Posted by: Mr. M | May 16, 2016

Intelligence and Ignorance Are Exclusive

Of course there is no way of ever knowing if anything people say to me is real or not. When people tell me what they do or did for a living, often I leave it to my own honed-in bullshit meter, and leave others to judge for yourselves if what they hear is real.

Lately, most obviously because we’re in the “political season,” and because the nature of my work, I’ve become something of a confessional more often now. The “I don’t give a shit anymore” attitude is also thick in the air.

Because I’m not in any way in control of the events I miss getting on camera some of the most important information as to these people going on the record. I should immediately have written both where he said he retired from, and his rank, but the best I can remember he worked from Grumman’s in weapons development research, and was also Naval Intelligence.

What I’m also finding is that the level of compartmentalization often finds me the educator as much as the confessional.




  1. It’s a good theory Michael. Regarding our history and interference in Iran that removed sovereign leadership and replaced Mosaddeq with Pahlavi the puppet, I’d say IRAN is anything but transparent.–Anythi-by-Patrick-Lafferty-090225-405.html

    Compartmentalization works for most Intelligence.

    “The Bush CIA and the “regular CIA” operated in completely different planes. This information was given to former CIA director, and the U.S. Ambassador to Iran, Richard Helms. Reports were issued regarding Iran intelligence and were released in two formats. The reality of the Shahs future and the likely successors, one of which was Khomeini which was provided to the Bush covert intelligence faction and the other false analysis provided to the Carter administration. Carter had little support in CIA intelligence after the firing of eight hundred “covert agents” by his CIA director Stansfield Turner.”

    As we know many others died mysteriously over the years.


    A good piece on partial BUSH DEATH LIST

    As we move onto the next regime in NWO hegemony, the Con just gets better and better. As we watch the GOP v TRUMP show, if you do not see this phony shill and shell game, I invite everyone to revisit the REAGAN v GOP con game.

    Remember the credo: It’s only DISCLOSURE!

    After reviewing the CLINTON “K” DEATH COUNT, you can vote for Hillary because she will release the “UFO Props” which is on the agenda to appease the conspiracy theorists, though it’s 99% bullshit. (Project Bluebeam)

    But if it is Trump….look to the VP as the most high illuminatist, and CFRist. He or she will run the show just as Bush MaGog, the elder did with Ronnie. Both Bush and Clinton were involved in the single mind-set mission that took out the leaderships of a dozen nations from Iran to Kosovo Bosnia to Egypt to Libya to Venezuela and Guatamala. Obvious Kissinger reveals his love of Hillary and Bill was a product of Zbigniew Brzezinski.

    t would not surprise me to know she was privy to JFK. Coming from the Chicago Crime Syndicate and hooking up with Bubba and the Arkansas Hot Springs Mafia. These gangsters became judges, presidents and congressmen.

    Now we have a Bush candidate and a Clinton candidate. All the other BS was fluff for the show. Donald Trump qualifies as a sociopath but Hillary is most assuredly a psychopath. Her pedigree is that of GHW Bush, the best psychopath and conman ever to play the game.

  2. Good video and the subtitles really helped Michael. Use a cone on your microphone with wind screen by way of ext. mic and avoid the extra work.

    How come you have good weather and it’s drizzly and cold, dark and cloudy here?

  3. By the way have you seen our traffic feed? Diverted through San Francisco??? We are on the radar!!

    • On their radar? Most assuredly. But not in any way that I believe that they think us a danger. They just want to know where we are for the round-up.

      Still thinking that things might get so bad that we won’t have the elections. But if we do it won’t make much difference at this point.

      Trump, as you say, is just another replacement for the elites. Votes won’t get us out of this mess.

      If Texas becomes their own nation I’m moving.

      • Precedents like Texas would cause a domino effect. Same with Brexit and Grexit. They would use the big guns for that. Texas is under the same neo-NWO liberalism as California. As a past resident I can say it was high on their priority to invade Austin and set up Agenda 21 and ICLEI. Along with Jade Helm states (west) the east is getting completed now.

        I chose NC because of my theory that in the “colonies” is where the fight begins. Our Governor is setting the pace with the LGBT restroom psy-op. What Obama did on Friday the 13th was an Illuminati symbol of how draconian, the attack on religious freedom will be. Dishonest John Trump will figure into this as much as Hillary. Agree why anyone should care who ends up sitting on the egg for the next eight years.

        Hatch-Hatch Hatch

        [DONOHUE ON TPP AND TRUMP: The head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said Friday that he still believes it’s possible to win congressional approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership this year and expressed hope that Donald Trump will moderate his opposition to the agreement.
        “I think … we’re within reach of getting this deal done,” Tom Donohue told reporters during a roundtable discussion to drive home the Chamber’s support for the landmark agreement between the United States and 11 other countries in the Asia-Pacific. “But we’re not going to get anything done until the main event is over,” he added, referring to the presidential election.]

        Is Donald Trump dyslexic? We know he has OCD. Think he will read the secret agreement? Hmmm?

      • BREAKING: President Obama Signs Defend Trade Secrets Act Into Law

        This exception for whistle-blower activity is much broader than that provided by the DTSA. The DTSA provides immunity from liability for disclosing a trade secret only when the disclosure is confidential and made to the government or in a court filing (under seal). There is no specified exception for journalists or other public good-doers, although arguably the First Amendment provides protection. The DTSA does include a provision by which employers must notify their employees of the protection available under the new law, a notice requirement which is not present in the EU Directive. Employee is defined broadly by the DTSA to include those working as contractors or consultants.


        The most controversial part of the DTSA has been the introduction of an ex parte seizure order as a federal measure. Under the DTSA, a court can issue an order for the seizure of property “necessary to prevent the propagation or dissemination of the trade secret that is the subject of the action.” Additional remedies include injunctions and damages, where an injunction is deemed most appropriate for any continuing harm. For previous harm, a court may award damages for actual loss or any unjust enrichment. A court can also choose to award damages measured by a reasonable royalty for the unauthorized use of the trade secret. As with other protection of intellectual property, violation of the DTSA done wilfully or maliciously may result in a court awarding enhanced damages as well as attorneys’ fees.

  4. This is HAARP and the Atlantic Blob: Very bright fireball over Northeastern US, ground shaking reported

    They will give us another Sandy and a Katrina this year so plan for it.

  5. If you’re not upset about this Michelle Obama cartoon, you’re part of the problem

    Racist????? Maybe seixst…but I’d be mad if I were him.


  7. UH-OH! Sheldon Adelson Calls on Republican Jewish Leaders to Back Trump

  8. Ahhh, the paint is running off the Trump Trojan Donkey now. The photos of the villainous slugs above who are now “advising, backing, wrapping their tentacles” around the TTDonkey, prove without a doubt the now Obvious treachery at work. Please witness —

    The Dog&Donkey “Show” on display is now coming into focus clear and defined. The puppet strings going up into the rafters and shadows offstage are now visible to the audience.

    And, yes Americans are stupid. Willfully, and also due to the full spectrum continuous without letup poisoning of Everything that is ingested via mind, body, and soul programming.

    Time to cleanse oneself routinely from the fables, from the poisons, from the programming. Unplug from the electronic matrix. Go out into nature if possible for peace and solace. Then, the insanity of the Matrix projections will become shockingly Obvious.

    Have empathy for the misled (most) and direct them away from the insidious circus. No one who remains within the goldfish bowl, can see the real world outside. This is a sad, sad state of our world currently.

  9. We can add this amazing but now Obvious unmasking to the punch bowl…

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