Posted by: Lissakrhumanelife | May 5, 2016

Morgellons and Organized Stalking- logs, solutions, and details



  1. Add to the Terra-forming the incredible amount of cargo available inside a buck-ball and you can begin to see why I used chem-flu as PRINCES death knell.

    Lissa, you posted an excellent video. Thanks.

    When PRINCE was subjected to the same nano-chip that we all have been subjected to, it only requires specific VHF – UHF or SHF X band or higher. Logic says we can find some MK-Ultra in the Wifi or Wimax, blu-ray spectrum, but the release of compounds or chemical reactions can be super high frequencies coming from space based ISS systems or at least bounced off satcom orbits from Ships and Aircraft. Along with the advanced GPS location and super radio telescoping camera surveillance.

    I look at deaths of multiple assassinations.

    M Jackson
    Andrew Breitbart
    Tim Russert to name just a few
    and going back to Serge Monast and associates who died from heart attack weapons. Bluebeam was his mission. Early uses of nano-tech in vaccines and implants.

    I believe they were as simple as one night in jail, or hospital or in a restaurant with one extra grain of rice on the plate.

    Now with chemtrails the nano-bots can be introduced by injection hypo, ingested, inhaled, percutaneous absorption epidermal as we see by the morgellons phenomenon.

    We have a lot of good info here on the project known as bluebeam and the big blue omnibus, the all encompassing projects to control population (sterile -infertility), depopulate and thin the herd. Surveillance and access of all areas (AAA) and invoke full spectrum stealth dominance over the sheeple. Your post offered some countermeasures too. Very good to get the flocks to wake up and begin to eliminate as many of the methods and products where they can introduce the chemo. Methods for eliminating gastrointestinal absorption and methods to eradicate and avoid irradiate of microwave and other harmful EMR are critical to fight the onslaught.

    Keep posting your discoveries. The alternate Media is corrupt but there are still lesser known sites and radio that are giving good information and risking danger.


    • This photo is what came out of my skin about 13mm from my right eye towards the temple suborbital route from my sinus. It was determined by a sinus infection and then a pink eye episode. Morgellons related in a bundle. The epidermis is still scarred and partially open.

      • We’re in pure-evil times, Puddy. I’m sorry this is going on. I’d do anything to put a stop to it.

  2. TESLA and his merry ELF

    The A-B-G’s of Transformation – The smoke and the signals

    The LuCIFer Ciphers

    More from the Big Blue Omnibus

  3. In case of NO FACEBOOK policy

  4. There aren’t too many who command my respect, like Alfred Webre. Hands-down everything he speaks of is probably right. He’s the first to contact me telling me stalkers are controlled and all the rest. Great man to TIs.

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