Posted by: Mr. M | April 25, 2016

Their Brains Are Not Theirs


  1. It must be in the liquor and corn syrup. The biggest idiots I see these days have a drink in their hands. Combine the high fructose with GMO grains and watch the mind go…..sloooooooooooowly.

    Listening to your knowledge Michael, it’s uncle sam plugged in and amped. It’s too bad you are on vacation highway there. How far from the quarter are you?
    It’s amazing to watch this and think how many brain cells you killed in her head that the booze didn’t get.

    The secret FED Meeting and G7 was clear to me now. The combined two meetings and the ruch to EU to kill Brexit is a cinch. Now Obama queued the event with the escalation in Syria.

    SYRIANA is the dead mans hand and Obama just played it. This confirms to me that we get the event before the election. I am going to present my scenario for the next six months, before September 11 2016. What triggers the October Wall street Surprise will be based on Yellen the felon and California primary.

    3-9-6 or 6-9-3 someone dies or many of us will. No other option. Too big to fail will fail. One of the five here and maybe Deusche Germany if Brexit. Obama can’t sell his soul to get TTIP/TTP done but he’s happy to kill brexit and bring the escalation of refugee to the brink of world collapse. The thieves have robbed everyone so they are all set.

    What everyone has missed is the quiet purchase of Gold and Silver by the cabal and their bankers. Other than J.P. Morgan who openly showed their ass and Jaime Dimon is lucky to be still breathing in my opinion.

    Brexit would be a nail in US DC Criminals coffin and a real boost for we the people and stop the international power shift. It would promote the same here and Trump could size on that and states could do the same. Why Obama made a trip to stick his skinny neck into their affairs should sound HUGE ALARMS to those not drinking the kool-aid that the TTP and TTIP would essentially fail as the Asian split and EU split would surely end it. Japan and Germany are pivotal and Merkel the circle jerkel is going to get Obama support as she leads the American – European trade pact. A real suck up she is….

    UK 7/7 and USA 9/11 are just waiting for the outcome.

    • Patrick, I’m in the French Quarter at the French Market. Easily one of the most heavily foot-trafficked areas in the city.

      Actually I was so taken-back at the scale of this woman’s stupidity that it throw me off a bit. I just figured that she’s so steeped into the partisan bullshit that the truth never penetrates where ever it is she’s at.

      I’m constantly hearing the programmed talking-points coming out of the plebs. If only I had a kill-switch for all TV’s.

  2. Betting odds move sharply toward Britain staying in EU after Obama warning

    So what happened at the meeting?….the pound rising on Monday to a near six-week high against the euro.

    Yesh you are right, the manipulators are working 24/7 now.

  3. It only takes 250 to start a war

    Syria: Aleppo is Burning and Western Media is Silent

    It was the Water Wars in Syria that helped the planned refugee crisis. Now Obama is going to plan B.

    U.S. Readies ‘Plan B’ to Arm Syria Rebels

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