush was the truth. NASA and all the other players in the great deception have increased their budgets and efforts to push the League’s agenda. Russia gets to make the rockets, India, China and even the UAE. Privateers also are involved and the NWO has it’s 1000 point of light. These private foundations, corporations and governments all actively sharing the efforts of Agenda 21 and Project Bluebeam.


Much of the budgets goes into creating this vast illusion of Media Mind Control. For the Pentagon to say that Russia’s contract to develop the rocket core engines as a “problem” is such a transparent effort to create the illusion that Putin, like Obama are not part of the NWO administrators. Russia and US at the brink of war, yet does the space program and joint cooperation ever become a contention? Absolutely not. At no time are commerce, justice or science ever effected by the con-game of geopolitical bullshit. The CFR, Trilateral and Bildebergers handle that through their Media-Weapons consortium. The nuclear threat is such a tired old con that it is surprising they still use it. I think the reason they decided to rerun the cold war was to detract from the 911 war on terror which has all but been confirmed to be a hoax from the get-go.

Saudi’s are going to play the blame game like the US and Tel-Aviv. Muddy up the truth by again using a strawman to blame when we all know it’s not one nation, or one government or one terror group, but a secret core membership who craft history by broadcasting lies, half truths and disclosure completely fabricated as tools to deflect, distort and interfere with the real revelations of this fictional reality. Now the phony -Bologna DJ Trump (dishonest John) or Hillary Clinton (hellion) will have to carry on the agenda. What else is left to do? First you have to understand bluebeam and how the psy-ops and illusion creates the world crisis. The Club of Rome laid it out nicely in the Hegelian style of Problem-Reaction-Solution many years ago and I have published the document.


Create the world crisis, wag the dog and lie through your teeth about the data. From Carbon hoaxing to Sandy Hook it has got to be ingrained into the minds of play-doh plebes and specifically targeted to new generations from the start. Therefore we see the huge agenda of the Obamacare and medical industry which has been reduced to the Pharmacological array and the countless vectors by which we are to be inoculated and indoctrinated. Then you have to stage a well designed series of possible extinction protocols which you can manage with the technocracy derived from years of compartmentalized components of the master apparatus that will merge into a single operating matrix. The space based location only makes sense considering it’s ability to be cloaked from complex investigation or analysis. Even the chemtrails are so intricate in their makeup that it is hard to determine how many possible schemes are being utilized, tested or used as diversion.


EMR and Scalar technology as well has so many possible opportunities to kill, transform or fool us. The main goal of Project Bluebeam is to fool, change and deliver the borg mind-set into the NWO UN based global authority but it has to overcome several hurdles. Of course religion, independence, family, inheritance and sovereignty are hurdles but the largest is the truth itself. Credibility is at a low. We can look to the pollsters and paddlers and see large segments of the people are not in the camp. Well it’s no secret that the UN based Eugenics movement has become a topic for those inside the committee. What is a goal of bluebeam? To drive billions to their death willingly. A fake rapture? A close encounter of the fourth kind? It can be anything that promotes the real agenda, Dysgenics.


The humanism campaign is based on Dysgenics and not Eugenics. These pogroms throughout history are based in Dysgenics. The Eugenics are for the new populations coming from the laboratories from SRI to MIT to the secret facilities deep underground. Dysgenics programs are the entire spectrum of slow-kill for us who reject the Orwellian worship of global or federal authority as GOD. So in order to achieve the guidestones from the holyrood studios, we must be liquidated or lobtomized. The time frame may be an issue between the duo-paradigm we have come to know but I have suspected the left wants it sooner than later while the right want to bleed us dry of our inheritance before we depart. The depopulation component of bluebeam was always designed to change healthy people into debilitated ones in a course of deterioration of mind and body. We can take solace in the fact that even the criminal administrators who do the bidding of the committee are in that group as well. The other component of Bluebeam, the eugenics side is to extend the life of core bloodlines and committee heads forever. The trans-humanism efforts of science are such that all research works in both Dysgenics and Eugenics and therefore the Triad remains consistent with the benefit of research and data that advance both sides.

