Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 8, 2016

The Blob: Your scalar weather report 2016

Massive Colorado Tornado captured on video

Injuries Reported After Tornadoes Rip Through Colorado


Alberta fire made more likely by El Nino drought


We are in the midst of a weather modification campaign by the N Team. NASA, NAVY, NOAA, NIST and the MSM will be on top of their game going into this summer. The changing Nino (Blob) Pacific Warm to the Atlantic Nina Cold blob will dramatically effect the weather and with the usual scalar and endothermic superheating, we will see the events necessary to perpetuate the Global Warming Hoax.

We are currently under a G3 strong Magnetic Storm and are waiting for the Monday Transit of Mercury but what we can see is the shift that will bring huge wildfires (by arson/ISIS) in the Western tinderbox. I predict the West and southwest from Colorado to California and Montana to Arizona will be lit up.

Conversely the rains in the East will bring floods from Illinois to Maine and Minnesota to Miami. What the retrograde causes can be seen currently with the Storms off Spain and Atlantic blob.

This is going to increase the severe weather for EU and US . We will see the return of the Caribbean storm season and the end of the Atlantic Gulf Stream storm tracks. I advise Florida and Texas along with Gulf states to be prepared for a long season into December. It should accelerate over the next few years should the N team target East African  vortexes and steering enhancement to aid in the Climate Change Hoax.

Hailstorms and Tornado production will pummel the Midwest and alley and another Sandy type retrograde can bring catastrophic rainfall to coastal atlantic regions.

Pacific activity in seismic activity should be watched through the summer. Mt St. Helens has begun to rumble again and it connects with Cleveland, Yellowstone, Snake River  and other US sites from the Big Dog Paflov. California is any day now folks. (8+M event)

 5- 6 -16-Swarm of earthquakes strikes Mount St. Helens

Buckle up for a real ride this year and into next year. Obama will have to sit down with Trump or Clinton and get them up to speed on the transition to Agenda 21 and the extinction protocols for Agenda 21, water wars, weather wars and martial law via UN Peacekeepers.






  1. Large Military Train movement – Buford Georgia 5/6/16

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