Posted by: Mr. M | May 6, 2016

Hell In a Hand-Basket



  1. Thank you for continuing to bring me the voice of people on the street in the US. Hard to find that perspective here in rural Japan.

  2. Have you ever wondered what the meeting are like when, for example, Obama met with Bush before the transition. What would you give to a fly on the wall?

    Bush: Hey bro, Uncle Dick says hello.

    Just like Bubba C and Dubya, the last year is the worst. We see the same thing each time. The tradeoffs and final blows to the regime. From Marc Rich, Glass Steagall/ Gramm–Leach–Bliley to the Bush Housing Bubble and Bailouts in 2007 with his pardons and payoffs to Obama.

    It always works the same. The transition meeting is getting on the same page. So we get an early event for the new CIC and then after the 6 years cycle the event is ready to blow. All the bubbles from tech to energy to trade to housing, the program is the same. I think after the 6 year cycle they already have the next CIC picked and the program to burst the bubble they created and then the newbie is instructed to make the change, Congressional elites and power committee then instruct the speaker and Majority whips instruct the mafia to act accordingly.

    So what does Donald get during the Obama transition? And what does Obama get for parting gifts? I can’t wait to see what Bilderberg decided in Austria last year. This years meeting is in Dresden Germany and I think the bombing of this city in WWII which was nothing less than a genocide and had no military advantage but just kill thousands of refugees.

    Unless there was a secret weapon there we know nothing about, it was just a depopulation holocaust. But there is a meaning to Dresden this year and Hillary or Donald will be briefed on the false flag for the Event that starts the 811 cycle for 2017. So think “BOMB” and think about the casualties.

    Thinking of Grexit and Brexit and BRICS and Drones, the WWIII meme may demand a sizable EMP Money bomb or False Flag attack. It’s just a tick-tock away and we all know it.

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