Posted by: Mr. M | May 6, 2016

Brass, Lead & Gun Powder



  1. The full-bird? colonel has a lot to say. It would have been tougher talking to him 20 years ago. Great interview Uncle…Mother….Michael. I don’t know what to call you anymore but “M”.

    Do you have someone working camera? Did you find a wind-sock for the Microphone? I wish you could ex-the background chatter. Was that a jackhammer I was hearing in the area?

    Tell me if you need any electronics AV.


    I wonder what he thinks about the softkill and dumbing of the Vets via the VA and vaccines. This meeting could have gone on for a while. Ask him that M, if he emails you.

    • Patrick,

      I’m using four;
      Veho VCC-005-MUVI-HD10 Mini Handsfree Action Cam with Wireless Remote. One in each corner. The audio is far from optimal as they are basically otherwise used as body/action cameras. The mic is pinhole sized.

      I would like to get a body mic, or one that I could otherwise get better pick-up, but it all comes down to funds and my lack of knowledge.

      The one I really want is a SOL0-Shot Robo Camera. But the next edition won’t be out until August, and by then I don’t believe cameras are going to be on any ones shopping list.

      The editing is killing me. I would like to simply live-stream and be done with it.

      But what the fuck. All this is a game that is going to end soon. And I’m just dancing on the deck as the ship goes down throwing life-rafts to no one in particular.

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