Posted by: Coalition Of The Obvious | April 28, 2016

Suspicious powder found at Trump Tower in New York

johnson & johnson strike again

CBS NEWS NEW YORK — Six people, including a police officer, were being monitored Thursday night after a suspicious white powder was found at Trump Tower in New York City, CBS New York reported. read more

White powder matters! A devious plot to give Donald Trump Ovarian Cancer. More to come….



  1. Get ready to wish you had bought some silver and gold and watch the ride through the election.

  2. As a Clinton or Trump reign means that the economy goes into hyper-drive if it does not land before the election. Either HRC or DJT = 9 for the global profiteers. Trying to fix Obamacare, and or trying to expand it will well with the Fed rate hikes. How they plan to move in any direction will only mean inflation and hyper inflation. Trump going after trade will cause a crash landing. It will take a long time before the flying economy can get airborne again. Hillary will send send Obamatrade in the fast track and it will land sooner than an Obama third term. Just as the reality of the Bush war machine spending did for the PM market so has Yomamacare as it continues to inflate . Now we get another chance to prepare. If Hillary does not decide to pull a FDR confiscation now is the time to buy. Or have some Yuan in your basket. The fiat notes will never be redeemable again but they still can purchase Gold and Silver. They own the currency, you just use it as a means to maneuver in the bankrupt USA. They don’t own the Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum or Palladium. There has not been too much fanfare on large purchases of PM’s by the big six, but it was easy to see why China, Russia, India and Brazil were. The yuan and dollar, who do you think will win. One is backed by gold. Guess which.

  3. Bill and Hillary Tricks?

    Donald Trump denies rape of teenage girl at ‘sex party with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’

    EXCLUSIVE: Trump lawyer calls ‘rape’ lawsuit a HOAX and says there’s no proof accuser exists as he claims her address and phone number are fakes and ‘clearly there’s some kind of collusion going on’

    LSJ: Little Saint Jeffrey and his Velvet Slippers – Puddy Dunne

  4. SS cocaine?

  5. SS Cruz?

  6. It sailed!

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