DNA and gene studies, test subjects have come far over the years since the plan was developed. But I have a hard time convincing the play-doh people that events such as 911 and right through Egyptair and MH-370 are completely staged and the real flights are diverted for human experimentation. But these doh-heads have no problem with Alien Abduction, which I believe was an early form of human experimentation by covert segments of the MK-Ultra program. Hillary is touting her desire for disclosure of UFO material. Is this just an obvious rouse to garner votes or does it lay out  an agenda timeline for a limited hangout for Project Bluebeam?


The committee is in my opinion, increasing the funding for the black hole money pit called NASA, while much of the work is done through the Navy, NIST and NOAA and covert military ops in research. Funding for defense is not a problem these days and the development of chemtrail, PhRMA and EMR (ELF) and Microwave data frequencies is always well funded. As a big joke for the Black Lives Matter con-game, I find that under the belly of this leviathan is always the need to throw it in our faces with the anti-pode of ironic reality. I think they are extremely interested in killing black populations, and therefore in the program black lives do matter in the extermination dysgenics. New designer mind killers are on the rise. One of these is the new “Flakka” which has a great potential for getting a population into a state where bluebeam can rapture the masses into a deep and dark state for maximum effect. These compounds and cocktails can be delivered through any of the vectors they currently use in testing and these are the rungs of Jacob’s Ladder which will be the metaphoric ascent to the new world order transition. What is telling about Flakka is that it has all but left the scene.



We have seen much new info regarding the Pope and his references to the exopolitical agenda and his desire to not only accept ET but to baptize the anti-Christ into the World Order as the universal new religion, which is one of the Genesys-6 objectives I have laid out here as part of the order to events to precede the grand delusion. It is hard to believe that the delusion could get any more obvious than it is at this time but as we know from experience, technology from the electromagnetic visual audio network provides a virtual reality that is hard to reject. It just keeps getting better and better, or for those who know and reject it, worse and worse.

Pope Benedict XVI waves to faithful during weekly audience at Vatican


The Master architects have the funds, we feed the beast on a daily basis and it is a runaway train with segments of CERN, Genetics and Scalar experiments. See the vectors converging into one plot and it meets at Project Bluebeam. I suspect they have another name for it now but we can call it whatever we want but it’s a “big idea” a “Brave New World” and a “final destination” for the Extinction Protocols. The date they gave us last is Feb 1 2019. An earth collision or an event Horizon? The Last Pope and the Last President are more likely than not in my damaged mind.



  1. Happy Birthday Bob – Is it rolling at 75?

    “You’ve got yesterday, today and tomorrow all in the same room, and there’s very little you can’t imagine not happening”. – Bob Dylan


    Thanks for nothing, “people’s representatives”. COTO KNOWS CONSPIRACY when it smells it.

  3. I tweeted that to members. Really the typical pressure cooker for the “pedophiles” who are funded and elected through super-pedopacs.

    You have to speculate on three in this kinda triad.

    1. Is Wyden for real or is it his election seat at stake (2016)???
    2. If Wyden is for real, he will be beaten this year and replaced with a pedophile or other pervert.
    3. Senate Finance Committee member Wyden supports TPP. Therefore the no vote on FISA17 is just dressing to cover the Tyranical Tradester?

    Maybe he was going to retire anyway and plans to retire to Epstein Infant-asy Island.

  4. Scroll down through this…, at least to the Putin pic with the Yamaguchi village idiot and DC corporation front puppet.

    Ruminate on this by Paul Craig Roberts…

    The beat goes on…

  5. Fulford comments as he typically does at

    Note, his link to Frau Merkel and her symbolic “horus” gesture is as blatant as it gets —

    “Notice that while all the other leaders are waving in the group photo German Chancellor Angela Merkel is making the sign of horus with her hands, using the button on her jacket as an eye. Since Merkel is the only leader there who is of the Saxe Gotha Rothschild bloodline that runs the G7 and the eye of Horus represents supreme leadership, she is sending out the message that the other leaders in the photo are just servants”.

    Whaddaya want German People? The Obviousness of dual-allegiance “Not” including The People is as in-your-face as Obama’s puppet role as “Destroyer” of all things. The Shadow People need to be lit up!

  6. Follow with this “chaser” —

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