Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 1, 2016

Temple of Ba’al….everything burns in May


Just a couple of quick notes to the watchers. Our MayDay express came through with much unrest worldwide. Protests and violence ring out around the Globe.

For Moloch and Bel we got two sacrificial fires. I remind everyone I posted the 2016 (year of the monkey and fire) and I said Rome would burn.   Please watch the Black Pope Bergoglio very closely now over May and into summer.

These fires were specifically set as a sacrificial rite of the coming war on Christianity which will coincide with the stooge Trump. Please note that Buffet the boystown pedophile has said Trump or Clinton is okay with him and his BH monopoly.

Huge blaze devastates Serbian Orthodox Church in Manhattan on Easter Sunday (VIDEO)

Fire rages at Russia’s revered Valaam monastery (VIDEO)

Orthodox Christianity the target of the Illuminati and this is the pretext for Syria and deeper hot war with Russia with the shadow being BRICS and Drones in the financial war and Flying economy. Russia, Brazil, India and China have taken a beating from the petro-dollar cabal and it seems we are going into the fires of summer. You can expect a real wildfire in the US and it’s possible more of this country will burn this year, especially in the West and southwest.

NATO Allies Preparing to Put Four Battalions at Eastern Border With Russia

Statistics say we have a five time better chance of suicide than death by murder (state sponsored ISIS terror included)   I must admit to thoughts lately as I listen to Infowars, Republic Broadcasting, Genesis, Coast to Coast and Rense swooning over Trump and playing their part just like the churches of mind control, selling their tonics and voodoo.  The alternate media is full of shit. Like the corrupt churches they get their 501(c) to p promote gay rights, gun control, paying Caesar while they skate by tax free and so the alternate media and their witch doctors are free to sell their tonics without the FDA, FTC and IRS coming after them like they did Kevin Trudeau.

Time to wake the hell up people. They are all con-artists who will sell you out. Donald Trump is the committee’s answer to RON PAUL-ROSS PEROT. They knew it was coming and they are going to fool you again. Just like the laughing boy Barry Soetoro was a fix, the ‘change’, Trump is even a better set-up than Barry by a mile. Not that the other three contenders are not as bad, but the Trump Con is just so insulting to our intelligence that it wreaks of the kind of mind games they love to play on the people.

We have got to be smarter than these sycophants who think an election will challenge the status-quo and be prepared for the inevitable transformation to one world authority, the end of the family, religious freedom and full spectrum domination by the money changers.

“the set-up, the hook, and the sting”. not a sting but a BURN!!!



  1. Trump 2016. It only gets better, this con-game.

  2. Decoded: ISIS Year of the monkey. What is coming??????
    Alpha Genesis
    Freedom fleeting for 19 escaped lab monkeys in S.C.
    two years ago 26 monkeys escaped.

  3. Here’s the full statement from Ted Cruz about dropping out of the race
    Mike Cecchini on Twitter

  4. Stock Market May to October –

    ‘Sell In May And Go Away’

    PM’s – Buy


    Ted Cruz – Capricorn – Out!

    Donald Trump – Financial – Up!


    Transit – Peak!

    Mercury Retrograde

    January 5 – January 25, 2016 in Aquarius, ends in Capricorn
    April 28 – May 22, 2016 in earth-sign Taurus
    August 30 – September 22, 2016 in Virgo
    Dec 19 2016 – Jan 8, 2017 in earth-sign Capricorn, ends in fire-sign Sagittarius

    5-25-119-143-243-266-354 = 1155
    5-7-2-8-9-9-5-3 = 48

    A Rare Celestial Crossing: Mercury Will Transit the Sun on May 9 – See more at:

    10 years since last transit Nov 8 2006
    next transit: 2019 November 11
    1999-2003-2006-2016-2019-2032- (3-3-3-1-3-3-1)

    vortex says 6-9-3, event
    event on 5/11 to 8/7 before noon

    All about finance and fire now through the election. The Yang fire year red monkey
    Gold and financial volatility. Mercury lends to knowledge and therefore lends to disclosures.

    Sunspot 2529 followed by transit

  5. Donald Trump ‘tailed by UFO’ in chopper during Presidential election campaign

  6. You have to laugh when you watch the Trump Con. Look at the conspiracy shills from Alex Jones “Alien” comments to Obama at the MSM correspondents dinner with Area 51 and Clintons “Disclosures” comments. Followed by Trump Cruz daddy’s JFK role and so on and see the con-game.

    Bergoglio, the black pope ready to baptize, the coming “alien” and the time of Trump over Iowa Caucus as the exopolitical escort for the “Don” on his anointment into the Criminal in Chief for 2017.

    Have you been seeing spots before your eyes? The Eye floaters? The chemtrail gossamers? The ringing in your ears? The arrival of Bluebeam in real time? Not to worry friends…it is just NWO monkey business. Be wise as serpents and make this the year of the ‘snake’ as we move through 811 and the next cycle of agenda 21.

  7. Canadian wildfire grows tenfold in size, cuts off evacuees

    Alaska will burn this year along with California and southwest US.

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