Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 21, 2016

Sandy Hook Massacre: Published Press Photos Pre-Dated Event

Never Forget! Never let them rest. One day they go to jail for fraud and racketeering.



  1. COTO KNOWS, but the implications to those Americans who do NOT know they reside in a country sold out long ago to whomever pays the most, should come as a cold, hard slap in the face. This is a country of unlimited corruption at the highest levels and beyond. So why would anybody “support” in any way the filthiest of criminals? It is a very, very poignant question to consider…

  2. True! It’s not so criminal to stage the hoax, but they and their confederates PROFITED by this scam. That’s why they will never give it up.

    Even the Cosa Nostra “our thing” had limitations to order so that thing did not get out of hand. This appears to have evaporated with the USA Inc Mafia. I don’t think they can manage it much longer so when the private planes begin to warm up their engines, we should expect the chaos of the event when we find the Senate and House vacant.

    Remember the “Big Wall” is to keep us in and not them out. It will become normalcy very soon. The new mafia coming will make these guys look like boyscouts.

  3. Russia Proposes LEGAL Joint Strikes With US in Syria…..but US reacts coolly.

    No Shit. How can they jointly kill CIA Gladio mercenaries? They have paid good money and spent a lot of time creating this ISIS crisis army. Putin just slapped the bitch Barry.

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